How to Get a Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius, Jupiter & the Bachelor

Ah, the Sagittarius Man. That know-it-all who has an opinion on everything. The self-proclaimed bachelor whose enthusiasm is as infectious as his laugh. Getting a Centaur to commit is notoriously difficult. Let’s take a look at what makes the Sag man tick…


This article is especially applicable to men with their Sun, Moon, Venus and/or Ascendant in Sagittarius.


Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th house, and is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


Sagittarius is a mutable sign, meaning they are adaptable and changeable in nature. Sagittarius men are independent, freedom-loving individuals who like to roam. He is confident (almost TOO confident), optimistic, and positive in attitude. He loves travel, adventure, and of course, women! He is passionate and physical, and sees sex more like a sport than a gesture of love. He is keenly interested in learning about different cultures and traditions, so women of different backgrounds are very appealing.


Sag men are flirtatious, open and direct, so if he likes you, you’ll know it! Sags are known for their bluntness and tactlessness, which often gets them into trouble. They don’t mean to hurt others, but feel that honesty is the best policy. They are drawn to philosophy, and their personal beliefs are very important to them. They are incredibly opinionated, and love giving their take on pretty much anything. Their enthusiasm is as infectious as their laughter. The Sag man has a wonderful sense of humor, and loves to have fun.


Due to Sag’s love of freedom and independence, they are known as the “bachelors” of the zodiac sign. Indeed, getting a Sag to commit can be very difficult, as relationships make them feel “trapped”.


These guys like independent, athletic, tomboy types who are as sexually open-minded as they are. Sags like direct women who don’t pussy-foot around what they think or feel. Insulting a Sag’s beliefs will send the Centaur galloping off, so be careful not to do this. If you want to ask a Sag man out on a date, be bold! Approach him first and flirt openly, and he won’t be able to get you out of his mind. Take him on fun dates full of adventure and physical activity, like hiking or paragliding. Alternatively, consider a date that will stimulate his mind.


To get a Sag man to commit, be romantic, impulsive, and spontaneous. You’ll have to learn to deal with his freedom-loving attitude, as attempts to tie him down will only push him away. Engage in philosophical conversations to stimulate his mind, and be sure to make him laugh. Be confident and show him how independent you are; needy and clingy women turn Sag men right off! Be upfront with him about your expectations of the relationship, but listen to his point of view, as well. Aim to be his buddy above everything; he’ll feel more comfortable committing to you if you approach him like a friend. Finally, be patient! Commitment doesn’t come easily to Sags, so hang in there!