Natal Charts

Your birth chart is the most important chart to focus on. You are your best subject, so studying your own natal chart is a great way to get in touch with yourself.

Before I got into astrology, I always loved reading the free horoscope in the newspaper. I ended up getting more curious about my zodiac sign, so I began researching online and reading astrology books. Soon, I discovered my astrology chart, or birth chart, and I was stunned at its accuracy.

If you are a beginner, focus on the Astrology Big 3: your Ascendant Sign (also known as your Rising Sign), your Sun Sign (also known as your Zodiac or Astrology Sign), and your Moon Sign. After you’ve gotten a good handle on those, continue on to your other inner planets, like Mercury, Venus and Mars and your outer planets.

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Your Ascendant Sign

Ascendant through the Signs

Your Midheaven Sign

The Midheaven and your Career

Your Sun Sign

Natal Sun in the Signs and Houses

Your Moon Sign

Moon in the Signs

Moon in the Houses

Your Mercury Sign

Mercury through the Signs and Houses

Your Venus Sign

Venus through the Signs and Houses

Your Mars Sign

Natal Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aquarius

Your Chiron Sign

Natal Chiron in the Houses

Natal Chiron in the 6th house

Your Neptune Sign

Natal Neptune in the 1st house


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