What are Astrological Transits?

A transit describes when a planet, it its current position, makes an aspect to one of our natal planets. When this happens, it brings an energy to the area which is ruled by your natal planet.

To properly assess a transit, we must consider the transiting planet, the natal house it is transiting, and the aspect and planet it is aspecting. Below, you will find articles on how to interpret transiting outer planets in aspect to your natal planets and houses.

Jupiter Transits

Jupiter transits the Houses

Jupiter transits your Natal Mars

Jupiter transits natal Mercury

Jupiter transits your Natal Moon

Jupiter Transits your Natal Sun

Jupiter Transits your Natal Venus

Jupiter Transits the 6th House


Saturn Transits

Saturn transits the Houses

Saturn transits your Natal Pluto

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Uranus Transits

Uranus transits your Natal Venus

Uranus transits the Houses

Uranus Transits your Sun

Uranus transits the Moon


Neptune Transits

Neptune square Sun transit

Neptune transits Natal Moon

Neptune transits your Natal Venus

Neptune transits your Natal Mars

Neptune Transits the Houses

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Pluto Transits

Powerful Pluto transits the Houses

Pluto transits your Natal Sun

Pluto Transits your Natal Moon

Pluto transits your Natal Venus

Pluto Transits your Natal Mars


Transit Themes

“Best Sex of your Life” Transits

Weight Loss Transits

Weight Gain Transits

Best Sex of your Life Transits

“Guy Magnet” Transits

Fertility Transits