The Natal Chart of Felix Baumgartner



Felix has Saturn in Aries conjunct his Sun in Taurus. Saturn is in “fall” in Aries, meaning Saturn is not in a favorable position in this sign. Saturn is the planet of caution, while Aries is the planet of action and aggression. As a result, an inner conflict often plagues individuals with his placement. Saturn in Aries individuals supposedly dislike taking risks, and choose their battles carefully. On the other hand, they may overcompensate for this by taking reckless risks!


With his Sun in Taurus, Felix is very patient, determined, and stubborn. When he decides to do something, there is almost nothing that can stop him. Combine this with a conjunction to disciplined Saturn, and you have someone who sees his tasks all the way through.


Felix’s chart features a Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Jupiter with Uranus indicates the individual is naturally restless, and dislikes any restrictions to his freedom. Individuals with Jupiter conjunct Pluto possess great determination in achieving their goals, and have the desire to live their lives to the fullest! Uranus conjunct Pluto is a “generational” aspect, meaning the people born within a few years of this date all have this aspect. This aspect fosters change and encourages innovative breakthroughs.


This conjunction is in quincunx aspect to his Sun/Saturn conjunction. The quincunx from Uranus represents tension, and often manifests as a desire to express oneself in an original way. The quincunx from Pluto indicates he has a strong need to be himself, and enjoy puzzling others with their wacky ideas, but this is simply a mask for their darker sides. The quincunx from Jupiter indicates a tension regarding personal success. People with this aspect are prone to excesses due to their tendency to push hard for success. Neptune also makes a quincunx aspect to his Sun, indicating that Felix has a strong desire for fame and recognition.


Felix’s Mars in Sagittarius is in square aspect to his natal Pluto. In Sagittarius, Mars has high levels of physical energy, as well as enthusiasm. This placement indicates someone who feels he is invincible, due to an innate sense of confidence and optimism. With the square from Pluto, he is reckless (duh!) and forceful in action. He has quite a temper, and has a strong need for physical activity. People with this placement are naturally energetic, and require a suitable channel for directing their inner aggression.


Felix’s Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct his natal South Node. Uranus is the planet of radical change, while the South Node represents what we’re comfortable with. Add in Jupiter, and we have someone who is familiar and comfortable with change, pandemonium, and unusual, reckless behavior. So, what does a man who is comfortable with radical change and complete chaos do? He jumps out of a balloon from the stratosphere, of course!


Transits on the day of the jump:


Not surprisingly, transiting retrograde Jupiter was exactly opposite Baumgartner’s natal Mars in Sagittarius the day of the jump. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so his feelings of optimism, recklessness, and his overall energy were expanded that day.


Transiting Saturn was opposite his natal Sun/Saturn conjunction. This transit indicates a period of culmination, leading to an increase in status or responsibility. Hard-work is acknowledged at this time, though not without an incredible amount of pressure and fear.