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The Astrology of Lone Wolves

I consider a lone wolf as someone who prefers being on their own. People enjoy being alone for different reasons: some enjoy freedom and independence, while others are introverted and find people exhausting.

What aspects point to a Lone Wolf in a natal chart?

Planets in 12th house

Natal Planets (particularly inner planets and 1st house ruler) in the 12th house indicates someone who greatly prefers being on their own. In fact, people with this placement NEED to be alone. This is one of the strongest signs of introversion, as it indicates the native feels very drained by social interaction.

Whenever a planet in the 12th house person socializes too much, they get exhausted and need to retreat into their cave to recharge their batteries. The 12th house is a very sensitive house, and having planets there increases a person’s sensitivity to others. 12th house people easily pick up on the moods and feelings of those around them, which can make socializing for long periods very difficult and emotionally taxing.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house, so strong Pisces aspects can also signify someone who requires a lot of time alone.

Strong Uranus Aspects

Strong Uranus aspects in the natal chart point to someone very independent and individualistic. Uranus represents freedom and detachment, as well as eccentricity and unpredictability.

People with strong Uranus in their charts are usually enjoy being on their own, and generally have a detached view of relationships. Freedom is of utmost importance to them, so they tend to dislike when others are dependent or reliant on them. When people get too close, Uranus-heavy people feel easily smothered and want to escape.

I personally have Sun conjunct Uranus in my chart, and I feel very stifled by others. I prefer doing things on my own, because it gives me the freedom to do whatever I want. In general, I do not like depending on others, as it makes me feel trapped.

Aquarius Placements

Uranus is the natural ruler of the sign Aquarius, so people born in this sign can have lone wolf qualities. Aquarius is an impersonal, independent, freedom-loving sign, and dance to the beat of their own drum.

While they love spending time with friends and being a part of a group, Aquarius people are very independent and enjoy being on their own. Aquarius is an eccentric and quirky sign, and being alone allows Aquarius to let out their inner weird without judgement.

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Strong Cancer or 4th House Placements

Cancer represents the home and family, as well as caring and nurturing. In general, I find that people born in this sign are often very private and reclusive. As with all water signs, Cancer is a sensitive sign, and pick up on the moods and feelings of others easily. As such, it makes sense they require time to themselves to recharge. As Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, people born in this sign enjoy spending time at home most of all; it is where they feel most safe and secure.

I personally know 3 Cancer women very well, and they all live out in the wilderness (with their partners), and spend a lot of time alone in nature.

People with planets in the 4th house (especially Sun and Moon) are similar to those with Cancer placements, in that they enjoy spending time at home. Home is where 4th house people feel most comfortable and secure, so they might not enjoy going out at all.

Saturn in 11th House

Saturn in the 11th house can point to difficulties with friends and groups. With this placement, it is easy to feel alienated when you are in a crowd, which can make socializing and maintaining relationships very difficult.

People with Saturn in the 11th house take friendships very seriously. Perhaps, too seriously! Saturn represents responsibility and duty, so friendships can sometimes feel burdensome. As a result, the native might prefer being on their own rather than deal with the responsibility of friendship.

With this placement, group activities can feel awkward, as the native never feels they quite fit in with others.

Scorpio or 8th House Placements

Scorpio is an intensely private and not trust others easily. As the ruler of the 8th house of deep intimacy and transformation, Scorpio is not fond of superficiality. Instead, they look for real, authentic connections.

As a result, Scorpio or 8th house heavy people can be quite introverted until they find people they can trust.

Would you consider yourself a Lone Wolf? What aspects and placements do you have?


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