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The Astrology of Large Penises

Astrology can give us tremendous insight into a variety of things about a man. What he finds beautiful, how he expresses his emotions, how he dresses, etc.. But can astrology determine whether your crush or boyfriend is packing heat? I say “yes”!

PLEASE NOTE: This reading is just for FUN! Don’t take it too seriously! All bodies are beautiful and worthy of respect.

By observing the natal charts of famous, “well-hung” men, I identified key astrological factors that relate to the size of a man’s “member”.

There were a few planets and houses I knew I’d have to look out for:

  • Mars: Represents the genitals
  • The 8th house: represents the genitals; the ruler of this house would also relate to the genitals.
  • Pluto: the natural ruler of the 8th house, which also rules the genitals.

Mars-Jupiter aspects

One of the most common natal chart factors I found in the charts of “well-hung” men was a strong Mars-Jupiter connection.

In astrology, Mars represents the genitals, while Jupiter represents “expansion” and “abundance”. You get the drift.

Liam Neeson has his Mars in Scorpio opposite his Jupiter in Taurus. Jay-Z’s Mars in Aquarius is trine his Jupiter in Libra.

Wilt Chamberlain’s Mars in Leo is trine his Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Colin Farrell’s Jupiter is square his Mars in the 8th house.

Planets in the 8th house

Planets in the 8th house, especially Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter may indicate a strong “endowment”.

Mars and Pluto are accidentally dignified (i.e. “strong”) if placed in the 8th house. In other words, Mars and Pluto (which represent the genitals) gather “strength” in this house, which explains why men with this placement are often “well-endowed”.

Jupiter, as mentioned before, is the planet of “expansion”. This energy in the house of genitalia could also lend itself to having a large member.

Tommy Lee has Mars in the 8th house. So does Colin Farrell.

Ruler of the 8th house in hard aspect to Jupiter

As mentioned earlier, the 8th house rules the genitals, thus the ruler of the 8th house often describes the genitalia.

In strong aspect to the planet of “expansion”, a large member is often indicated.

The ruler of John Holmes’ 8th house, Venus, is closely conjunct his Jupiter in the 6th house. Anthony Kiedis has Jupiter square his 8th house ruler, Venus.


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