When Will I Find Love? Part 3

In the previous two articles, I talked about outer planet transits and progressions.

In summary, two things need to happen when timing love:

  • Progressed planets make an aspect to your Venus OR ruler of your 7th house, OR enter your 7th house
  • Transiting outer planets make an aspect to your Venus or ruler of your 7th house, or enter your 7th house

Progressed charts are so key in predicting life-changing events. so make sure to always look at what aspects they are making in your chart. You can look at the progressed chart in relation to your natal chart, but I think looking at your progressed chart on its own is a very powerful way of predicting events. 

For progressions, typical “love” progressions include:

  • Progressed Sun to natal Venus, or Progressed Venus to Natal Sun’
  • Progressed Venus to Ascendant, or Progressed Ascendant to Sun
  • Planets progressing into the natal OR progressed 7th house
  • Progressed planets in aspect to natal or progressed 7th house ruler or Venus

For outer planet transits, typical “love” transits include:

  • Outer planets transiting the 7th house
  • Outer planets transiting natal or progressed Venus or the 7th house ruler

Let’s take a look at a case study:

This is a woman who found love in early 2013.

Her transits were positive at this time:

  • Transiting Pluto in the 7th house is square her natal Saturn, which rules her 7th house
  • Transiting Pluto is conjunct her progressed Venus in the 7th house
  • Transiting Saturn is sextile her progressed Venus
  • On the day they met, Jupiter was trine her natal Saturn (ruler of her 7th house)

You may have noticed that Pluto was transiting her 7th house for a while. From the time Pluto entered this house, this woman became very focused, and even obsessive, about finding a partner. She finally found ‘the One’ when transiting Pluto made an aspect to her 7th house ruler, Saturn, which signalled the transformation of her love sector.

Given the amount of Pluto transits in her chart at the time, it is not surprising that her husband is very Plutonian himself: he has Sun conjunct Pluto in Libra, and then has Venus, Mars and Mercury in Scorpio!

There are also quite a few indicators in her progressions:

  • Her progressed Sun in the 8th house is sextile her natal Venus in the 6th house – Sun-Venus progressions are typically seen when finding a mate
  • Her progressed Ascendant is also sextile her natal Venus
  • Her progressed Venus is square her 7th house ruler, Saturn

Let’s take a look at her progressed chart: Do you see what I see?

Her progressed Sun is exactly conjunct her progressed Descendant! This is why I always tell my readers to dig deeply into your readings and look at your progressions. They provide deep insight for predictions and life changes. 


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