How to Get a Virgo Man


Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house of work, health, and daily routines. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury.


This article is applicable to men with Sun, Moon, Venus and/or Ascendant in Virgo.


Virgo men are perfectionists. They have the reputation for being neat freaks, intellectuals, and workaholics. They need time to warm up to people, so expect them to be shy at first. They also tend to be quite modest, which is very attractive to the opposite sex. He is sincere and helpful, but at the same time critical and nagging. He has the ability to find faults in everyone and everything, but this is not for selfish or malicious reasons. Rather, he has a strong desire to help others improve themselves.  Virgos are famous for their strong detail orientation and analytical skills, as well.


His identity is wrapped up in his work; the need to be productive is strong with this placement. They suffer from nervous energy, especially when they have nothing to do! They need to keep busy for their own well-being. They never do anything half-hearted, and expect the same level of excellence from others.


Virgos are usually very body aware, and have a keen sense of smell. I’ve known many Virgo men who will be turned off by a beautiful woman after taking a whiff of her perfume. Yes, they are very, very picky people.


They have no problem being single, and can be quite difficult to get to know. He forms relationships cautiously. In relationships, he is eager to please. He will go out of his way to help you and make you feel happy. He fuses his sense of responsibility and hard-working nature into everything he does, including his relationships. He is not particularly physically affectionate, but he will show his love through practical means. His love motto is “Actions speak louder than words.”


When you first talk to your Virgo man, don’t ask him too many personal questions at first. Either talk about yourself, or appeal to him intellectually. He is attracted to intelligent, classy, poised women; “party girls” who dress provocatively and wear too much make-up turn him off. He dislikes crassness and rudeness, so mind your manners when you’re out with this guy. He is turned on by intelligent, natural-looking, fit women who are hard-working and competent. If he does something for you, be sure to voice your appreciation, or, better yet, do something for him in return.