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Composite Moon in the Signs

The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, the Moon represents how the couple processes and expresses feelings and emotions. It can also indicate the areas where the couple will experience the most drama! It indicates what the couple needs to feel supported and loved.

To properly assess the Moon, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Moon receives. In this article, we will go over how the Composite Moon behaves in different signs.

Composite Moon in Aries

The placement of the Moon in Aries in a Composite Chart indicates this couple expresses their emotions in a direct and passionate way. They are open and honest with their feelings, and love to tease and flirt.

In this relationship, the couple may get irritated and angry at each other, only to forgive and forget moments later. Aries is a very fiery sign, but it does not usually hold on to grudges.

Together, the couple may be more energetic, impulsive, and selfish than when they are apart. They are spontaneous and motivated in each other’s presence. This would be a great placement for a couple who compete together, as they energize and inspire each other to do their best.

Composite Moon in Taurus

The Composite Moon in Taurus indicates a stable, consistent, secure relationship focused on comfort and material possessions. Financial security is linked to emotional security here. They are romantic, sensual and enjoy the finer things in life.

This couple might be quite stubborn and resistant to change. They are emotionally stable and practical when faced with relationship difficulties. These two will take their time to build a solid and secure relationship that will last, and can depend on each other in times of need.

On the downside, possessiveness and jealousy may be an issue in this relationship

Composite Moon in Gemini

This placement indicates a couple who bond emotionally through communication. It is easy for these two to share their feelings with each other.  They may feel they can read each other’s minds and complete their partner’s sentences.

These two will like to keep in touch throughout the day, and will want to share all the details of their lives with each other. They will simply feel better by talking to one another. This couple likes being on the go, and may enjoy many short journeys and road trips together. They pique each other’s curiosity and love trying new things.

Composite Moon in Cancer

The Moon is most at home in Cancer, so this placement indicates a relationship that is very focused on connecting emotionally. This couple feels very ‘at home’ with each other. They will naturally nurture and take care of the other.

They want to build a family and move in together. They feel very comfortable in each other’s homes and with each other’s families (as long as the Moon isn’t badly aspected). It might be difficult for this couple to talk through feelings objectively, as their emotional bonds are so deep. They are very protective of each other and their relationship.

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Composite Moon in Leo

Couples who have Moon in Leo in their Composite Charts do not ignore each other! This couple gives each other the attention and ego boost they each need. They feel they are the main protagonists in a romantic movie.

Leo is a dramatic sign, so its combination with the emotional Moon could lead to some major ego clashes, especially if the Moon is not aspected well by other planets. This couple might also emotionally bond over children or creative pursuits.

They are a fun and flirty couple who value loyalty and devotion above all else. Together, they are very charismatic and attract a lot of attention.

Composite Moon in Virgo

This couple might have met at work, but either way, they love working with each other and completing tasks together. Being productive will bring the two of them close together. They bond over a shared love of health and animals.

While Virgo is not the most emotionally demonstrative sign, the couple will show love by helping each other, or doing something practical for the other. On the downside, this placement can also indicate an imbalance or inequity in the relationship. Perhaps one of the partners feels they are always “giving” in the relationship, while the other is always “taking”. Perhaps one person works for the other.

Finding balance is key in this relationship, or else one will feel taken for granted by the other.

Composite Moon in Libra

Partnership and commitment is easy for these two. When they met, they immediately felt smitten! The emotional health of this couple relies on balance, equality and cooperation. This couple notice when things feel unbalanced and unfair.

They are both willing to compromise and work together to create an equal union. The two of them feel like a true team. This is a great placement to have in a composite chart, since Libra represents love and partnership. They enjoy throwing parties and have an active social life.

On the downside, this placement can indicate passive aggressiveness and indecisiveness might be strong in this relationship. Others will see them as the ideal couple.

Composite Moon in Scorpio

The Composite Moon’s placement in Scorpio indicates an intense and deep relationship. There is an “all or nothing” energy in this relationship, with both partners demanding complete and total commitment and loyalty from the other.

This couple emotionally bonds over sex and intimacy. They do not keep secrets from each other and want to know everything about the other. Possible themes of jealousy and possessiveness may feature strongly here.

The relationship will be transformative for both parties, and breaking up will not be easy. They will trigger deep, subconscious feelings within the other, so this relationship is anything but casual. Others will find them intimidating and intense.

Composite Moon in Sagittarius

This couple’s emotional bonding is connected to travel, philosophy, and higher learning. This is a very fun couple who love to make each other laugh. They might have shared religious or cultural ties, or they may have met abroad.

Either way, expanding one’s faith and philosophy are highlighted in this relationship. The two of them feel more adventurous, open minded and positive when they are together. They are a light-hearted, fun couple who love to explore together.

They are more open-minded, jovial and generous when they are together than they are individually.

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Composite Moon in Capricorn

Building something and achieving something together is key to the emotional health of this relationship. When it comes to resolving conflict, this couple is mature and practical. It may be difficult, or even awkward, to express deep feelings to each other.

This would be a great placement for business partners, given that Capricorn rules business. While not emotionally demonstrative, this couple can depend on each other in times of need.

Composite Moon in Aquarius

This couple expresses their emotions in an aloof, detached manner. They have a strong foundation of friendship. They treat each other as equals, and may bond emotionally over shared friends, clubs/groups, and long-term goals.

This is not the most emotionally demonstrative couple, but they truly ‘like’ each other. They encourage each other’s individuality and give each other plenty of freedom.

Composite Moon in Pisces

These two are very forgiving and tolerant of each other. They bring out each other’s compassion and sensitivity. They bond over music, arts, and spirituality. The couple feels most emotionally content when they are alone.

In some cases, the relationship might lack definition and boundaries can be quite loose, so it is important to be very clear and honest to one another. The couple may feel they have found their soulmate in the other person.

On the downside, this relationship might be somewhat unrealistic or overly idealized by at least one of the partners, so honesty and clarity are of utmost importance here.


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Asteroid Psyche in Synastry

In Greek, Psyche is the word for “Soul”. Not surprisingly, it is ruled by Neptune and Pisces, which represent dreaminess, fantasy, and soul connections.

It is considered one of the most important asteroids, as it represents one’s inner psychology and our ability to uncover who we really are.

In mythology, Psyche was a beautiful girl, but her stepmother Aphrodite was very jealous of her (sound familiar? This is a very common theme in movies).

Aphrodite’s Son, Eros, ends up falling in love with her. The couple finally end up together after Psyche successfully completes a series of tasks Aphrodite assigned to her.

Eros and Psyche were true soulmates and were able to overcome barriers to be together. It is a story that shows how love can transform us and unite us with our soul’s true desire. To read the Psyche’s full story, click here.

In astrology, Psyche represents where our soul feels most comfortable, so when someone touches your Psyche in synastry, you feel intuitively and spiritually connected to them.

Psyche Connections in Synastry:

Psyche-Sun connections in Synastry:

In this connection, the Psyche person will feel a deep connection with the Sun person. The Psyche person’s intuition is heightened around the Sun person.

The Psyche person will feel they understand the Sun person in a deep and profound way, and the Sun person helps put the Psyche person in touch with their soul’s desires.

The Psyche person will understand the Sun person on a deep, spiritual level. The Psyche person will feel they just “Know” the Sun person, better than most people do.

Psyche-Moon connections in Synastry:

The Psyche will feel great empathy and sensitivity towards the Moon person. The Psyche person will intuitively understand the Moon person’s feelings, without the Moon person having to say anything.

These two will share a very deep and profound emotional connection. The Psyche person will help the Moon person get in touch with their feelings.

Psyche-Mercury connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will identify strongly with the Mercury’s communication style and ideas. The Psyche person will intuitively understand Mercury’s ideas and has deep insight into Mercury’s mind.

This couple will have many deep and transformative conversations. Exchanging ideas with the Mercury person will bring the Psyche person greater understanding of themselves.

Psyche-Venus connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will appreciate Venus’ beauty, charm, and financial acumen. The Psyche person understands and appreciates the way the Venus person shows love.

The Venus person feels appreciated and understood by the Psyche person. The blending of the feminine energies of Psyche and Venus will bring mutual admiration and attraction.

Psyche-Mars connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will connect deeply with the Mars person’s energy and drive. The Psyche person will have deep insight into the Mars person’s motivations and sexual nature.

This is a very sensual connection, as Mars and Eros (Psyche’s true love) share the same themes of sex and desire. There will be a lot of attraction between these two. The sexual connection between you is spiritual in nature.

Psyche-Jupiter connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person’s sense of intuition and soul connection will be expanded by the Jupiter person.

The Psyche person feels very positive about their soul journey because of the Jupiter person. The Jupiter person will provide positive encouragement on the Psyche person’s soul journey.

Psyche-Saturn connections in Synastry:

The Saturn person will help the Psyche person stabilize and structure their intuitive abilities.

The Psyche person will appreciate Saturn’s stability and structure, as it will help them get in touch with their own soul’s needs.

The Psyche person will empathize with Saturn’s sense of duty and responsibility.

Psyche-Ascendant connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will feel a deep connection to the Ascendant person. The Psyche person will feel a strong attraction to the Ascendant person, and the connection will be very spiritual and magical.

This is a great aspect to see in synastry, as it represents a deep and profound soul connection.

Psyche-Chiron connections in Synastry:

Chiron is the wounded healer, and Psyche represents the soul and our deepest selves. A connection between these two in synastry indicates a very deep, profound, and healing relationship.

These two will truly care for one another and will connect on a spiritual level. They will feel a strong bond to one another.

Psyche-Eros connections in Synastry:

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The May 5th Lunar Eclipse: A Sudden Twist of Events

Two weeks after the Solar Eclipse on April 20th, there will be a Lunar Eclipse on May 5th. Lunar eclipses are usually a time for endings and epiphanies.

This does not mean that Lunar Eclipses are bad, but they tend to bring the hidden into the light.

The May 5th Lunar Eclipse is in powerful and transformative Scorpio!

This means this eclipse will have to do with themes of transformation, power struggles, deep intimacy, and uncovering hidden secrets.

The Eclipse Sun will be conjunct Uranus, so expect the unexpected during this time. Uranus is the trickster of the zodiac, and favors unpredictability, thinking outside the box, and sudden events.

So, you can expect deep, transformative events to occur very suddenly and unexpectedly.

Thankfully, Venus will be in sextile aspect to Jupiter at the time of the Eclipse, which will help to ‘soften the blow’. Lead with understanding and kindness, and it might be rewarded.

Moreover, the Eclipse will occur while Mercury is in retrograde, which may delay some of the decisions or results the Eclipse promises. Click here to find out more about how Mercury Retrograde will affect you.


Readings per Rising Sign

Most affected: Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius, Leo


Your Rising Sign is in Aries

This Eclipse take place in your 8th house of sex, death/rebirth, and other people’s possessions.

During this time, Aries will need to transform or let go of something in their lives.

It is a time of release of people or patterns that have been unhealthy for you. This can be anything from breaking up with a toxic partner or friend, to paying off debts.

This is a time of increased vulnerability, so do not be afraid to be open with your true thoughts and feelings.

Deep psychological introspection is likely to occur during this eclipse.

The Sun/Uranus conjunction will be opposing the Eclipse Moon from your 2nd house, which indicates sudden changes in your income levels may occur during this time as well.

You may find new and inventive ways of making money.

During this time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 2nd house – click here to find out how it will affect you!

Your Rising Sign is in Taurus

The Eclipse will take place in your 7th house of close partnerships, including romantic and business.

This eclipse will bring unexpected drama and transformation to your relationship with the people closest to you.  

Some of you may decide to break up, take a break, or get back together, but remember that Mercury is also retrograde during this time, so it may take a while before decisions can be finalized.

Some of you may move to the next level of your relationship, but take your time in making this decision.

Uranus is an unpredictable, hasty energy, so resist the urge to act too impulsively.

During this time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 1st house – click here to find out how it will affect you! 

Your Rising Sign is in Gemini

The Eclipse will take place in your 6th house of health, routines, work, and co-workers.

This Eclipse might bring about a sudden health issue, or you may decide to embark on a new health journey.

You may experience some drama or changes at work. For example, your boss might unexpectedly ask you to take on a new project or role.

There may also be changes or drama related to your coworkers.  It is important to remain calm and cool during this period, as extra stress and anxiety is likely to occur during this period.

Striking a balance between work and rest will be key.

During this time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 12th house – click here to find out how it will affect you! 

Your Rising Sign is in Cancer

This Eclipse takes place in your 5th house of romance, creativity and children.

For some of you, this Eclipse might bring in a new love interest, or bring one back from the past unexpectedly.

It can be a time of increased creative activity, and you might suddenly decide to take on a new artistic project or hobby. For some of you, this Eclipse will bring (possibly unexpected) pregnancy announcements.

For those of you with children, you may experience dramatic and unexpected developments in regards to your kids.

During this time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 11th house – click here to find out how it will affect you! 

Your Rising Sign is in Leo

This eclipse will take place in your 4th house of home, family, and the past.

Some of you may make the decision to move during this period, which may be a result of unexpected circumstances.

For others, someone might move in WITH you.

You might also decide to undergo major renovations to your home.

Unresolved drama from the past may rear its head during this period, leading to intense and unexpected revelations from your family.

Drama and transformations within your family can also be expected during this time.

During this time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 10th house – click here to find out how it will affect you! 

Your Rising Sign is in Virgo

This eclipse will take place in your 3rd house of communications, siblings, neighbours, and education.

During this eclipse, you might suddenly enrol in a new course of study in a new and unexpected field.

Some Virgos may embark on a short, but transformative trip.

If you have unresolved issues with your siblings or neighbours, you can expect them to re-surface during this period.

Mercury will be retrograde in your 9th house at the time- click here to see how it will affect you.

Your Rising Sign is in Libra

This Eclipse will take place in your 2nd house of income, material possessions and security.

This Eclipse might bring deep and sudden transformations to your income levels.

For some of you, new and exciting financial opportunities might present themselves, but be very careful in signing any contracts until the Mercury Retrograde period is over.

For others, drama and loss around finances may occur during this time.  

Be very careful during this period with your finances, as unpredictable Uranus is opposing it from your 8th house.

For more on how Mercury Retrograde will affect you, click here.

Your Rising Sign is in Scorpio

This month’s Eclipse takes place in your 1st house! Oh boy, this is going to be one for the books, Scorpio!

This transit will bring major changes to the way you present yourself to the world. Some of you might undergo major physical changes, such an a new haircut, wardrobe, or even plastic surgery.

Other Scorpios might look to transform their approach and how they come off to others.

You can also expect opposition from those close to you, which can result in power struggles and even break ups.

Mercury will be retrograde in your 7th house, which will bring more relationship drama to the forefront. Click here to read more on how Mercury retrograde will affect you.

Your Rising Sign is in Sagittarius

This Eclipse will take place in your 12th house, Sagittarius, which means your house of rest, recuperation, and spirituality will be affected.

During this time, you might feel a greater need to be alone. Perhaps a sudden and unexpected health issue will force you to focus on rest.  

Sagittarians have had Uranus transiting their 6th houses for the last few years, so unpredictable work schedules, and anxiety and stress issues are a reality for many of you. During this period, prioritize rest over work.

During time time, Mercury will be retrograde in your 6th house – click here to read more about how it will affect you.

Your Rising Sign is in Capricorn

This Eclipse will take place in your 11th house of friends, clubs/groups, and long-term goals.

In your life, do you have friends who use, abuse, or control you?

If so, major transformations may take place during this eclipse.

Major power struggles between you and your friends may surface now.

You may decide to leave, or join, a new friend group or club/association during this time.  

Perhaps a new love interest will force you to strike a balance between them and your time with your friends.

Mercury will be retrograding in your 5th house during this period. Click here to learn how Mercury Retrograde will affect you.

Your Rising Sign is in Aquarius

Your Eclipse will take place in your 10th house of career, reputation and social standing.

For some of you, a job change is on the way. This can be anything from getting a new boss, a new role, or even changing companies.

Since the Eclipse is being opposed by Sun and Uranus in the 4th house, perhaps a family event might force you to reassess or reconsider your career.

Striking a balance between work and home is key during this period. Mercury will be retrograde in your 4th house during this period. Click here to learn more about how Mercury retrograde will affect you.

Your Rising Sign is in Pisces

This Eclipse will take place in your 9th house of travel, faith, and education.  

During this Eclipse period, your faith and beliefs may be tested and transformed. Your sense of adventure might be heightened, leading to an unexpected and transformative journey.

You may enrol for university courses during this time, as the 9th house represents higher learning.

Mercury will be retrograde in your 3rd house. Click here to see how Mercury Retrograde will affect you.

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The Natal Chart of Prince Harry: An Earthy Prince

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984.

His Rising Sign is in Capricorn, which means he approaches life in a serious and no-nonsense manner.

Capricorns Rising people come across as very serious and formal, which is very fitting for a Prince!

They can be quite hard on themselves, and are far more critical of themselves than anyone else could be.

They are naturally ambitious people with a flair for business and leadership.

Capricorn Rising folks do not come across particularly friendly, but rather mature and capable. They are dependable, practical people who can be relied for their calm and cool approach to problems.

The Ruler of this 1st house, Saturn, is located in his 9th house of travel, faith, and higher learning.

Harry is very fond of traveling, but the planet Saturn here can indicate journeys related to one’s job or duty.

Traveling and exploring new cultures and worldviews is essential to Harry’s identity.

Harry also has Pluto, the ruler of his 10th house, in his 9th house, which indicates a career related to travel, higher learning, and/or faith.

Harry’s Sun is in Virgo in the 8th house. Virgos are known for being busy, productive, health-conscious people with perfectionist tendencies.

They are hard workers who feel best when they are being productive. They are service-oriented individuals who like to help others.

They are detail oriented and have critical minds. Virgos are very particular people, especially when it comes to health.

Sun in the 8th folks are usually very aware of, and even preoccupied with, mortality, so the combination with the Virgo energy means he is someone who likes to take care of their health and avoid accidents.

Some may even describe them as overly cautious in this regard.  This makes total sense given his childhood and the death of his mother.

Harry’s Moon is in Taurus in the 4th house, which indicates he is strongly connected to his family and roots, particularly his mother.

His Moon is opposed by Saturn, which indicates a rather cold and duty-bound upbringing.

Harry had to grow up fast because he had to grow up early, and may feel he missed out on his childhood due to all the duties placed on his in his early life.

Harry might find it difficult to express his ‘inner child’ because he never learned (or was discouraged on) how to show his vulnerable side.

Interestingly enough, his Descendant is in Cancer, which means the Moon rules his 7th house of partnerships.

It is not surprising there have been so much drama in his relationship with Meghan.

Saturn represents duty, career, and responsibility, and it directly opposes his 4th house Moon, which represent both his mother and wife.

In Harry’s life, there will be a constant push-pull between his duties and responsibilities, and his real of emotional security and partnership.

Given this, it is understandable that he felt he needed to choose one or the other.

Harry’s Venus in in Libra, which means he is a very relationship-oriented person. He feels most complete when he has a partner.

He is fond of cooperation and harmony in his romantic relationships. He will compromise with his partners, as he values justice and fairness greatly.

Harry’s Venus is in the 8th house, which means he seeks intense connections with others. He is ‘all-in’ when he finds someone he loves, and expects the same thing in return.

This placement is also great for wealth, as it indicates marriage will bring shared wealth and success, but also scandal.

Harry has his Mars in the 11th house in Sagittarius, which indicates he is an adventurous person who loves to travel.

Sagittarius represents the truth and honestly, so Harry will learn a lot about himself through his travels. He has the spirit of a true adventurer.

Mars in Sagittarius detest authority and are naturally rebellious; the more you try to control them, the more frustrated they become.

His Mars is in the 11th house, which indicates he puts a lot of energy and passion into his friends, goals, and humanitarian causes.

Harry has, or will have, friends from all walks of life. His Mars is conjunct Uranus, which indicates he can be quite impulsive and unpredictable.

He is naturally rebellious and has a strong dislike for authority.

Harry’s Jupiter is in his 12th house, which is an incredibly lucky placement.

I find that people with Jupiter in the 12th house are incredibly fortunate, particularly when it comes to taking major risks. Many “daredevils” have this placement.

This placement also indicates a very rich inner life.

He is a spiritual person who is interested in exploring the inner workings of his subconscious mind. He is very concerned with helping the less fortunate.


As per Harry’s chart, he is a very cautious individual who does not make big decisions without very careful consideration. It is clear from his chart that his decision to leave his old life was not taken lightly.

There is a very clear opposition between his duties (Saturn) and his partnerships and emotional security (the Moon).

He loves being in love, and is willing to compromise to make his partner happy. Combine this with a very cautious Virgo Sun, and it is unsurprising that he chose a new life path.

Prince Harry is a fascinating figure, and I am excited to see what he does next!

prince harry natal chart
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The April 20 Solar Eclipse: Change is Coming

This Solar Eclipse will be anything but boring.

The Eclipse will take place at the last degree of Aries, which is known as the “anaretic” degree, or “degree of fate”. At the end of a sign, we are closing a chapter and getting ready for a new journey, but change is sometimes not very easy.

It can instead bring about crises or sudden events, which jolt us into a new situation. There will be a sense of anticipation in the air as we near this eclipse.

To complicate matters more, Pluto will be exactly square the Solar Eclipse Sun. This indicates very deep transformations are about to take place, including at the global level.

This year, Pluto will enter Aquarius after a 15-year residency in Capricorn, so we can expect a lot of changes. Pluto in Capricorn represents the transformation of power, tradition, and the status quo.

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Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

When it first entered Capricorn in 2008, a financial crisis occurred when the United States housing bubble burst and American real estate value collapsed. While financial institutions were bailed out, unemployment, suicide, and distrust increased among the public.

Pluto uncovers the truth, which leads to lasting transformation. Since Pluto entered Capricorn, much corruption has been exposed, leading to an awakening among the public.

Pluto in Capricorn has exposed the problems of having too much power at the top. Now that we have entered the final degrees of Capricorn, we will see more turning points take place. Take, for example, Prince Harry, who is challenging the institution of the monarchy and uncovering the truth of his experience as a royal.

Now that Pluto is entering Aquarius, we are likely to see a shift from top-down power, to bottom-up change.  We may see rebellion against oppression of all sorts, which will give way to a more equitable society.

We can expect a lot of progress in terms of science and technology, and how it can make the world a better place. I hope we can get to a place of less division and more understanding, so that we can make the world a better place for us all!

On a more personal level, this eclipse will bring about change and transformation in your life. You may uncover certain truths about yourself or your life, which may inspire you to change your situation.

As a result, you may decide (or be forced) to leave a part of your old life behind.  This eclipse may bring about major power struggles and sweeping changes in the houses the eclipse takes place.

In your life, where do you feel least powerful? Where have you given your power up to others?

You may be faced with uncomfortable truths during this eclipse period which will triggers major changes in your life. This will not be an easy eclipse, but sometimes things need to be broken down before something better can be introduced.

Eclipses are in effect for approximately 6 months.


Readings per Rising Sign

Most affected: Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, Libra


Your Rising Sign is in Aries

This eclipse is happening in your first house, and it is going to have a big impact on you!

During this time, you may begin to question how you present yourself to the world. You may decide to make big changes to your appearance during this time.

This eclipse might also bring conflicts between yourself and your family. Transformative events in your home or from your past may surface, which will have an impact on your self-esteem. You may find that there are power struggles between yourself and your family, which forces you to take on a new, more powerful persona.

Your Rising sign is in Taurus

This eclipse occurs in your 12th house of rest and retreat.

During the next six months, you may feel a greater need to be alone. Your dreams might be more vivid and may provide a lot of insight into your inner world.

You may be attracted to spirituality and meditation, as the 12th house also has to do with connecting with the spiritual realm. Because of the square from Pluto, you may experience a spiritual awakening. There may be a strong desire to help the unfortunate.

Pluto will square the eclipse from your 3rd house, so themes around communication, transportation and siblings/relatives will also affect you at this time.

Your Rising Sign is in Gemini

This eclipse takes place in the 11th house of friendships/groups, goals, and technology.

You may undergo a transformation in regards to your friendships or clubs you belong to. You may reassess your part in a group. There may be power struggles in your friendships. Friendships may break up, and new ones may blossom.

Pluto will square the eclipse from the 8th house, meaning your house of deep intimacy, inheritance, and death/rebirth will be affected as well. Deep psychological issues may be uncovered during this time, especially as they relate to your friendships.

Your Rising Sign is in Cancer

The Eclipse takes place in your 10th house! This house represents your public life, including your career status, and reputation.

This means you may undergo some changes and power struggles in these areas. Some of you may undergo a job change, and some of you may have your public reputation challenged.

Pluto is squaring the eclipse from your 7th house, which can indicate deep transformations in your partnerships, as well. You could run into power struggles in your close personal and business relationships, which may have an effect on your career and reputation.

Your Rising Sign is in Leo

The Eclipse takes place in your 9th house of travel, higher education, and faith. You may experience a crisis in these areas.

Perhaps your beliefs will be challenged, which will compel you to explore other faith or belief systems.

You may also undergo a deeply transformative journey or adventure. Pluto will square the eclipse from your 6th house, which indicates that you may experience changes to your health and routines during this time.

Your Rising Sign is in Virgo

The Eclipse takes place in your 8th house of intimacy, death, rebirth, and debts, taxes, and inheritance.

You can expect deep transformations and crises in these areas. Perhaps you will leave a controlling situation or connect more deeply with your darkest fears. This could very well be a time where you leave controlling or abusive situations.  You will approach life in a more powerful and intense manner during this time.

It can also be a time of increased sexual activity and deeper intimacy with a partner, but power struggles can present themselves in this area, too. Watch out for controlling or obsessive behaviors in yourself and others.

Pluto squares the eclipse from your 5th house, which indicates you may also experience deep changes in regards to creativity, romance and children.

Your Rising Sign is in Libra

The Eclipse takes place in your 7th house of partnerships, which means there will be a transformation with regards to the people closest to you in your life. I find that this house also works for close friendships, as well. There may be a crisis in this area, which forces you to reassess your current situation.

Perhaps you will finally get the courage to leave a toxic situation, or someone else may leave you. This Eclipse squares Pluto in your 4th house, which means you may also experience a crisis in your family life. Family issues may affect your relationships profoundly.

Your Rising Sign is in Scorpio

Your Eclipse takes place in the 6th house, which indicates a crisis in the area of health, work, routines and co-workers may take place.

Perhaps you will begin a new diet or exercise routine. You may receive news about your health which catapults you into a new routine. There may be some drama in regard to your coworkers, as well.

Pluto will be in your 3rd house, which means you may also experience changes in your communication style, as well as your relationships with your siblings/neighbours. Perhaps your communication style at work will change, which may cause power struggles with your coworkers.

Your Rising Sign is in Sagittarius

This Eclipse takes place in your 5th house of romance, creativity and children. Some Sagittarius rising folks may be announcing pregnancies during this time!

For those of you with children already, there may be some drama and changes in regard to your relationship with them. Your creative life may also be transformed during this time, and you might take on new artistic projects.

Pluto is square the Eclipse from your 2nd house, which means your area of finances and income may change. Perhaps you will find new ways to make money during this time, which will increase your self-esteem and self-reliance.

Your Rising Sign is in Capricorn

This Eclipse takes place in your 4th house of family, home, and past. You may move during this time, or make changes to your living situation.

There may also be crises or transformations with family members. You might uncover the truth about past family trauma. You may feel your sense of security is being challenged during this time.

Pluto is squaring the Eclipse from your 1st house, so you will also feel the energy in the area of our physical appearance and persona.

You come across more direct and intense during this time. You might make major changes to your appearance to reflect the inner change you have gone through.

Your Rising Sign is in Aquarius

The Eclipse takes place in your 3rd house of communications, learning, siblings, and neighbours.

During this time, your communications with others will be more intense. Your mind will be busy during this period, so you might enrol in school courses to expand your mind.

Or, you may decide to embark on a new educational path during this period.  There may be drama in regards to your relationships with your siblings or neighbours.

This is a great time for community and neighbourhood work.

Your Rising sign is in Pisces

This eclipse is happening in your 2nd house. This can bring major transformation and change to your finances and income.

You may discover new ways of making money, or you may experience profound changes in your income and investments (for better or for worse). This transit might also bring announcements of new pregnancies, which will certainly affect your income levels.

You may also experience a huge shift in your attitudes towards money and material possessions.

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What’s up with Khloe Kardashian?

We all know the Kardashians. They are American royalty in many respects: they get tons of attention in the media, are fashion icons, and people love to hate them. Love them or loathe them, everyone has an opinion on them. On the recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they went over the drama that occurred between the family and Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner’s best friend) when Jordyn made out with Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan.

It was well known to the family for a very long time that Tristan was a two-timing piece of trash. He had previously cheated on Khloe when she was pregnant with their daughter, True. Instead of kicking him to the curb, she took him back, which was a huge shock to everyone.

She had been through rough relationships in the past, as well. She was previously in a relationship with Lamar Odom, but their relationship broke apart after his drug problem and infidelity became too much for their relationship to endure.

Khloe is known by her family and friends to be someone who works very hard in her relationships, and doesn’t let go very easily, even in the face of infidelity and terrible mistreatment.

On her Instagram, I’ve seen hundreds of comments of fans pleading with her to ‘smarten up’ and find a partner who will respect and love her as she deserves. In the end, however, Khloe always seems to make the ‘wrong’ choice and end up in these situations over and over again. Why is this?

Khloe is a Cancer, a sign which is characterized as loving, caring, sensitive and co-dependent. Cancers are sweet as sugar, but if you cross them, you will get pinched. Her Sun is conjunct her natal Venus, which means she is a relationship-oriented individual. These types of people love to be in love and feel most complete when they are in a partnership. They are prone to loneliness and need to have a relationship to feel complete.

Her Ascendant is in Aquarius, meaning Leo is on the cusp of her descendant. This means that the Sun is the ruler of her 7th house. The 7th house ruler represents the type of partners we will attract in our lives. This planet, in addition to Venus, can be used to determine patterns in a person’s relationships. Unfortunately, Khloe has some pretty bad aspects to her Sun which explain her relationship past, and will inform her future in love.

Neptune, the planet which represents illusions, delusions, substance abuse, secrets and everything ‘behind the scenes’, opposes her natal Sun. People with this aspect tend to be forgiving to a fault, and tend to only see the best in others. They may attract or be attracted to partners who have mental or substance abuse problems, and feel a strong need to ‘save’ them. It is hard for them to let go, particularly when they feel their partners truly need them. They are vulnerable to manipulation due to their gullibility and inability to see the bad in others.

Looking at their synastry, there are some red flags that point to trouble. The Cancer-Pisces connection between their Suns is fabulous, as they are both very sensitive, emotional human beings. However, Tristan’s Uranus opposes Khloe’s Venus, which means that she will never feel he is truly committed to her. Their relationship will be very unpredictable and erratic, and she will not feel as though she can truly count on him. I saw an episode of the show where she was talking about how they don’t see each other too often & blamed it on his basketball schedule. From what their synastry tells me, Tristan experiences on-off feelings for her which prevents him from truly wanting to commit. If they were to rekindle their relationship, this will continue. Setting into a stable, predictable relationship will be very, very difficult with these two.

As if that was not bad enough, his Neptune also opposes her Venus. This is a classic indicator of deception and lies. This indicates that when caught, he may ‘play the victim’ to receive forgiveness from Khloe. It is very hard for her to see his negative qualities, and even if she does, she tends to ignore them. Tristan himself has a Venus-Neptune square in his natal chart, which means he is a very romantic, sensitive person, but has difficulty with honesty in his relationships. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been in a relationship where he was lied/decieved/cheated on himself.

Khloe is not ‘stupid’ as most people believe, but she is delusional when it comes to her relationships. Unfortunately, this is not a quality she can just turn off, as it is in her natal chart. Given this, Khloe is doomed in her love life unless she makes some changes. She will continue to attract and enter relationships with deceptive individuals until she learns to LEAVE the men who exhibit deceptive, dishonest qualities. Given that she is forgiving (and quite honestly, very gullible), she needs to stop seeing her partners through rose-colored glasses. If she does not do this, she will continue to attract partners who cheat, lie and/or steal from her. She will continue to be with men who are deeply troubled or who she sees as ‘victim’ or ‘lost souls’ she needs to save.

I hope Khloe will soon find someone who truly loves her and exhibits the positive qualities of Neptune, such as compassion, sensitivity, and spiritual enlightenment. Her chart tells me she is an intensely spiritual individual, so she should focus on finding partners who share this quality with her. Good luck Khloe!


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Khloe and Tristan’s Synastry Chart

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Khloe and Tristan’s Composite Chart

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The Astrology of Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It really is. Poll a group of people of what they think of a certain celebrity and you will get different results.

In this article, I am going to talk about traditional aspects which are said to point to beauty. This is not to say that everyone with these aspects will be drop-dead gorgeous, as the entire chart must be considered.

Venus-Ascendant aspects 

This one is obvious. Venus is the sign of beauty, and the Ascendant & first house represent our physical appearance. Many people with this aspect are considered universally beautiful.

Think of Angelina Jolie (Venus conjunct Ascendant), Elizabeth Taylor (Venus trine Ascendant), Kim Kardashian (Venue square Ascendant), and Beyonce (Venus conjunct Ascendant).

Even if these people are not traditionally beautiful, there is a charm or air about them which is pleasing to others. They take care of themselves and care about the way they look. They are usually pleasant in nature, which makes them attractive to others.

Venus in the 1st house 

This works very similarly the Venus-Ascendant aspects I mentioned above. With Venus in the house of appearance, beauty is usually indicated.

People with Venus in the 1st house were born to be beautiful! This aspect also indicates someone with a beautiful, proportionate body. Women with this aspect are usually quite curvy and sexy!

Celebrities with Venus in the 1st house are Kourtney Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn, George Clooney, Zayn Malik, and Blake Lively.

Image by Racool_studio on Freepik
Venus in aspect to the ruler of the 1st house

To determine the ruler of your first house, first determine which sign is on the cusp of that house (or your ‘rising sign’).

For example, Scarlett Johansson’s rising sign is Sagittarius, and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Scarlett’s Jupiter is conjunct her Venus in her 2nd house. Kim Kardashian’s ascendant is also in Sagittarius, and her Jupiter makes a wide conjunction to her natal Venus.

Venus in aspect to the ruler of the 1st house works very similarly to aspects to the ascendant. When this occurs, it endows the person with beauty, charm and grace.

Neptune in the 1st house

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, so it makes sense that it would indicate beauty.

I find that Neptune is a different type of beauty, though – Neptunian women and men are glamorous, other-wordly. They stand out and look different and can captivate others very easily.

So many beautiful women have this aspect, including Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Ariana Grande, as well as handsome men such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Cruise.

This aspect can also point to those who are very fond of plastic surgery, make up, and photoshop (Kylie Jenner has this aspect, and I mentioned Kim Kardashian above). Thus is because Neptune blurs the line between fantasy and reality. This can lead these folks to present an altered view of themselves to the world.

By the way, this also works if Neptune is in aspect to the Ascendant or is in aspect to the 1st house ruler. I have found that Pisces rising individuals have similar characteristics.

Venus-Neptune aspects

Over and over again, I keep seeing this aspect in the charts of supermodels and other ‘beautiful people’.

This aspects give the native an ethereal type of beauty that gets noticed. They are dreamy-looking and usually have beautiful eyes. I personally love their sense of style.

Sun conjunct Ascendant or Leo Ascendant

While this is not a traditional beauty indicator, I’ve noticed that people with predominant Sun energy tend to be very attractive.

Leos are known for being ‘attention-getters’. Given that the Sun is the ruler of Leo, individuals with their Sun on their Ascendant often share similar qualities to Leo Ascendant individuals. I’ve noticed with my Leo Ascendant friends that they tend to always get tons of attention.

I went to Las Vegas a few years ago with a group of friends, and one of them had a Leo Ascendant (and Leo Sun). She is very pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I was amazed at the amount of men chasing after her. She didn’t even have to do much – men would just flock to her like bees on honey.

Leos just have that certain ‘something something’ that attract others to them. Leo represents confidence & sass, and they exude these qualities to the rest of the world.

How you perceive yourself informs how others perceive you, so it’s easy to understand why Leos are so irresistible!

Famous Leo Ascendant individuals include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Heidi Klum. Some celebs with Sun conjunct their Ascendant are Kourtney Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson.


ANYWAY, this is not an exhaustive list. I will continue to add to it as I observe more.

There are tons of women and men out there who do not have any of these aspects, but are beautiful! So, please don’t take this list as the be-all end-all for beauty 🙂

If you are interested in attracting a certain someone, it is way more important to look at how their planets aspect your planets. This will tell you if they are attracted to you!

For example, my Venus is in Capricorn, so I find people with their Ascendant in Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus absolutely stunning, even more so than other Ascendant signs.

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The Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019

It’s that time of year again! We have a Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on July 2nd, 2019.

As a rule of thumb, solar eclipses represent new beginnings. They generally mark the beginning of a new cycle and the ending of an old one. As an astrologer, I find that the effects of the solar eclipse can be felt a month before or after an eclipse, so keep that in mind!

Since this eclipse is in Cancer, it will affect those who have planets between 5-15 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra). Being in Cancer, the eclipse has the potential to bring family issues to the forefront, but in a positive way. This is a great time for family get-togethers, hosting events in your home, interior decorating, taking up a cooking class, or connecting with family members you may have lost touch with.

This Solar Eclipse does not make many close aspects to other transiting planets. It is in a loose sextile to Uranus, which can bring positive changes and surprises to one’s home life, or to the house in which the Solar Eclipse is found. It is in a large trine to Neptune, which brings an air of compassion and sensitivity to our environment.

Of course, the most important part of a Solar Eclipse is how it affects your own chart. To determine this, we must look at the house the Eclipse falls in, as well as the aspects it makes to your natal chart.

Solar Eclipse in the 1st house/Cancer Ascendant

In the 1st house, the Solar Eclipse brings new beginnings to areas surrounding self-worth, confidence, and physical appearance. This is the time for a brand new YOU. During this time, you may decide to get a more daring haircut, or experiment with different fashion trends, thanks to the sextile from exciting Uranus. Take this opportunity to meet new people and make connections.

Solar Eclipse in the 2nd house/Gemini Ascendant

The Second house represents financial matters. With this eclipse, you may find new ways of increasing your income via a new business opportunity. This is a fantastic time to budget, meet with your accountant, and pay off debts. This eclipse can also signal a change in job which provides you a higher salary. This transit can also increase ones desire for materials objects, and many of you may decide to make a large purchase at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 3rd house/Taurus Ascendant

This Eclipse brings your relationship with your siblings, relatives and transportation into the spotlight. The 3rd house also represents communication and short-term travel, so perhaps something regarding a writing project or a trip will come to fruition. You may receive a surprising phone call or letter at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 4th house/Aries Ascendant 

This is a powerful eclipse for you! Having a Solar Eclipse in Cancer in the 4th house  will put your focus on your home and family life. Many of you will move at this time. A major home renovation may occur, or surprises involving family members may surface. This is a great time for family get-togethers and connecting with relatives you have not seen in a long time.

Solar Eclipse in the 5th house/Pisces Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on fun, romance, children, creativity, and risk-taking. This Eclipse could involve surprises involving your romantic partners, or your children. You may solidify a relationship that has been on shaky ground, or a new relationship may enter your life. Couples may be blessed with news of a baby at this time. If single, this is a great time to go out and meet new people. Overall, this is a time of fun and joy for those who are lucky enough to experience this eclipse!

Solar Eclipse in the 6th house/Aquarius Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on your health, workplace, routines, and pets. Surprising announcements regarding your job may occur at this time, and health issues may pop up. You may decide to begin a new exercise regimen or diet at this time, or you may decide to adopt a new pet.

Solar Eclipse in the 7th house/Capricorn Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on your one-on-one relationships.  The Lunar Eclipse may indicate that you will solidity your commitment to someone special. Relationships are likely to go to the next level during this Eclipse. This period can also indicate you beginning a new business partnership. You will make new connections with others and you will not want to be alone at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 8th house/Sagittarius Ascendant 

The focus of this Eclipse will be on sex, intimacy, shared resources, death, and re-birth. New sexual opportunities may pop up during this lunar Eclipse, which is great news for all! You may experienced increased intimacy with your partner. This is likely to be a highly emotional time for you, but it presents a great opportunity to get close to someone special. In Cancer, your need to emotionally bond with your partner is increased – superficial interactions just won’t cut it at this time!

Solar Eclipse in the 9th house/Scorpio Ascendant 

The focus of this eclipse will be on travel, higher education, and/or religion. This eclipse may bring you to foreign lands. A new opportunity to study, or the completion of a project may occur at this time. You may experience a desire to study philosophy or religion during this period.

Solar Eclipse in the 10th house/Libra Ascendant 

The focus of the Eclipse will be on your career, social status, and reputation. During this time, a promotion, career change, or public recognition for your efforts may occur.

Solar Eclipse in the 11th house/Virgo Ascendant 

The focus on this Eclipse will be on friendships, clubs or associations you belong to, or past lovers. You feel more social at this time and will want to spend more time with your good friends. New friends could come into your life at this time, or an ex-lover could come knocking on your door.

Solar Eclipse in the 12th house/Leo Ascendant 

The focus of the Eclipse will be on 12th house matters, which include secrets, addictions, spirituality, dreams, and self-undoing. A well-kept secret may burst forth during this eclipse (especially as they relate to relationships), so watch out! You may experience a greater-than-average need for peace, quiet, and solitude in order to get away from it all. Meditation and spiritual retreats are favored.



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Neptune square Sun transit

I just finished up my Neptune square Sun transit (my Sun is at 11 degrees Sagittarius). This transit was very impactful and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

For reference, my Sun is located in my 12th house in Sagittarius.

Here are a few key things that happened during my transit:

Problems with men in my life

  • The Sun is a masculine project and often represents the men in one’s life. As such, I wasn’t surprised that some very close men in my life disappointed me during this transit.
  • For the majority of this transit, I’d had a very positive relationship with all of these men (at least, in my mind). What I didn’t realize was that I was focussing mostly on their positive qualities while ignoring their negative qualities.
  • It wasn’t until the last pass of Neptune squaring my Sun that everything came crashing down. Incidentally, most of the issues came to surface when the planet Saturn transited over my natal Neptune, which is the astrological equivalent of a wake-up call. Basically, I found out that these men were not who I thought they were. To be quite honest, I blame myself for not seeing these men clearly, for who they truly were. Hindsight is 20/20, and I kick myself for not recognizing the problems sooner. That’s the thing with Neptune – you have rose-colored glasses on the entire transit, so the crash is very painful
  • My advice: if you are in a Neptune transit and some people or relationships seem ‘too good to be true’, they ARE. It is imperative to stay as realistic as possible during this time and acknowledge the other person’s shortcomings. No one is perfect, and the more you remember that, the easier it will be later on. This goes for all hard Neptune transits.

Health issues

  • Health problems are common during Neptune transits. Neptune “illnesses” are generally hard to pinpoint or diagnose, and are often psychosomatic.
  • Up until my Neptune transit, I was an avid gym-goer. When the Neptune square hit my Sun, my fatigue increased more and more to the point that I was unable to work out, or do much rather than the bare minimum
  • Neptune is currently square my Ascendant, and the fatigue has persisted. Hopefully this will end once this transit is over

Increased sensitivity

  • This transit was active at the same time as my Pluto square Moon transit, which led to some pretty explosive results.
  • Neptune tends to ‘sensitize’ anything it touches, so the direct contact to my moon meant I was more sensitive to the feelings and actions of others. Negative, high-strung people drained me, and I was easily hurt. Things tended to ‘get’ to me more during this transit, leading to a lot of tears and hurt feelings.

Overall, this was not a positive transit, and I’m very glad it’s over.

As usual, I’m glad it happened because it has taught me so many lessons, namely to keep my guard up and not be so trusting of others. It also forced me to slow down and be easier on my body.

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How to know if they are “the One”

Out of all the questions I get from my clients, the most popular is “Is my partner or crush The One?”

There are so many factors that go into whether your partner is your soulmate. I will outline a few below:

Good composite is more important than good synastry

This may not be a popular opinion, but throughout my consultations with clients, I notice over and over that good synastry cannot outweigh a ‘bad’ composite chart. Why is this?

A good synastry chart shows the chemistry between two people. It shows if they are attracted to one another and why. It shows basic compatibility between a couple. This is very important when first bringing two people together.

The composite chart, on the other hand, relates to the destiny of the couple. It shows what the two of you create when you come together.

You could have the most incompatible synastry connection with someone, but if you have a great composite chart, somehow things seem to keep you together.

From my personal experience, I’ve had some pretty significant synastric connections with my previous exes.

For example, with one man I had Moon conjunct Venus, Mars conjunct Mars, Venus conjunct Ascendant, Venus conjunct Pluto, and a Sun conjunct Saturn double whammy! We were immediately attracted to one another and I was definitely thinking long-term with him.

We went on a few dates and things were going well. Then, as things started to progress and things started getting serious, he started to pull away. This confused me – we felt so good in each other’s presence so why the sudden lack of interest?

couple standing on mountain above clouds

I looked at our Composite chart and found the answer: we had a tight Sun conjunct Saturn AND Moon square Saturn connection.

While he felt very responsible and committed towards me, the relationship, for whatever reason, made both of us feel very insecure. First of all, work always got in the way of our relationship. He was a very busy doctor who worked in another city, which made things difficult to begin with.

On the other hand, the Moon in square aspect to the Composite Saturn, which I felt very strongly. I felt ignored, neglected, and cold in this relationship because he always seemed to put work ahead of me. To top things off, I didn’t feel I could express my ‘inner child’ around him; I felt I always needed to be a ‘grown-up’ around him, even though he was 3 years younger than me.

In the end, him and I didn’t work out. Regardless of what happened, I always felt happy around him when we were together (I credit this to Moon conjunct Venus – it’s really one of the best aspects in synastry you could hope for). However, we could not seem to ever get past the Saturn blockages we faced.

What is a “bad” composite chart, though?

When analyzing a Composite Chart, there are a few key things you should look for, which I detail in Marriage Indicators in the Composite Chart article. 

I have seen Composite charts full of squares and oppositions, but have key aspects that pull the couple through every obstacle they face. Also, remember that an aspect that would be ‘bad’ for you, might not be ‘bad’ for someone else. For example, I love strong Uranus in my Composite chart because I am heavily Uranian.


Timing is KEY

Through Astrology, I have learned that all things come in good time! You could meet someone amazing and feel that you are completely in love, but I find that the timing of your meeting is very helpful in telling whether this relationship will end up as a marriage. Three things to check:

Transits through the 7th house: major planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) can signal a major relationship change.

Obviously, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, can bring someone into your life. This will likely be a joyful and expansive relationship for you.

Saturn entering the 7th can either end a current relationship or bring a new relationship into your life. Saturn can mean an older person or a relationship that will come with its obstacles/burdens along the way. My best friend got married to a man 20 years older than her when Saturn entered her 7th house, but it ended quite suddenly (she is a very Uranian person so Saturn didn’t suit her)

Uranus is the planet of freedom and originality. When this planet is in your 7th house, it can bring a new, exciting relationship that fizzles out just as quickly as it started. I do personally know some marriages that began when Uranus was in the 7th house of at least of the partners, but the two people were very different professionally, culturally, and ethnically.

Neptune can bring a dreamy love and a true feeling of finding one’s soulmate, while Pluto can bring a complete overhaul in the love department. You could attract a very intense and transformative love relationship at this time.

Transits to Venus and the ruler of your 7th house

Venus is the planet of love and affection, and has a direct link to relationships and especially soulmates! Because of this, transits to Venus are some of the best indicators of finding the “one”.

You definitely want to look out for harmonious aspects to Venus from the outer planets, such as trines and sextiles, and sometimes even conjunctions.

The ruler of the 7th house represents the type of partner you will end up with. This is very similar to Venus, as it relates to one-on-one partnerships and relationships

The BEST love transits are:

romantic couple embrace in front of jungle waterfall


  • Jupiter conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
  • Saturn conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
  • Uranus conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
  • Neptune conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
  • Pluto conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house

I find that a lot of people fall in love during a strong Neptune transit to natal Venus, but these relationships often do not work out. This is because Neptune is the planet of illusion, and by the end of the transit, you may find that the person you fell in love with isn’t the person you thought they were.

During a harmonious Neptune-Venus transit, you can easily fall in love and the effects of Neptune will be much less taxing

Solar Returns

What does your Solar Return chart look like this year? The Solar return shows potentials for the year, including for marriage

  • Each and every Solar Return chart for the years I entered relationships were very heavy in the 5th and 7th houses
  • Look for a well-placed Venus and ruler of the 7th house for more details and clues
  • Pluto in the Solar Return 7th house shows a major transformation in the relationship sector – if you are single, this placement can mean a marriage year for you.

Progressions/Solar Arc

I don’t think it’s possible to NOT have a special progression or solar arc aspect when meeting the “one”.

Progressions show major trends in our lives, so there needs to be some sort of progression involving the 7th house, Venus, or the ruler of the 7th house when the “one” enters your life.

Some examples of progression or solar arc aspects indicating love:

beautiful wedding couple walking in forest and mountain
  • Progressed Sun-Venus aspects or Venus-Sun aspects – sextile, trine, conjunction
  • Progressed Ascendant-Venus aspects or Progressed Venus-Ascendant aspects – this one is the best indication for finding love
  • Progressed Venus-ruler of the 7th house or ruler of the 7th house to Venus aspects – indicates love and union
  • Progressed planets in the 7th house
  • Progressed planets making a harmonious aspect to the 7th house or 7th house ruler

I truly believe that true love comes down to compatibility, which is reflected through the synastry and composite charts, but it really comes down to the timing.




Rely heavily on progressions to see when that may be.

For those of you worried about your romantic future, fear not! You will find the ‘one’ in good time.

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