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Synastry of Physical Attraction

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Ryan and Blake- Will it Last?

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis- What happened?

3 thoughts on “Synastry

  1. Dear Anonymous,

    thank you and i’m sorry for my delayed response!
    Well, the conjunction Sun-Venus-Mars in Taurus and in MH, struggles with a square. Guess!? Lilith in Aquarius, in 7th House ( Is there someone else?!) Sun-Venus- Mars aspect also square the Ascendant and the Sun is its planet (Asc. In Leo).
    I first met him about 5 months ago in a showroom where he works and I was there for my job. After a while I have been aware to have an obsession for him and I could not to get out him of my head! We are attracted to one another, I felt it, even if ,it’s like all of sudden and without a reason, he changed his mind or he decided to keep his feelings…
    The synastry is full of interesting aspects ans Lilith is potent also here: mutual square Sun-Lilith, mutual conjunction Sun-Venus, trine Pluto (mine)-Sun and trine Pluto( his)-Venus,my South Node conjunct his Sun, and so many others. What can I say? What a waste! Or much ado about nothing! It sounds like it ends before it ever started ( we have never gone out togheter!) Karmic problem? A real mistery. I promise you that he knows I do not drink coffe, but I have never told him about it! What do u think?

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