The South Node in Synastry

When someone’s planet or point conjuncts your natal South Node, a past life connection is indicated. This person may be the “great love of your life.” Their memory is likely to stick with you forever, as your relationship has spanned many lifetimes.

The South Node person is likely to feel that the planet person understand them better than anyone who has ever understood them. All South Node connections bring with them a sense of familiarity and comfort. You “know” the person from the moment you see them, and the chemistry is haunting.

This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on how their past life relationship was. If it was a bad relationship, discomfort and fear are likely to surface on the part of at least one of the individuals. If the relationship was good, the relationship will be generally positive.

This is especially true if the Node person is “South Node-oriented,” i.e. if the South Node person has conjunctions to their own South Node. In this case, they feel even more comfortable with the planet person and feels the planet person gives them the understanding and support they need.

On the downside, these kinds of relationships can make at least of the individuals feel “held back” by the relationship. They may feel that the relationship has no potential for growth, and decide to break off the union. Many astrology articles and books out there say it is the Node person who feels the relationship holds them back because the planet person “keeps” the Node person in the past.

However, in my personal experience, I’ve also seen the opposite: that the planet person feels held back. This is because the Node person often “drains” the planet person of the energy the planet represents. You see, Nodal connections in relationships indicate there is an imbalance that exists between the two people.

The South Node person most likely did something nice for the planet person in the past, and they are now back in the planet person’s life, looking for payback. This, in turn, can be very draining for the planet person, as they feel they are always giving.

Sun-South Node:

This connection indicates a past life connection in which an imbalance related to authority issues between the two people. In a previous lifetime, perhaps it was a father-child relationship. At any rate, the South Node person did a lot to help the Sun person in a past life, and has now returned for “repayment.”

The Sun person feels obligated to pay the South Node person back due to the instant familiarity and comfort. The Sun person gives the South Node person support and help. The South Node person may (inadvertently) drain the vitality of the Sun person, and may, in some way, prevent the Sun person from realizing their full potential.

My first boyfriend’s Sun was conjunct my South Node in Scorpio. We met in the most random, bizarre way, but the chemistry and familiarity was instant. I certainly felt “held back” by the relationship over time; with my North Node in Taurus, my life’s path involves, among many things, working towards valuing myself and fostering my sense of self-respect.

With him, I was stuck in a “rut” of sexual exploitation, obsession, and jealousy. After 2 years, I was exhausted, and had no choice but to separate myself from him. True to Scorpionic fashion, we took a long time to fully break up, but I certainly felt a weight had lifted once it was over.

Moon-South Node:

This connection represents a past life connection, which may have been a Parent-Child relationship. When the two individuals meet, a sense of familiarity, security, comfort, and safety is indicated. You share a need for emotional security, and are similar in your emotional reactions.

The South Node person feels inherently understood by the Moon person. Being together feels like ‘home’ for both partners.

This indicates a significant emotional bond, and the two of them may settle into repetitive patterns when it comes to dealing with feelings. The Moon person may feel “emotionally indebted” to the Node person, and may constantly “feed” the Node person’s emotional needs, leaving them feeling drained.

The Node person may feel “held back” by the relationship due to the lack of emotional growth the relationship offers. Regardless, the pull can be hard to resist!

Mercury-South Node:

This karmic connection indicates that you may have been siblings or neighbors in a previous life. The intellectual link is comfortable and familiar, and the two of you feel incredibly happy talking to one another. This is an indication of a strong intellectual rapport. The South Node person feels that Mercury understands his thoughts; there is almost a “psychic” communication between the two of them.

In the past, the Node person may have furthered the intellectual interests of the Mercury person, and has now re-entered the Mercury person’s life looking for payback. Mercury offers information and ideas to the South Node person, but may eventually become intellectually drained. Mercury may feel the South Node person is condescending and unreceptive of their ideas. There is potential for miscommunication and picking up each other’s “signals” at times.

Venus conjunct the South Node:

This aspect denotes a “past-life” connection between the two individuals. In the past life, the two were most likely lovers/partners. External forces or circumstances beyond the individuals’ control led to a separation, which transformed into a sense of longing and yearning for one another, which has continued into this lifetime.

Now, the individuals have been reunited in this lifetime to “close the books” on their relationship in order to move forward and learn to love independently from one another.

In nodal synastry, it is generally the node person who feels the connection more deeply, or at least, is more aware of the connection. In all nodal connections, there is a sense of fear or discomfort, especially on the part of the nodal person. Being with the planet person reminds them of their past life, which may have been traumatic or unpleasant for the nodal person for whatever reason.

Many synastry articles regarding South Node connections imply that the South Node person may eventually feel held back or drained by the planet person, but I’ve found this to be true for the opposite case; that the planet person feels held back by the nodal person.

Other articles infer that the South Node was very kind to the planet person in a past life, and now, the planet person feels the need to pay the South Node person back in form of compliments, gifts, or activities related to the house in which the conjunction resides. This can be draining for the Venus person, who may feel “held back” by the relationship and feel the need to move on. I’ve also found that Venus’ sense of self-worth is often compromised by the union due to the desire to “please” the South Node person in any way they can.

Either way, the connection is very strong with this aspect. There is a sense of familiarity and comfort with this aspect; both have known each other from a past life, so love “comes easy” with this placement. The South Node person feels the Venus person understands them better than anyone, and the Venus person feels a sense of ease and comfort around the South Node person.

The attraction is through the roof with this placement. You “recognize” each other. Since the South Node represents the area we have mastered in a past life, the planet person can learn a lot from the South Node about their habits related to their own Venus.

I have heard countless stories of couples with this aspect in synastry, and one common element I’ve found with this aspect is that at least one of the individuals was “not supposed to be” at the location of their meeting on the day they met, and that they spotted each other early on and watched each other for a while before they spoke to each other.

South Node connections are often regarded as “negative”, in that they often indicate an ending of some sort. I believe South Node connections can indeed last a lifetime, depending on each person’s relationship with their own South Node in the natal chart.

Another indication of a lasting South Node relationship is if the couple also has North Node connections, which “balances” the synastry, so that both individuals feel both comfortable and feel that they are developing themselves through the union.

For example, Victoria Beckham’s Venus is conjunct David Beckham’s South node. David Beckham’s own South Node is conjunct his Mars, so we can infer that David is “South Node-oriented”; he tends to “fall back” on his South Node habitually. There is a sense of familiarity and comfort between David and Victoria. In fact, David first fell for Victoria after seeing her on the television, and Victoria fell in love with David after seeing him in a sports magazine; there was an instant “recognition” of each other.

My ex boyfriend and I had a very tight Venus-South Node connection. His own Venus conjuncted his South node in his natal chart, so, like David Beckham, he tends to “fall back” on his South Node. He was an incredibly good-looking, charming man (since his Venus conjuncts his South Node, his Venus is very well-developed), and I fell for him instantly.

I was the only person he ever felt understood him, and he’d often describe me as his ideal mate. I was similarly enthralled by him, and I did anything and everything to please him. I’m not the type to give away compliments easily (my Venus is in Capricorn), but I would compliment him regularly.

Mars-South Node:

This karmic link indicates the two of you may been sexual partners in a past life. Alternatively, you may have been competitors or partners in battle. The South Node person likely expended a lot of energy to further the goals of the Mars person. The Mars person may have been violent with, or at least, mistreated the South Node person, so residual anger may exist between the two. Now, the South Node person has returned for “payback.”

The Node person may drain the energy of, and act as a restrictive influence on the Mars person. The Mars person may feel the Node person impedes upon the Mars person’s actions. Nevertheless, the South Node person is irresistibly attracted to the Mars person, and the Mars person readily gives the South Node personal sexual pleasure. Mars also supports the Node person’s actions and strives to further their goals.

My Mars in Aquarius is conjunct my ex-boyfriend’s South Node. The sexual pull was practically irresistible, and he is still (after 10 years) one of the best lovers I’ve ever had. We were practically addicted to having sex with each other, but boy, was it draining! Sexually, I felt that I was always “giving,” while he was always “receiving.” Our fights were catastrophic; he brought out anger in me that I never knew I had.

The constant fighting was one of the reasons I decided to end things. We continued seeing each other for sexual purposes for about a year after we broke up because it was just too irresistible.

Jupiter-South Node:

This karmic link indicates the two of you may have had a teacher-student, guru-disciple relationship in a past life. The South Node person may have withstood immoral behavior from the Jupiter person, and is now looking for atonement. On the other hand, perhaps the South Node provided the Jupiter person with a great amount of good luck and fortune in a past life, and is now seeking repayment.

As such, the South Node person may drain the Jupiter person of support, leaving them drained. The Jupiter provides fortune and luck to the South Node person; the South Node person is likely to see Jupiter as their “good luck charm.” The couple can help develop each other spiritually, which can be very positive. However, the South Node person may be overbearing over the Jupiter person, or vice-versa, thinking that they “know best.”

My Jupiter is conjunct my ex’s South Node. I was definitely very generous with him, and supportive of him, and I certainly felt drained! We had a strong spiritual and philosophical link. He is very religious, and I’m not, so we often “butted heads” over religious views. I was perhaps overbearing and dictatorial over him, and I definitely felt that I “knew best,” at least when it came to philosophy and religion.

On the other hand, he loved that I was so optimistic, and called me his “good luck charm” frequently throughout our relationship. We had a painful break-up (which was due to religious differences), but he always told me he felt that he’d be financially successful if we got married.

Saturn-South Node:

This connection indicates the South Node person may have been a restrictive or disciplinary force on the Saturn person in past life. South Node energies are very similar to Saturn energies, so this relationship is likely to be very “heavy” and serious. At the same time, this bond is said to be “unbreakable”! The feeling of commitment to each other is strong, and it can be difficult to separate from one another.

On the other hand, this aspect is also regarded as a “separative aspect,” as in, the relationship between the two may never fully get off the ground. Saturn represents restriction, so this aspect indicates there may be significant barriers between the two of you, which impedes on your ability to form a real relationship.

At any rate, the two of you tend to reinforce each other’s pessimism, seriousness, cautiousness. You discourage each other from taking risks. The Saturn person may eventually feel “drained” by the South Node person’s disciplinary and repressive nature. If you do enter a relationship, and there are supportive aspects, the feelings of commitment and responsibility to one another can bind you together for a long time.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had this aspect in Synastry. They divorced and re-married twice! Taylor had strong Uranus aspects in her chart, but she kept going back to Burton.

Uranus conjunct South Node:

This aspect indicates a past life connection that was rather unstable or unpredictable. The South Node person shares this aspect with most people around the Node person’s age, but it does not mean the aspect is insignificant.

Uranus on another person’s South Node indicates the couple feel very familiar with each other, as they have met in a past life. The Uranus person probably entered the South Node person’s life suddenly and unexpectedly. The South Node person may feel a sense of liberation or freedom in the relationship with the Uranus person, as the Uranus person encourages the South Node person to look at themselves (and the themes of the House the South Node resides) in a new way.

At the same time, this relationship may feel very unstable and ungrounded, given Uranus’ unpredictable energy. Though this relationship may start and end very abruptly, the lessons they learn from each other last a lifetime. As with all South Node connections, this relationship may begin to feel draining for both partners. The South Node tends to ‘feed’ on any planet that touches it, so the Uranus person may eventually become drained, while the Node person may feel held back.

For example, if your South Node is in your 7th house, it means you concentrated a lot on the needs of others in the past, and in this life, you are called on to embrace independence and individuality. Someone’s Uranus on your 7th house South Node brings a familiar energy to you; you are used to putting energy into your relationships and considering other people’s needs.

Your Uranus person brings an exciting energy to your relationship sector, and may even help you learn new and innovative ways of having a relationship. However, the relationship might be quite erratic and unpredictable over time, which might be quite draining for the 7th house person, as they do not feel they can rely on the Uranus person. The Uranus person may feel a ‘pull’ towards the South Node person, but may also eventually feel drained, leading to a rebellion and subsequent break up.

Neptune conjunct South Node:

This aspect indicates a spiritual and mysterious relationship rooted in past lives. Neptune moves rather slowly, so the South Node person would share this aspect with everyone around the Neptune person’s age. Regardless, this is still a powerful aspect to share with someone.

This couple feels very comfortable with each other, and may have bonded over spiritual matters in a past life. In fact, the Neptune person may have been a sort of guru to the Node person, or vice versa.  It is a very sweet and compassionate relationship, and the two partners feel they know each other on a spiritual and intuitive level.

At the same time, the Node person may feel held back by the relationship in some way. The South Node represents qualities we have already mastered in previous lives, while the North Node represents the qualities we are supposed to develop in this life. The Neptune person might romanticize or idealize the Node person’s South Node qualities, and the Node person may feel the relationship they share is ideal. Both partners may be seeing the relationship through rose-colored glasses, for the two of them share such a sweet and compassionate bond.

Over time, however, deception or dishonesty may cause a rift between the couple. Or, one or both partners end up feeling drained by the relationship in some way. Check the rest of the synastry to figure out your long-term potential.

Be sure to check the house this conjunction resides in each chart. Also check what house Neptune rules in the Neptune person’s chart. For example, if the Neptune person’s 7th house is ruled by Neptune, and is conjunct another person’s South Node, these two were likely married in the past, and might rekindle their relationship in this life.

Pluto conjunct South Node in Synastry: 

Given how slowly Pluto moves, the North Node person shares this aspect with everyone born around the Pluto person’s age. However, this aspect can be very significant in synastry.

Pluto represents transformation, depth, intensity, intimacy, and control, while the South Node represents the qualities we have developed over several lifetimes. It shows us the area we feel most comfortable, while the North Node shows us the qualities we need to develop in this life. With Pluto on someone’s South Node, the couple feels very comfortable and familiar to each other. They likely had a very intense relationship in a previous lifetime, and they have come together in this life to sort out unfinished business.

The Pluto person brings an intensity to the Node person’s life, particularly the area of life the South Node represents in their chart. They are very attached to each other, for they both feel a great sense of intrigue and obsession in this relationship.  The Pluto person feels the need to control or change the Node person, particularly in the way they express their South Node qualities.

In fact, the Pluto person may tend to ‘hold back’ the Node person from progressing and reaching their full potential, for Pluto feels they have more control this way. Power struggles and a fear of losing each other may come into play, particularly when the Node person shows signs of progressing away from the Pluto person. Feelings of fear, obsession, and guilt may keep these two together for a long time. At the same time, the Pluto person may also feel somewhat drained by the relationship due to the intense focus and obsession on the Node person, and may feel Node person sucks the energy out of them.

For example, if my South Node is in the first house, I am very ‘me’ focused, so my ‘goal’ in this lifetime is to work on creating harmonious, equal relationships with others. In this lifetime, I need to learn how to compromise, and to stop thinking about myself and my needs first and foremost all of the time. If someone’s Pluto is conjunct my South Node in the 1st house, this person focuses a lot on me.

They take an interest in my physical appearance and body language, and give me tips on how to present myself more powerfully to the world. As a result of my relationship with this person, I likely become more obsessed with my physical appearance and persona, which is not what my North Node wants! Pluto’s obsession with my 1st house qualities may hold me back from developing my 7th house qualities in this sense, as Pluto keeps me focused on the ‘past’ (South Node) instead of my future (North Node). As a result, I may feel held back by the relationship. The Pluto person may also end up feeling quite drained due to all of their focus on me.

South Node conjunct North Node:

The South Node represents “where we’ve been,” while the North Node represents “where we’re going.” This synastry aspect indicates each person has developed the traits and qualities the other needs for their personal growth. As such, this is a very significant synastry connection. The two of you have met before, and will meet again. This bond is considered “unbreakable” to many astrologers.

Personally, I have this aspect with my mother, and she is my soul mate, best friend, and confidant, forever and always.

Ascendant-South Node/Descendant-North Node:

This aspect indicates compatibility, comfort and familiarity. You feel as though you are “meant to be.” Indeed, this is an indication that the two of you are Soul Mates. You feel very attracted and attached to one another, and the physical attraction is off the charts! You immediately feel a sense of recognition when the two of you meet.

The Ascendant person freely gives to the Node person, but the Node person may restrict or limit the Ascendant person in the way they present themselves to the world.

Descendant-South Node/Ascendant-North Node:

This is a very powerful synastry connection, often found in the charts of “soulmates.” This is a very special, karmic bond, which indicates the two of you have formed relationships over several lifetimes. The South Node person helps the Descendant person further their goals and individuality. This is a highly personal bond, which a deep sense of attraction and attachment to one another. The two of you love socializing together, and approach the world in a similar fashion. The Descendant person greatly helps the Node person develop the qualities they need in order to grow.

A good friend of mine and I have this aspect in Synastry. He has been in love with me for a very long time, but I only see him as a friend. I’ve often thought of him as someone who would be the perfect mate for me, as I always feel more confident and self-assured around him. We socialize together regularly. He shows me the utmost respect and cultivates my sense of self-respect.

My North Node is in Taurus, and with his Ascendant conjunct this point, he exemplifies the qualities I need to develop in order to grow as a person. While other men concentrate on my sexuality (South Node in Scorpio), he values me for Me. I have always felt reluctance in forming a relationships with him, perhaps because I do not feel “ready.” Nevertheless, I am so comfortable with him, and we feel at ease in each others’ presence.

Midheaven-South Node/IC-North Node:

This aspect indicates that the South Node person helped develop the professional success of the Midheaven person. Indeed, you were both strongly involved in each other’s public life and career in a past life. The two of you enjoy working together and being in the public sphere with one another. There is a strong pull towards setting up house and starting a family together, but there also may be a sense of discomfort or uneasiness when it comes to these matters.

The two of you may encourage one another towards laziness in regards to professional goals. Also, the two of you may have conflicting needs in regards to home life and career life. Indeed, you may feel more comfortable in your public life together than in your private life together.

South Node-IC/North Node-MC:

This karmic link indicates that the two of you have developed a strong private life together in a past life. Perhaps you were family members, or maybe the two of you were married. Either way, you feel comforted and nurtured by one another. You are happy to stay at home together, for this is “familiar territory” for the both of you. You are strongly empathetic and loving to one another.

On the downside, you may shut yourselves out from the world in order to be alone. Or, there may be conflict when it comes to the conflicting demands of your home life on one hand, and your public/professional life on the other.

South Node conjunct Vertex

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  1. What is one person’s (A) South Node is the other’s (B) North Node, plus the South Node person’s (A) Venus is also the other person’s (B) North Node?

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  4. I loved this article!! I’m into the nodes as life path. But the draining energy does explain the problems I’ve had with others planets co junct my s. Node in scorpio. Yes, the get me dependant on them for support but go away, create trouble for me in some way that I took as betrayals. Then I reject them completely.
    This leaning on them for emotion support happens with moon in scorpio..ive had a lot of moon in Scorpio people in life. I avoid them
    The synastry with the other planets also ring true. Thanks for changing my perspective😙

  5. I have NN Conjunct IC (I’m the IC) with someone and I’m crazy about him (and yes we met at work). We also have some other nice stuff going on (Opp AC’s…my Moon is his AC, my Sun/Asc/Mars is his Sun/Moon MP…his Draconic Sun/Moon MP is on my natal Moon, my Draconic Sun/Moon MP is on his natal Sun). I’m intensely attracted to him (my Pluto is Conjunct his Mars, his Pluto is Sesquadrate my Mars…in addition to my Mars Square his Venus and Saturn, his Mars Trine my Sun/ASC/Mars in Cancer). There is this strange energy between us and to be honest my heart stops when I see him. And his eye contact makes me melt (he actually knows this). He was interested in me and some stuff happened between us. As of now I’m pretty sure he’s over me as his responses don’t seem so over the top anymore (he has a Scorp Mars). He has a Libra Venus…I’m a Water and Earth girl…BUT my chart ruler; the Moon is Trine Venus and in the 7th…and my Juno is in Libra Conjunct his Venus. The funny thing is I don’t scare him with how intense I can be (again I attribute that to the Pluto Mars stuff). I just wonder does he full the pull I do. The power standoff with Pluto sucks…he isn’t willing to show me he cares (or maybe he doesn’t…we do have Moon Conjunct Neptune close), or do anything that takes him out of his comfort level.

  6. Reblogged this on Paradise Kendra: My Writings ☼ and commented:
    When someone’s planet or point conjuncts your natal South Node, a past life connection is indicated. This person may be the “great love of your life.” Their memory is likely to stick with you forever, as your relationship has spanned many lifetimes. The South Node person is likely to feel that the planet person understand them better than anyone who has ever understood them. All South Node connections bring with them a sense of familiarity and comfort. You “know” the person from the moment you see them, and the chemistry is haunting….

  7. I have my ascendent pisces conjunction with my bfs South node my descendent virgo conjucts his North node and Mars and my Mars libra conjuncts his moon and Jupiter capricorn conjucts his jupiter and Saturn Pisces conjuncts his Saturn so is this conjunction good ?

  8. Interesting article. Just recently met someone and each of us have our south node conjunct the other’s ascendant. From the very beginning we both have felt as if our “walls” were nonexistent with each other whereas some people that we’ve known for years have yet to be welcomed that way. It’s difficult not to get too carried away with this relationship

  9. I am having trouble finding Node-Node contacts. I am trying to study a South Node–North Node conjunction. Are there any interpretations/resources I can be pointed to? Thank you. Great article.

  10. My much younger cousin’s south node is conjunct my ascendent. We are both the same gender. When she was born and came home from the hospital I still remember that day like it was yesterday. When I held her for the first time I was overwhelmed by emotion as I immediately received information about her psychically. We both have a very strong psychic link and I knew this just by the sense of touch.

  11. How about SN conjunct Psyche? I cannot find anything, although I have an idea, I would just like some opinions. Thanks.

  12. Wow, very insightful. I’ve just realized I’ve had a Node connection in all my 3 meaningful relationships. The first it was Mercury (me) conjunct NN (partner). The second was South Node (me) conjunct Sun (partner). And now it is Moon (me) conjunct South Node. All that you say in the descriptions is very accurate. Although I hope the Moon conjunct SN relationship can carry on forever. It just feels too good! Lucky for us (I guess) is that we have opposite Ascendants so even though we’re very similar in our reactions and “ways of being” we also have completely opposite approaches to so many things. It does feel like we learn from each other and develop somehow.

  13. what about pluto conjunct south node? my pluto and IC are conjunct anothers south node and AC.

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