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Neptune square Sun transit

I just finished up my Neptune square Sun transit (my Sun is at 11 degrees Sagittarius). This transit was very impactful and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

For reference, my Sun is located in my 12th house in Sagittarius. My Sun is conjuct Uranus and my ascendant, trine my Aries Moon, sextile my Mars and Midheaven, and opposite my 6th house Chiron.

Here are a few key things that happened during my transit:

Problems with men in my life

  • The Sun is a masculine project and often represents the men in one’s life. As such, I wasn’t surprised that some very close men in my life disappointed me during this transit. For the majority of this transit, I’d had a very positive relationship with all of these men (at least, in my mind). What I didn’t realize was that I was focussing mostly on their positive qualities while ignoring their negative qualities.
  • It wasn’t until the last pass of Neptune squaring my Sun that everything came crashing down. Incidentally, most of the issues came to surface when the planet Saturn transited over my natal Neptune, which is the astrological equivalent of a wake-up call. Basically, I found out that these men were not who I thought they were. To be quite honest, I blame myself for not seeing these men clearly, for who they truly were. Hindsight is 20/20, and I kick myself for not recognizing the problems sooner. That’s the thing with Neptune – you have rose-colored glasses on the entire transit, so the crash is very painful
  • My advice: if you are in a Neptune transit and some people or relationships seem ‘too good to be true’, they ARE. It is imperative to stay as realistic as possible during this time and acknowledge the other person’s shortcomings. No one is perfect, and the more you remember that, the easier it will be later on. This goes for all hard Neptune transits.

Health issues

  • Health problems are common during Neptune transits. Neptune “illnesses” are generally hard to pinpoint or diagnose, and are often psychosomatic.
  • Up until my Neptune transit, I was an avid gym-goer. When the Neptune square hit my Sun, my fatigue increased more and more to the point that I was unable to work out, or do much rather than the bare minimum.
  • Neptune is currently square my Ascendant, and the fatigue has persisted. Hopefully this will end once this transit is over

Increased sensitivity

  • This transit was active at the same time as my Pluto square Moon transit, which led to some pretty explosive results.
  • Neptune tends to ‘sensitize’ anything it touches, so the direct contact to my moon meant I was more sensitive to the feelings and actions of others. Negative, high-strung people drained me, and I was easily hurt. Things tended to ‘get’ to me more during this transit, leading to a lot of tears and hurt feelings.

Overall, this was not a positive transit, and I’m very glad it’s over. As usual, I’m glad it happened because it has taught me so many lessons, namely to keep my guard up and not be so trusting of others. It also forced me to slow down and be easier on my body.

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How to know if he or she is “the One”

Out of all the questions I get from my clients, the most popular is “Is he/she the One?”

There are so many factors that go into whether your partner is your soulmate. I will outline a few below:

  1. Good composite is more important than good synastry
    • This may not be a popular opinion, but throughout my consultations with clients, I notice over and over that good synastry cannot outweigh a bad composite chart. Why is this?
      • A good synastry chart shows the chemistry between two people. It shows if they are attracted to one another and why. It shows basic compatibility between a couple. This is very important when first bringing two people together.
      • The composite chart, on the other hand, relates to the destiny of the couple. It shows what the two of you create when you come together. You could have the most incompatible synastry connection with someone, but if you have a great composite chart, somehow things seem to keep you together.
    • From my personal experience, I’ve had some pretty significant synastric connections with my previous exes. For example, with one man I had Moon conjunct Venus, Mars conjunct Mars, Venus conjunct Ascendant, Venus conjunct Pluto, and a Sun conjunct Saturn double whammy! We were immediately attracted to one another and I was definitely thinking long-term with him. We went on a few dates and things were going well. Then, as things started to progress and things started getting serious, he started to pull away. This confused me – we felt so good in each other’s presence so why the sudden lack of interest?
    • I looked at our Composite chart and found the answer: we had a tight Sun conjunct Saturn AND Moon square Saturn connection. In Composite charts, it is said that the man represents the Sun while the woman represents the Moon. Saturn, on the other hand, rules responsibility, duty and limitations.
    • While he felt very responsible and committed towards me, the relationship, for whatever reason, made both of us feel very insecure. First of all, work always got in the way of our relationship. He was a very busy doctor who worked in another city, which made things difficult to begin with. When we did have time to go out, perfect strangers would tell me I was “too good for him”. He had a lot of difficulty with that – his ego was shattered when people said those things to us. On the other hand, the Moon in square aspect to the Composite Saturn, which I felt very strongly. I felt ignored, neglected, and cold in this relationship because he always seemed to put work ahead of me. To top things off, I didn’t feel I could express my ‘inner child’ around him; I felt I always needed to be a ‘grown-up’ around him, even though he was 3 years younger than me.
    • In the end, him and I didn’t work out. Regardless of what happened, I always felt happy around him when we were together (I credit this to Moon conjunct Venus – it’s really one of the best aspects in synastry you could hope for). However, we could not seem to ever get past the Saturn blockages we faced.
  2. Timing
    • Through Astrology, I have learned that all things come in good time!
    • You could meet someone amazing and feel that you are completely in love, but I find that the timing of your meeting is very helpful in telling whether this relationship will end up as a marriage.
    • Three things to check:
      • Transits:
        • Transits through the 7th house: major planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) can signal a major relationship change.
          • Obviously, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, can bring someone into your life. This will likely be a joyful and expansive relationship for you.
          • Saturn entering the 7th can either end a current relationship or bring a new relationship into your life. Saturn can mean an older person or a relationship that will come with its obstacles/burdens along the way. My best friend got married to a man 20 years older than her when Saturn entered her 7th house, but it ended quite suddenly (she is a very Uranian person so Saturn didn’t suit her)
          • Uranus is the planet of freedom and originality. When this planet is in your 7th house, it can bring a new, exciting relationship that fizzles out just as quickly as it started. I do personally know some marriages that began when Uranus was in the 7th house of at least of the partners, but the two people were very different professionally, culturally, and ethnically.
          • Neptune can bring a dreamy love and a true feeling of finding one’s soulmate, while Pluto can bring a complete overhaul in the love department. You could attract a very intense and transformative love relationship at this time.
        • Transits to Venus and the ruler of your 7th house
          • Venus is the planet of love and affection, and has a direct link to relationships and especially soulmates! Because of this, transits to Venus are some of the best indicators of finding the “one”. You definitely want to look out for harmonious aspects to Venus from the outer planets, such as trines and sextiles, and sometimes even conjunctions
          • The ruler of the 7th house represents the type of partner you will end up with. This is very similar to Venus, as it relates to one-on-one partnerships and relationships
          • The BEST love transits are:
            • Jupiter conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Saturn conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Uranus conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Neptune conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Pluto conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
          • I find that a lot of people fall in love during a strong Neptune transit to natal Venus, but these relationships often do not work out. This is because Neptune is the planet of illusion, and by the end of the transit, you may find that the person you fell in love with isn’t the person you thought they were. During a harmonious Neptune-Venus transit, you can easily fall in love and the effects of Neptune will be much less taxing
        • Solar Returns
          • What does your Solar Return chart look like this year? The Solar return shows potentials for the year, including for marriage
          • Each and every Solar Return chart for the years I entered relationships were very heavy in the 5th and 7th houses
          • Look for a well-placed Venus and ruler of the 7th house for more details and clues
          • If you would like an astrologer to take a look at your Solar Return, visit my Consultations page to set up a reading with me
        • Progressions/Solar Arc
          • I don’t think it’s possible to NOT have a special progression or solar arc aspect when meeting the “one”. Progressions show major trends in our lives, so there needs to be some sort of progression involving the 7th house, Venus, or the ruler of the 7th house when the “one” enters your life.
          • Some examples of progression or solar arc aspects indicating love:
            • Progressed Sun-Venus aspects or Venus-Sun aspects – sextile, trine, conjunction
            • Progressed Ascendant-Venus aspects or Progressed Venus-Ascendant aspects – this one is the best indication for finding love
            • Progressed Venus-ruler of the 7th house or ruler of the 7th house to Venus aspects – indicates love and union
            • Progressed planets in the 7th house
            • Progressed planets making a harmonious aspect to the 7th house or 7th house ruler

I truly believe that true love comes down to compatibility, which is reflected through the synastry and composite charts, but it really comes down to the timing. THE UNIVERSE WILL NOT SEND YOU THE ‘ONE’ UNTIL YOU ARE READY. For those of you worried about your romantic future, fear not! You will find the ‘one’ in good time.


Uranus/Venus in the Composite

Uranus is the planet of freedom, disruption, eccentricity, unpredictability, and change. Venus rules romance, finances, materials possessions, and partnership.

As you may know, the composite indicates the fate of a relationship. You could have wonderful synastry, but maintaining a connection can be difficult in the face of a challenging composite chart.

Venus in aspect with Uranus indicates an off-beat, unpredictable, yet exciting relationship. Venus and Uranus usually bring together two people you would not think would ever be with one another. Others may see this couple as odd, non-traditional, and surprising. There could be a major difference in race, age, social status, location, or personality. Think about a stock broker suddenly falling in love with a hippie. You’ll find many long-distance relationships with this aspect, as well.

The relationship usually starts very suddenly. The feeling between the couple is electric; it is love at first sight. The sexual relationship often develops quite quickly, as well.

While things may start out well, there may be some difficulties in this relationship, especially if the aspect is a square or opposition. In these cases, it may be difficult to maintain the consistency of the relationship over time. This aspect can be quite frustrating for those who seek stability and calm in their relationships, as the relationship can, despite the couple’s best efforts, be the victim of sudden changes and unpredictability. The relationship may be quite odd. There may be long periods of absence/distance between the couple.

Couples with the square or opposition between Uranus and Venus in the composite tend to experience the worst parts of the relationship I just described. The conjunction can go either way. The trine and sextile are more subtle and pleasing, with just enough electricity to keep things interesting.

This is not to say that a relationship with Venus/Uranus aspect cannot last. My sister and her Husband have a tight Venus/Uranus conjunction in their composite, and they are in a lasting, committed relationship. They both allow one another a ton of room to breathe. My sister is an avid traveler, and she often takes off for a few weeks while her husband stays back to work. Their Uranus/Venus conjunction is also conjunct the Sun and Mercury of their composite, and the sextile to Saturn calms things down a bit for them.




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The Lunar Eclipse on November 28th

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 A Lunar Eclipse is due on November 28th 2012, and this one is going to be a hot one! This Eclipse will occur at 6.47 degrees Gemini. 

This Eclipse will be a part of a Boomerang (a Yod with an opposition from the apex). At the apex of the Yod is the Full Moon with Asteroid Lilith. In Hebrew tradition, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Unlike Eve, Lilith was created from the ground, the same way Adam was created. She was highly sexual, but not out of desire for procreation. Indeed, she was not satisfied with traditional forms of love-making. Lilith refused to submit to patriarchal authority, and decided to leave the Garden of Eden. This angered Adam, and he threatened that if she didn’t return, 100 of the children she birthed ever day would die. Lilith, however, became angry and did not return to Adam. Instead, she continued to birth children (despite the fact that they were destined to die). She would seduce men when she was bored, then murder them or drive them to insanity. Adam eventually had God create Eve from his rib, as he found Lilith too difficult to handle.

Lilith in a woman’s chart shows how and under which circumstances her sexual energy is released. Lilith also relates to where and how we use our feminine power, and shows us the place where we hold vengefulness. Prominent feminists and women in positions of considerable power have strongly placed Liliths in their charts. Think Gloria Steinam and Hilary Clinton. Think Samantha from “Sex and the City,” who refused to submit to men in the workplace, and in bed. She had sex “like a man,” and didn’t apologize for it, despite societal expectations.

Lilith represents the temptress, seducer, and is often compared to a “home wrecker.” Lilith represents the scary side of women, and what men fear the most. The fulfillment of her sexual appetites and desires was what Lilith cared for the most, and any attempt to hamper her sexual self-expression was met with hostility and violence. Lilith is magnetic, and has the power to mesmerize those she comes in contact with. She uses sexuality to further her own goals, and takes no prisoners.

You’ll often find strong Lilith contacts in the synastry charts of a couple in a secret affair. In a man’s chart, Lilith represents the type of woman he fears the most, the type who can drive him over the edge with obsession and desire, hence Lilith’s reputation as a home wrecker. In General Petraeus’ progressed chart, I noticed that his progressed Venus is exactly opposite his Progressed Lilith at the moment. It is thus no surprise that he has been involved in an affair recently. His mistress apparently harassed another woman, showing her raw, take-no-prisoners attitude.

The Apex of the Yod represents the focus of the Eclipse. With the Moon and Lilith in a tight conjunction, we can infer that deep, raw, feminine energy will be at play. In addition, Lilith will be conjunct transiting Jupiter at 3 degrees. This conjunction will expand raw, female sexual energies, and may perhaps revolutionize outdated religious beliefs. The Full Moon will conjunct Jupiter the day of the eclipse, expanding our feelings and perhaps bringing out our egotistical tendencies. Expect emotions to be strong, and possibly over-exaggerated during this eclipse. Finally, the Full moon will make a sextile aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries, which promises out of the blue and unexpected events.

The Moon/Lilith conjunction in Gemini will receive a quincunx from Mars/Pluto in Capricorn and Venus/Saturn in Scorpio. This is a very sexual combination. Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio represents duty, responsibility, and tradition in regards to love and relationships. In Scorpio, nothing is half-way; Scorpio represents complete and utter commitment. This conjunction also represents tradition and security in our relationships. Venus and Saturn together can also indicate harshness and a lack of sympathy for others. Indeed, love will be “all business” at this time.

Mars conjunct Pluto is desirous, erotic, obsessive, and ruthless. This transit could signal violence and abuse, so take extra care around the time of the transit, especially if this conjuction makes hard aspects to your natal planets. Of course, Venus/Saturn will make a sexy sextile to the Mars/Pluto conjunction, highlighting eroticism, obsession, and passionate love.

This Eclipse may put a focus on secret love dalliances (Hello, Petraeus!), and the focus of energy will likely be on the other woman (Lilith). Otherwise, this eclipse can work to reunite ex-lovers. At any rate, this Eclipse will not be easy, and painful memories, obsessive desires, hidden motivations, and even violent reactions are likely to surface.

While the Solar Eclipse on November 13-14 was likely confusing and marred with miscommunication (Mercury was retrograde square Neptune), this Eclipse will bring certainly bring clarity. With Mercury direct, Venus and Saturn in the sign of “No BS” Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto in conjunction, this Eclipse promises to shine a light on love, desire, obsession, and secrets.

How will the Eclipse affect You?

Aries Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in the 3rd house: The Lunar Eclipse brings your relationship with your siblings, relatives and transportation into the spotlight. The 3rd house also represents communication and short-term travel, so perhaps something regarding a writing project or a trip will come to fruition. You may receive a surprising phone call or letter at this time. With Mars and Pluto in your 10th house, your ambition and desire for recognition are heightened, and this eclipse could be the key to you reaching your goals and acquiring the recognition you deserve. In fact, you may experience ruthlessness and power struggle from superiors during this cycle. With Venus/Saturn in your solar 8th house, your emphasis will be on intimacy, sharing, and finances in combination with duty, discipline and commitment. Venus is the natural ruler of your 7th house of marriage and partnerships- will this be the time you commit to that special someone?

Taurus Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in 2nd house: Occurring in your natal 2nd house, this Lunar Eclipse brings your financial matters and value system into focus.  Creating budgets or making decisions about how you handle your finances may occur now. Beware of overspending, though. With the transiting Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 7th house, you may decide to solidify your commitment to your significant other at this time. With Mars and Pluto conjunct in your 9th house, issues surrounding long-distance travel, education, and religion may come into focus. Beware of accidents and violence abroad.

Gemini Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house: This Lunar Eclipse signals a time of reinvention. This Eclipse will signal the end of the old you, and the start of the new you! With the Eclipse conjunct Jupiter in your 1st house, this is likely to be a very emotional time for you. Beware of weight gain from emotional eating; both the Moon and Jupiter can lead to overindulgence. Otherwise, you may feel buoyantly optimistic at this time, but beware of boastfulness. With Venus and Saturn conjunct in your 6th house, you may decide to try out a new exercise routine or diet. Or, changes in your work environment may occur at this time. With Mars/Pluto conjunct in your 8th house, deep sharing and bonding with a partner may take place at the time of this eclipse. Power struggles, possessiveness, and possessiveness may prevent you from making sound decisions in regards to partnerships at this time. Perhaps an attraction to taboo forms of sexuality could open your mind to new forms of lovemaking.

Cancer Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on 12th house matters, which include secrets, addictions, spirituality, dreams, and self-undoing. A well-kept secret may burst forth during this eclipse (especially as they relate to relationships), so watch out! While the Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 7th house may bring intense desires and obsessions in your relationships to the surface, and the Venus/Saturn conjunction in the 5th has your mind on commitment, tradition, and responsibility in love, this Eclipse may uncover secrets which could make you think twice. You may experience a greater-than-average need for peace, quiet, and solitude in order to get away from it all. Meditation and spiritual retreats are favored.

Leo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house: The focus on this Eclipse will be on friendships, clubs or associations you belong to, or past lovers. New friends could come into your life at this time, or an ex-lover could come knocking on your door (especially with Mercury in your 5th house!). The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 4th house, bringing your domestic life into sharp focus. Duty and responsibility color your domestic life at the moment. Or, a major home renovation may occur at this time. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 6th house, calling you to transform your habits regarding your daily routines, work, and health. Beware of accidents and health matters at this time.


Virgo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on your career, social status, and reputation. With the Eclipse conjunct transiting Jupiter, a promotion, career change, or public recognition for your efforts may occur at this time. Indeed, opportunity may come a-knocking for some lucky Virgos! The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your 3rd house, putting the focus on relationships with siblings and relatives, as well as communications. If your relationships with your siblings or relatives are strained at this time, this would be a good time to smooth things out. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 5th house, you may experience power struggles in your relationships. Beware of possessiveness and jealousy in relationships.

Libra Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house: The focus of this eclipse will be on travel, higher education, and/or religion. You may decide to embark on a long-distance journey at this time. A new opportunity to study, or the completion of a project may occur at this time. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your natal 2nd house, putting sharp focus on money matters. A time of re-structuring your finances is in store. When Saturn transits your natal 2nd house, financial progress is slow and steady. Perhaps with Venus, the natural ruler of the 2nd house, there as well, a slight boost to your financial situation may occur. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your natal 4th house, bringing family and domestic matters into focus. Beware of power struggles and conflict with family members.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house: The focus of this Eclipse will be on sex, intimacy, shared resources, death, and re-birth. New sexual opportunities may pop up during this lunar Eclipse, which is great news for Scorpios! You may experienced increased intimacy with your partner. This is likely to be a highly emotional time for you, but it presents a great opportunity to get close to someone special. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 1st house. Saturn transiting your 1st house is never easy, but a boost from Venus will give you a bit of a boost in regards to your self-confidence, which has likely been low since Saturn entered your sign. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 3rd house. Power struggles and conflict with relatives and siblings may occur at this time. Your communication may be noticeably more aggressive, which may put off others. Keep your aggressiveness in check.


Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your one-on-one relationships. With Jupiter in your 7th house, relationships are joyful, expansive, and positive at this time. The Lunar Eclipse may indicate that you will solidity your commitment to someone special. Relationships are likely to go to the next level during this Eclipse. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 12th house, work on eliminating bad habits or behaviors that have limited you in the past. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 2nd house, your attention will be called to your finances. A complete transformation of your financial situation is in store for you this year. Avoid reckless and impulsive spending.

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your health, workplace, routines, and pets. Surprising announcements regarding your job may occur at this time, and health issues may pop up. You may decide to begin a new exercise regimen or diet at this time. Making positive changes to your daily routines are favored at this time. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 11th house, your focus is on your friendship. Say good-bye to superficial friendships, and solidify the friendships that are most dear to you. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 1st house, keep your anger and aggressiveness in check. You are likely to appear more assertive and overbearing to others at this time.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on fun, romance, children, creativity, and risk-taking. This Eclipse could involve surprises involving your romantic partners, or your children. You may solidify a relationship that has been on shaky ground, or a new relationship may enter your life.  With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 10th house, solid career advancements may occur at this time. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 12th house, repressed anger or secrets may burst forth at this time.

Pisces Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your home and family life. Many Pisceans may move at this time. A major home renovation may culminate, or surprises involving family members may surface. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 11th house, beware of power struggles and betrayal surrounding friends and ex-lovers. You may experience increased determination in reaching your long-term goals. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 9th house, an increased commitment to your faith may occur at this time.


Eros in Synastry

Is your love as attracted to you, as you are to him/her? How does Eros fit into your synastry? Order a synastry report and find out now!

The Asteroid Eros represents erotic love. Eros represents what turns us on. Eros represents our passionate and erotic energy and how we use it. When someone’s planet touches our natal Eros in synastry, it is as if we have been stuck by Cupid’s arrow. We are mesmerized, enchanted, and even obsessed with this person. You want to merge into this individual and build an intimate bond with them. It is generally thought that when your Eros makes an aspect to another person’s planet or point, you have a big crush on that person, and may even feel obsessed with them.

The conjunction is the most potent aspect, followed by the opposition. The square indicates attraction, but at the same time, friction and frustration. The trine and sextile are pleasing and harmonious, but the connection is not as intense as it is with the hard aspects.

Eros-Sun: This relationship will serve to help each person discover their erotic sides. The Eros person may feel obsessed with the Sun person, and the Sun person is turned on by the Eros person’s sexual energy. Just by being him/herself, the Sun person stimulates the Eros person’s sexual desires and need for intimacy. The Sun person feels more alive and energetic around the Eros person, as Eros puts the Sun person in touch with their most erotic, taboo desires.

Eros-Moon: This connection combines emotional love with erotic love. This is a very deep and intimate connection. The Eros person is deeply drawn to the Moon person’s emotional nature. Eros wants to experience a deep bond with the Moon person, based on emotional sharing and eroticism. The Moon person is deeply turned on by the Eros person’s intensity and sexual charisma. Eros forces the Moon person to get in touch with their erotic nature, while the Moon person makes the Eros person feel nurtured and understood.

Eros-Venus: This is an indication of an explosive and irresistible attraction. Eros is very drawn to the Venus person’s grace, charm, and beauty, and deeply desires intimacy with them. Venus is drawn to Eros’ sexual charisma and intensity. Venus’ sensuality turns on the Eros person’s sexual desires and erotic nature. Eros feels their senses are triggered when the Venus person is around them. This is a highly magnetic bond which borders on the irresistible!

Eros-Mars: This is one of my favorite Eros aspects! The god of erotic love meets the planet of sex! This is a very good indication of sexual compatibility. The two of you may be sexually obsessed with one another. The sex is very satisfying for the both of you. The difference between them is that the Mars person may see the sex as less of an erotic “merging” than the Eros person, but the attraction is nevertheless strong.

Eros-Jupiter: Eros’ feelings of love and passion are expanded by Jupiter’s jovial and optimistic nature. Jupiter shows Eros new ways of sexual expression, while Eros stimulates Jupiter’s desire for intimacy and passion. Eros is happy to have such an open-minded and generous lover.

Eros-Saturn: This connection sometimes indicates a love-hate scenario. The Eros person may feel that the Saturn person refuses to accept the attraction they have for the Eros person. Eros is nevertheless attracted to the Saturn person’s stability and maturity. Perhaps the Eros finds the Saturn person erotic in a “father figure” or authoritarian sort of way.

Eros-Uranus: This connection is electric and exciting. The Uranus person opens the Eros person’s mind to a variety of sexual possibilities. At the same time, Eros may feel disappointed when Uranus seems distant and hard to reach, as Eros desires complete intimacy and erotic merging with the Uranus person.

Eros-Neptune: This connection is both erotic and dreamy. As such, the passion and intimacy you share with one another is akin to a fairy tale romance. The Eros person stimulates the Neptune person’s sexual fantasies, and Eros is drawn to Neptune’s compassionate nature. Neptune intuitively understands what Eros wants and needs in terms of eroticism and intimacy, and gladly provides it.

Eros-Pluto: This is a great aspect, as both Eros and Pluto seek the same things when it comes to relationships: intensity, transformation, and a high level of intimacy. This is a highly obsessive and explosive union. The two will enjoy exploring sexual taboos with one another. They feel they are fated to be with one another. The attraction is magnetic and irresistible, and the couple might experience dramatic highs and lows throughout their relationship, due to the intensity of feelings involved.

Eros-Ascendant: The Eros person takes immediate notice of the Ascendant person. He finds her extremely sexy and physically attractive. The Ascendant person’s physical appearance triggers the Eros person’s most intense sexual feelings. Eros square Ascendant: The Eros person is very attracted to the Ascendant person, yet may at the same time feel that the Eros person is very different than who they are generally attracted to. Nevertheless, the Eros person’s erotic feelings are stimulated, and the desire is strong.

Eros-Descendant: The Eros person is irresistibly attracted to the Descendant person, while the Descendant person feels the Eros person is the lover of their dreams. The Eros person’s sexuality and passion are highly attractive to the Descendant person. The Eros person learns more about their sexual power and physical desires through their relationship with the Descendant person.

Eros-Psyche: Eros and Psyche are natural mates. If they are conjunct in synastry, a soul mate connection is indicated. Eros and Psyche were mythical lovers, and were brought together by fate. The story of Eros and Psyche is one of deep and transformative love, but their union was not devoid of hardship. In fact, the two of them had to go through significant lengths just to be together. When this aspect shows up in synastry, the relationship is bound to be significant in both their lives, but their relationship may not always be easy. The many hardships the couple will endure will only draw them closer together. The Psyche person may have dreamed of the Eros person before they even met. The Eros person finds the Psyche beautiful, not only on the outside, but on the inside, as well; Eros loves Psyche for her soul.

Eros-North Node: My ex boyfriend and I had this aspect in synastry, and boy was it hot! As the Eros person, he pulled me out of my sexual comfort zone into the depths of true pleasure and intimacy. Our relationship was highly sexual, and we learned a lot from one another in this department. Him and I were drawn together like magnets. I always felt the sex was getting better and better, even after four years! I still don’t think we fully discovered one another sexually, even after all that time. I always felt there was so much more to experience with him, and he felt the same way (possibly even more me!).

Eros-South Node: This is a highly significant aspect. The two of you were likely lovers in a past life. The sex between the two of you is highly erotic, but at the same time comfortable and familiar. While the potential for growth is repressed with this aspect, it is nevertheless a very satisfying and magnetic connection.


Mars in the Houses in Synastry

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Mars in the 1st house

The Mars person finds the House person very sexy, and is drawn to their assertiveness and sexual charisma. If the Mars person is a woman, this is ideal, as Mars in a woman’s chart represents the kind of man she is most attracted to. The Mars person stimulates the 1st house person’s assertiveness, aggressiveness, and sexual desires. The house person feels energized around the Mars person. The Mars person boosts the house person’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

Mars in the 2nd house

The Mars person influences the way the house person handles their money. The Mars person may challenge the house person’s sense of values, and may increase their self-esteem through giving compliments. The Mars person may be somewhat overbearing when it comes to these matters. There may be tons of conflict surrounding money in this relationship.

Mars in the 3rd house

The Mars person mentally stimulates the house person. The two of you may engage in many heated, intellectual debates, which may be a source of friction and tension between the two of you. The Mars person stimulates the house person’s desire to communicate and debate. The Mars person may be impatient and overbearing over the house person when it comes to matters of opinion.

Mars in the 4th house

The Mars person may bring conflict and aggressiveness into the house person’s family or home. Domestic arguments are likely with this placement. The Mars person challenges the way the house person deals with domestic and family matters, which can result in a lot of conflict between them.

Mars in the 5th house

This is a very sexy synastry aspect! The Mars person stimulates the house person’s desire for fun, romance, and sex. This is a very playful relationship, and the two of you really enjoy each other’s company. On the downside, the Mars person may be very sexually demanding and possessive of the 5th house person. There is an air of competitiveness between the two of you, especially when it comes to playing games and sports.

Mars in the 6th house

The Mars person may be overbearing over the house person’s daily affairs. The Mars person may have their own ideas about how the house person should manage their life, especially when it comes to work, exercise, health, and even clothing.

Mars in the 7th house

The Mars person stimulates the house person’s desire for commitment. The Mars person naturally takes the dominant role in the relationship. This relationship is competitive and high-energy. The house person must stand up for their rights in this relationship, or risk being completed overwhelmed by the Mars person. The Mars person learns a lot about their aggressiveness and sexual drive through the relationship. The house person is very attracted to the Mars person, because the Mars person represents the qualities the house person seeks in a mate. The Mars person is sexually attracted to the house person’s looks.

Mars in the 8th house

What a sexy aspect! The Mars person stimulates the house person’s desire for physical closeness, intimacy, and sex. The Mars person brings out intense, combative emotions out of the house person. This relationship is full of jealousy, obsession, and possessiveness. The house person finds the Mars person mysterious, magnetic, and fascinating. The house person admires the Mars person’s sexual charisma. The two of them share many secrets with one another.

Mars in the 9th house

The Mars person challenges the house person’s religious and philosophical beliefs. The house person may feel that the Mars person imposes their views on them too forcefully. The Mars person also encourages the house person to travel, study, and experience life. The house person may find the Mars person has a “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to worldviews, philosophy, and religion.

Mars in the 10th house

The Mars person energizes the house person’s drive for power and ambition. The two of you may share professional objectives and goals. The house person looks up to the Mars person like a role model. This is especially potent if the house person is a woman; in this case, she is very attracted to the Mars person.

Mars in the 11th house

The Mars person stimulates the house person’s desire to socialize and be with friends. The two of you may have many friends in common. This is an excellent position for couples who work together in groups or organizations.

Mars in the 12th house

The Mars person reduces the house person’s inhibitions, making it easy for the house person to open up. In fact, the house person may feel pressured to reveal their secrets to the Mars person. This could be an indication of a secret sexual relationship. The Mars person may become frustrated with the house person because they think the house person is too dreamy and unrealistic. Indeed, the house person may find the Mars person somewhat harsh.


Saturn transits your Natal Pluto

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Saturn conjunct Pluto: This transit indicates a period of hard work, effort, and self-discipline. This is a time of seriousness, as you are likely to encounter a “death” or change of some kind. Depending on where your natal Pluto is located, and while house Pluto rules in your chart, these changes can occur on an inner level, or on an external level. You are willing to put in the work necessary to reach your goals at this time. This transit signals the end of an old way of life, and the beginning of a new way of life. The events that occur in your life at this time are inevitable and fated. Eliminating behaviors, habits, and people that no longer serve a purpose in your life is common at this time. The losses you face at this time are necessary for your overall growth as a person, so be strong and let go! You may become reclusive, anti-social, and austere at this time, but this will help you develop the strength and self-reliance you need to achieve success.

Saturn sextile or trine Pluto: During this cycle, you will feel more dedicated and committed to your work. You are far more reliable and consistent at work, and may receive recognition for your efforts in form of a promotion or raise. You are better able to handle authority, and cooperate with others easily. This is a productive time for you, so use it to your advantage. This transit also represents a personal evolution, which may give way to changes to your lifestyle. In your sexual life, you are more respectful of your mate, which can improve the quality of your relationship.

Saturn square or opposite Pluto: During this cycle, something that has been repressed, hidden, or forgotten will surface, begging for your attention. Ghosts from the past or burdens may reveal themselves, and need to be purged. This is the time to eliminate the people, habits, and behaviors that have been holding you back from true growth. This may be a time of loneliness, reclusiveness, and limitations. Superficial social interactions no longer interest you; you seek authenticity in all that you do. On the good side, you will be able to accomplish a great deal at this time, due to increased focus and decreased frivolousness. You become tougher and more resilient as a result of this transit. On the downside, this transit can be awfully depressing and lonely. You develop a pessimistic view of your life at this time. This is a time of “letting go”- of people, situations, and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Check which house Pluto is located in your chart, and which house Pluto rules in your chart, in order to get a better idea of how this transit will manifest.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 1st house, a complete transformation of your physical appearance and self-expression is likely. This may be a depressing period in which you have to let go of habits and relationships that no longer serve you. This is a great time for weight loss.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 2nd house, you may experience a complete transformation of your financial situation. Financial austerity may plague you at this time. This transit also indicates a transformative time in regards to your self-worth. If you acted against in ways that undermine your self-respect in the past, this is the time where you will become acutely aware of it.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 3rd house, your relationships with relatives may transform at this time. Your way of communication is likely to change dramatically at this time. You will become much more penetrating and deep in thought at this time.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 4th house, your home life and relationship with your parents will transform. Repressed emotions and unresolved issues from childhood will likely surface at this time, begging for resolution. You may decide to move at this time.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 5th house, your social and romantic life will transform. This can sometimes mean and increased commitment to your partner, but this can also indicate a break-up. Check your other transits to see how this transit will manifest.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 6th house, you may become increasingly focused on your work and health. You may take on a new diet or exercise regimen. A significant change to your daily routine may occur at this time. This is a time of hard work. If you have withstood abuse at work, you will likely address it at this time.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 7th house, a relationship may be solidified. Or, unequal power in a relationship may lead you to  break off your current relationship. You are unwilling to compromise power at this time.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 8th house, a death of someone close to you may occur. This transit can indicate financial austerity. A time of inner psychological cleansing is indicated.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 9th house, a transformation of your worldview is likely to take place. A loss of faith may occur as a result of this transit.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 10th house, changes to your career or social status are likely to occur. This is a time of hard work and perseverance as it relates to your career. The opportunity to make enormous strides at work is likely. However, this transit can also indicate a loss of power or prestige if you have behaved unethically in the past.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 11th house, your social circle is likely to transform. You are likely to become much more reclusive at this time. You may let go of out-dated friendships that no longer serve you.

If Pluto rules, or is situated in your 12th house, you may experience an increased need for solitude. This is a great time to get in touch with your inner self. Secrets and hidden truths in regards to sex and money may surface as a result of this transit.


Rihanna and Chris: Together…Again?!

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We recently found out that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. Again. Their reunion has sparked a lot of debate over whether she should have taken him back, considering the fact that he physically abused her. Let’s take a look at what the stars have to say about this controversial couple!

Rihanna’s Birth Chart​

Rihanna has her Sun in Pisces. People with their Suns in this sign are known for their extreme compassion, sympathy, and forgiveness. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of delusion, self-sacrifice, and martyrdom. Pisceans tend to look for the best in people, and gloss over their faults. Pisceans tend to live in a dream world, and are often out of touch with reality. Pisces people are probably the most likely to stay in abusive relationships; they make excuses for their partners due to their habit of focusing on the positives. In fact,
they often see people for who they are not, which puts them at risk of ending up in relationships involving abuse, infidelity, and exploitation.

If this wasn’t enough, Rihanna’s chart features a Venus square Neptune aspect. This emphasizes Rihanna’s Piscean traits, especially in terms of her relationships. When you have Venus square Neptune in your
chart, the risk of idealization, delusion, and illusions  in regards to your relationships increases. This aspect indicates Rihanna tends to be blinded by love. She tends to see the best in Chris and ignores his faults. She makes excuses for Chris’ shortcomings, and is easily seduced by his advances. It is difficult to reason with individuals with this placement, especially when it comes to their love lives.
Pamela Anderson has this aspect in her chart. Her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, was very physically abusive towards her during their three-year marriage. Pamela eventually had him arrested, but was waiting outside
the jail for him the day he got out, and the two reconciled. Whitney Houston’s Sun and Venus are squared by her Natal Neptune, and we all remember her abusive relationship with Bobby Brown. We all wondered
why in the world she withstood Bobby’s abuse, but it becomes clear when you consider her natal chart.

Where Mars lands in our chart tells us the area in which we will experience aggression and conflict. In Rihanna’s chart, her Mars lands in her 7th house, the house of one-on-one partnerships, which indicates she experiences violence, abuse, and aggression in her relationships. Not surprisingly, Whitney Houston has Mars in her 7th house, as well. Rihanna’s Mars is conjunct her natal Uranus, which indicates her relationships contain sudden conflicts, as well as many sudden separations. Indeed, her and Chris have been on and off for years. Rihanna’s Mars is also conjunct her natal Saturn in her 7th house, which indicates she takes her relationships very seriously, and has tremendous staying power. She has tremendous determination in making her relationships work.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has a heck of a lot of Taurus in his Chart; his Sun, Moon, and Venus are in this sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning they are stubborn and resistant to change. If you’ve ever dated a Taurus guy, you know these guys tend to hold on. They are very possessive; they like knwoing someone is ‘theirs’, as it makes them feel secure. They are usually quite calm and cool, but can have explosive tempers.

Chris’ natal Pluto in Scorpio is opposite his stellium in Taurus. This explains the root of his temper perfectly. Oppositions in the natal chart signify the person has a difficult time integrating the energies of the opposing planets. As a result, the person tends to swing back and forth between them. In Chris’ case, his Pluto opposite Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction indicates his personality swings between the extremes of light and dark. This aspect indicates he he has power and control issues. With the opposition to his Sun and Moon, I
wouldn’t be surprised if Chris witnessed abuse via his parents. In fact, his natal Pluto is in his 4th house, with Scorpio on the cusp. This is a strong indicator of an abusive household. With his Venus opposite Pluto aspect, Chris has definite control issues when it comes to love. He is prone to jealousy, manipulation, domination, and yes, abuse. Since the opposition is in Taurus and Scorpio, he is highly possessive and controlling over his mates.

Incidentally, Bobby Brown also has Pluto opposite Venus in his natal chart.


Chris’ Mars in Cancer opposes Rihanna’s Mars/Saturn/Uranus conjunction. This is a combative aspect, indeed! The Mars opposite Mars aspect is enough of an indicator of abuse on its own. This aspect indicates ego clashes, aggression, and a lack of understanding over each other’s temperaments. Rihanna’s Saturn in opposition to Chris’ Mars indicates the couple has explosive arguments stemming from criticism and insecurity. Rihanna’s Uranus in opposition to Chris’ Mars indicates a fair amount of unpredictability and uncontrollable impulsive actions towards each other.

Chris’ Neptune is square Rihanna’s Venus and Moon. In Chris, Rihanna feels she has found her soulmate. She makes excuses for his faults and sees the best in him. She is very forgiving towards him, and always
gives him the benefit of the doubt, even when it is not in her best interest.

Chris’ Saturn is also square Rihanna’s Venus and Moon. Saturn aspects are very binding, yet at the same time, difficult! When I think of Saturn aspects in synastry, I think of parent-child relationships. Indeed, Saturn represents the ‘father’ in astrology, so the Saturn person in the relationship often takes on a ‘parental’ role. Saturn increases one’s sense of responsibility to another, but on the negative side, it indicates emotional distancing, coldness, and a lack of affection, as well as restrictive and controlling behavior.

With this aspect, Rihanna beauty and overall personality bring out Chris’ greatest insecurities. As a result, Chris may become demanding of Rihanna, and may attempt to restrict her emotionally and socially. Chris may become jealous when Rihanna tries to have a social life outside of their relationship. Chris may think Rihanna is childish and irresponsible, while Rihanna may consider Chris overbearing and dictatorial. With this aspect in synastry, there is a great risk of the relationship turning into a loveless union devoid of affection.

Rihanna’s Mercury squares Chris’ Sun/Moon/Venus in Taurus, which indicates difficulty in communication. The couple has a difficult time expressing ideas, feelings and emotions.

On the plus side, Rihanna’s Sun is conjunct Chris’ North Node in his 7th house! No wonder he is so drawn to her! Rihanna is Chris’ idea of the perfect woman. With Chris’ North Node in his 7th house, his life’s path is strongly centered around his one-on-one relationships, such as romantic unions and marriage. With Rihanna’s Sun on this point, Chris feels Rihanna is pulling him forward, towards his destiny. Rihanna exemplifies the qualities Chris needs to evolve. This is a very powerful synastry aspect, which is felt especially strongly on Chris’ part.


It seems as though Chris met Rihanna while Neptune was transiting his North Node and her Sun. The nature of the relationship is usually described by the transits each person is experiencing at the time; the transits of each person highlight the important synastric connections between the couple. With Neptune on Chris’ North Node, it makes sense that he met Rihanna, a Pisces. With Neptune on Rihanna’s Sun, she probably fell for Chris instantly. During this transit, our sense of fantasy and dreaminess is stimulated. Rihanna is Neptunian as it is, but this transit intensified these qualities even more.

The fact that Rihanna entered an abusive relationship doesn’t surprise me, given the fact that transitingPluto has been conjunct her Neptune and square her natal Venus for the past while. Pluto transiting your Neptune is intensifies her delusional tendencies, which are already strong due to her strong Neptune placements and Pisces Sun.

Looking at their transits, I feel the couple may stay together for at least another year. If they break up, I believe it will be around October 2013, when Saturn conjuncts Chris’ natal Pluto and opposes his Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction in Taurus. At the same time, Saturn will square Rihanna’s Mercury, the ruler of her 1st house. At the same time, Saturn can indicate responsibility and commitment, so perhaps they will solidify their relationship in some way. Given the amount of squares and oppositions they will face around that time, a break-up seems more likely. Also, transiting Uranus will make an exact square to Rihanna’s Neptune at that time, which will serve to shake her out of any delusions she may be carrying, especially in terms of relationships.  By that time, Neptune will be finished transiting her Sun, which will help her gain clarity over her feelings and over the relationship.


Ryan and Blake- Will it Last?

Hollywood’s latest “it” couple recently tied the knot. Is there more than just physical attraction between these two? Let’s see what the stars have to say.

Unfortunately, I could not find Blake’s birth time, but I have Ryan’s.

Ryan’s Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio sextiles Blake’s Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo! This is a very powerful synastry connection to have with someone. Both Blake and Ryan feel emotionally supported by one another, which is an important ingredient in a long-term relationship.


Blake’s Sun squares Ryan’s Venus. This certainly indicates attraction, but at the same time, a clash of values. The Venus may find the Sun person abrasive or dictatorial. Venus may feel his or her attempts to please the Sun are taken for granted. This aspect goes both ways (Ryan’s Sun in sextile Blake’s Venus), which I believe is somewhat helpful; double whammies seem to even things out and make the aspect easier to handle for both.


Ryan’s Venus is also square Blake’s Mercury. This indicates the two partake in stimulating conversation, but may not truly listen to one another. They may tend to compete for the microphone when they are having a conversation.

Ryan’s Venus in Sagittarius is square Blake’s Venus in Virgo. With this aspect, the two definitely have a lot to learn from one another. Venus in Virgo seeks stability in relationships, while Ryan seeks freedom and adventure. Ryan may find Blake to be a party-pooper, while Blake may feel Ryan is irresponsible and undependable.

Ryan’s Venus squares Blake’s Mars. This is a hot synastry aspect! The physical attraction is out of this world, as is the sexual chemistry.


Blake’s Neptune is sextile Ryan’s Sun and Moon. This is a very positive aspect to find in synastry. The relationship is marked by forgiveness and compassion. In Blake, Ryan feels as though he has found his soul mate. They relate easily to one another, and can intuitively feel each others emotions, without having to say a thing!

Blake’s Pluto in Scorpio conjunct Ryan’s Sun and Moon. Wow! Ryan is obviously a very intense person, since his Sun and Moon are located in the sign Scorpio. With Blake’s Pluto conjunct this point, his Scorpio characteristics are supercharged by their union! She stimulates his desire to merge with her, possess her, and even control her. In this case, Blake has the “upper hand”; in synastry aspects involving Pluto, the planet person is the puppet, and the Pluto person is the puppet master! Like a moth to a flame, Ryan is drawn to Blake. Together, they share an intense, consuming, intimate bond that is difficult to break. Blake has the ability to bring out Ryan’s most powerful emotions, which can be both frightening and exhilarating for both!

Ryan’s Uranus sextiles Blake’s Sun/Moon/Venus/Mercury/Mars conjunction in Virgo. To Blake, Ryan is exciting and unconventional, which helps keep the relationship fresh! The sextile is not as disruptive as the hard aspect involving Uranus; it intensifies attraction and helps the relationship from getting into a rut.

Ryan’s Jupiter squares Blake’s Virgo Stellium. At the same time, Blake’s Jupiter is opposite Ryan’s Sun/Moon/Mercury/Uranus in Scorpio.  Both Ryan and Blake have a strong desire to make the other happy, and they have the ability to cheer each other up when the other is having a bad day. This aspect indicates that they tend to overindulge each other, which can result in overspending on one another (good thing they have plenty of money!). This aspect indicates to me that they have tons of fun together. They give each other the benefit of the doubt, as well.

Ryan’s Chiron is trine Blake’s Virgo stellium, while Blake’s Chiron is trine Ryan’s stellium! Both Ryan and Blake feel healed by the relationship. This aspect indicates mutual trust and significant soul growth for the two of them.