I am an experienced Astrologer who has conducted hundreds of readings for my clients in the past several years.

My specialty lies in natal chart readings, synastry readings, and transit readings.

Unlike other astrology consultation services (which use computer-generated reports), my readings are 100% personalized and very accurate. I pay special attention to each and every aspect of your chart. There are not many astrologers out there who are willing to put personal time and effort into their clients’ readings, unless you pay them extremely large sums of money. This is why my customers continue to request my services. Other astrology consultation services use computerized reports which are often very inaccurate. Each chart is unique, and requires special attention and care.

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Most Requested Readings

Natal Chart Reading: $140 This Reading provides a comprehensive, detailed description of your natal chart, taking into account your planets, their signs, house placements, house rulerships (which computerized readings do not provide), and aspects. It is customized just for you, and 100% personalized.

Synastry Reading: $160 Synastry Readings will help you understand the dynamics between you and your mate. I consider planetary aspects, aspects to important points (angles, Nodes, Vertex), and house overlays.

Composite Chart Reading: $160 The composite chart indicates the overall direction of your relationship. It provides clues as to where the relationship is going. This is a perfect supplement to the synastry reading.

Combined Synastry/Composite Chart Reading: $200 In this reading, I focus on the important synastry and Composite Aspects you have with your partner to determine chemistry, attraction, and relationship potential.

Transit Reading: 1 month- $20, 6 months- $75, 12 months $150 Want to take a look into your future? Let me tell you what the months or years have in store for you with my transit readings.

Solar Return Reading: What does this year have in store for you? $140

When You Will Find Love: $140- Very accurate! By observing your transits, progressions, and solar arcs, I will be able to tell you when love will enter into your life. I have successfully predicted love for dozens of clients.


Natal Chart/Transit Reading Package: Natal Chart Reading and Transit Reading for one year $200

Love Readings: Natal Chart Reading, describing your love nature; Transit Reading for one year; Love Prediction (using predictive techniques, such as progressions and transits, I will predict when love will enter your life) $300

Relationship Package: Natal Chart Readings for you and your mate related to your love natures; Synastry Reading (which describes how you feel about one another); Composite Reading (where the relationship is “going”); ‘When will I find love’ reading for you. $600

Other Popular Readings:

Will I have Children? $75

Tell me about my boyfriend/husband/crush $75

What is my Ideal Career? $75

When Will I Find a Job? $75

Does My Crush/Boyfriend feel the same way about me? $75

Why Did my Ex and I Break Up? $75

Will me and my Boyfriend Break Up? $75

Do you see divorce in my Chart? $75

When Will I Lose Weight? $75

When Will my Money Situation Improve? $75

Will he/she Cheat? $75

If you would like a specific reading for something that is not listed above, e-mail me and we’ll work the price out.

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