The astrology of Erika Jayne

I am a Real Housewives fanatic. I watch all of the franchises religiously, and, like most fans, have strong opinions on some of the cast members. I wanted to focus this article on Erika Girardi, particularly after watching the past season where her and Tom’s alleged criminal activities were brought to light. 

To be clear, this article is in no way implying anything about Erika’s guilt or innocence in the case! It is just a fun look into the major things I noticed about Erika’s chart.


Erika has her Sun in Cancer. This sign is represented by the crab – the tough outer shell represents Cancers’ protectiveness and defensiveness. On the inside, however, Cancers are very sensitive, emotional people who will do anything for the ones they love.  Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents our feelings, childhood, parents and our past. Cancers tend to have very strong ties to their families, particularly maternal figures. Erika was very close with her grandmother; she described her as her ‘best friend’ and seems to genuinely miss her. 

Her Sun is square Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius. This aspect explains Erika’s, uh, ‘eccentricities’ very well.  She has been described as a “character”, and anyone who watched last season could clearly see this. Erika has gone though many sudden and unpredictable changes in her life, which speaks to the strong Uranian energy in her chart. While Erika Jayne is her alter ego, I would not be surprised if she had taken on other ‘roles’ or ‘characters’ on in her life prior to the show. 


Erika’s Moon is in Aquarius, which can be a tough placement for a watery Cancer Sun.  Aquarius is an inherently logical sign, so many people with this aspect find it difficult to open up and be vulnerable with others. People with this Moon placement can come off quite unfeeling and robotic as a result. 

Her Moon is very heavily aspected, first with its conjunction to her natal Mars. Moon with Mars indicates an explosive temper; she is highly sensitive and flies off the handle easily (as we have all seen!). Small things can set her off, so it is easy to understand why everyone seems to tread lightly around her. 

Complicating this further, her Moon/Mars conjunction is in opposition to her Mercury in Leo! Mercury is the sign of communication, and in Leo, it can indicate someone who tends to focus topics of discussion on themselves. Her communication style is aggressive, and she finds it difficult to separate feelings from her intellect. There is a constant back and forth between fiery aggression to complete coldness. 


Erika’s love stars are, as you can imagine, very complex. 

Her Venus is in the sign of Cancer. In love, Cancer Venus tends to be nurturing, ‘motherly’, and loyal. However, her Venus is squared by Uranus, which indicates relationships that are off-beat, unpredictable and non-traditional. Relationships begin and end very quickly. Her age difference with Tom illustrates the Venus-Uranus dynamic perfectly. Uranus can bring in a lot of issues due to its unstable nature, so I was not surprised to learn of infidelity in their relationship. Granted, lots of married people have affairs, but seeing this aspect make me believe her much more. Erika is an extremely secretive person, but I can guarantee she has had a very interesting and complicated love and sex life. 

On an episode of WWHL, one of the guests said they believed there was some sort of abuse in her marriage. After seeing her chart, I cannot deny this possibility due to her Venus-Pluto square. I have this aspect, myself, and it can bring about very complicated, dark and intense relationships full of jealousy, possessiveness and betrayal. Tom always came off as controlling and fatherly towards her, and she didn’t seem ‘herself’ around him. With this aspect, relationships are psychologically and emotionally difficult. There is a strong ‘can’t live with you, can’t live without you’ theme in her love life. 

With Erika’s Ascendant in Cancer, the ruler of her 7th house is ruled by Saturn. Her Saturn is square Neptune and Jupiter, which complicates her relationships further. She must be wary of overlooking red flags, for the risk of deceit and delusion is strong in her chart (again, I am not implying anything about her guilt or innocence, just that she attracts deceitful men. Khloe Kardashian also has Neptune opposite her 7thhouse ruler, so you get the idea). 


Without Erika’s exact time of birth, it is difficult to make accurate predictions. From what I can see, Pluto is transiting her 7th house. The 7th house represents relationships, so the planet of destruction and transformation going through this house makes perfect sense. Her entire partnership sector is under complete renovation right now, and I would not be surprised if she were to find love in the next couple of years when Pluto makes a trine aspect to her natal Pluto.

Saturn is either transiting her 8th house now. The 8th house represents money. Specifically, other people’s money and shared resources. It is only appropriate that Saturn is transiting his house at the moment. This is a tough transit, for secrets come to light. Given this, I feel there will be more to uncover.  This can be a psychologically difficult time, as she will be forced to let go of certain attachments and behaviors that are getting of the way of her growth.  

Uranus is transiting her 11th house, which will shake up her friendship circle. Uranus is unstable and unpredictable, so previously ‘solid’ friendships are put to the test. We saw this last season, and I believe Erika’s mistrust of the women will persist into next season as well. 

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What’s up with Khloe Kardashian?

We all know the Kardashians. They are American royalty in many respects: they get tons of attention in the media, are fashion icons, and people love to hate them. Love them or loathe them, everyone has an opinion on them. On the recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they went over the drama that occurred between the family and Jordyn Woods (Kylie Jenner’s best friend) when Jordyn made out with Khloe’s baby daddy, Tristan.

It was well known to the family for a very long time that Tristan was a two-timing piece of trash. He had previously cheated on Khloe when she was pregnant with their daughter, True. Instead of kicking him to the curb, she took him back, which was a huge shock to everyone.

She had been through rough relationships in the past, as well. She was previously in a relationship with Lamar Odom, but their relationship broke apart after his drug problem and infidelity became too much for their relationship to endure.

Khloe is known by her family and friends to be someone who works very hard in her relationships, and doesn’t let go very easily, even in the face of infidelity and terrible mistreatment.

On her Instagram, I’ve seen hundreds of comments of fans pleading with her to ‘smarten up’ and find a partner who will respect and love her as she deserves. In the end, however, Khloe always seems to make the ‘wrong’ choice and end up in these situations over and over again. Why is this?

Khloe is a Cancer, a sign which is characterized as loving, caring, sensitive and co-dependent. Cancers are sweet as sugar, but if you cross them, you will get pinched. Her Sun is conjunct her natal Venus, which means she is a relationship-oriented individual. These types of people love to be in love and feel most complete when they are in a partnership. They are prone to loneliness and need to have a relationship to feel complete.

Her Ascendant is in Aquarius, meaning Leo is on the cusp of her descendant. This means that the Sun is the ruler of her 7th house. The 7th house ruler represents the type of partners we will attract in our lives. This planet, in addition to Venus, can be used to determine patterns in a person’s relationships. Unfortunately, Khloe has some pretty bad aspects to her Sun which explain her relationship past, and will inform her future in love.

Neptune, the planet which represents illusions, delusions, substance abuse, secrets and everything ‘behind the scenes’, opposes her natal Sun. People with this aspect tend to be forgiving to a fault, and tend to only see the best in others. They may attract or be attracted to partners who have mental or substance abuse problems, and feel a strong need to ‘save’ them. It is hard for them to let go, particularly when they feel their partners truly need them. They are vulnerable to manipulation due to their gullibility and inability to see the bad in others.

Looking at their synastry, there are some red flags that point to trouble. The Cancer-Pisces connection between their Suns is fabulous, as they are both very sensitive, emotional human beings. However, Tristan’s Uranus opposes Khloe’s Venus, which means that she will never feel he is truly committed to her. Their relationship will be very unpredictable and erratic, and she will not feel as though she can truly count on him. I saw an episode of the show where she was talking about how they don’t see each other too often & blamed it on his basketball schedule. From what their synastry tells me, Tristan experiences on-off feelings for her which prevents him from truly wanting to commit. If they were to rekindle their relationship, this will continue. Setting into a stable, predictable relationship will be very, very difficult with these two.

As if that was not bad enough, his Neptune also opposes her Venus. This is a classic indicator of deception and lies. This indicates that when caught, he may ‘play the victim’ to receive forgiveness from Khloe. It is very hard for her to see his negative qualities, and even if she does, she tends to ignore them. Tristan himself has a Venus-Neptune square in his natal chart, which means he is a very romantic, sensitive person, but has difficulty with honesty in his relationships. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been in a relationship where he was lied/decieved/cheated on himself.

Khloe is not ‘stupid’ as most people believe, but she is delusional when it comes to her relationships. Unfortunately, this is not a quality she can just turn off, as it is in her natal chart. Given this, Khloe is doomed in her love life unless she makes some changes. She will continue to attract and enter relationships with deceptive individuals until she learns to LEAVE the men who exhibit deceptive, dishonest qualities. Given that she is forgiving (and quite honestly, very gullible), she needs to stop seeing her partners through rose-colored glasses. If she does not do this, she will continue to attract partners who cheat, lie and/or steal from her. She will continue to be with men who are deeply troubled or who she sees as ‘victim’ or ‘lost souls’ she needs to save.

I hope Khloe will soon find someone who truly loves her and exhibits the positive qualities of Neptune, such as compassion, sensitivity, and spiritual enlightenment. Her chart tells me she is an intensely spiritual individual, so she should focus on finding partners who share this quality with her. Good luck Khloe!















The Astrology of Beauty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It really is. Poll a group of people of what they think of a certain celebrity and you will get different results. For instance, I think Jessica Alba is absolutely gorgeous, yet my girl friend thinks she’s plain and boring. She is much more attracted to Catherine Zeta-Jones, who I think is just so-so. She’s pretty, of course, but I prefer a Jessica Alba look.

In this article, I am going to talk about traditional aspects which are said to point to beauty. This is not to say that everyone with these aspects will be drop-dead gorgeous, as the entire chart must be considered.

Venus-Ascendant aspects 

This one is obvious. Venus is the sign of beauty, and the Ascendant & first house represent our physical appearance. Many women and men with this aspect are considered universally beautiful. Think of Angelina Jolie (Venus conjunct Ascendant), Elizabeth Taylor (Venus trine Ascendant), Kim Kardashian (Venue square Ascendant), and Beyonce (Venus conjunct Ascendant).

Even if these people are not traditionally beautiful, there is a charm or air about them which is pleasing to others. They take care of themselves and care about the way they look. They are usually pleasant in nature, which makes them attractive to others.

Venus in the 1st house 

This works very similarly to above. With Venus in the house of appearance, beauty is usually indicated. These guys are gals were born to be beautiful! This aspect also indicates someone with a beautiful, proportionate body. Women with this aspect are usually quite curvy and sexy!

Celebrities with Venus in the 1st house are Kourtney Kardashian, Audrey Hepburn, and Blake Lively.

Venus in aspect to the ruler of the 1st house

To determine the ruler of your first house, first determine which sign is on the cusp of that house (or your ‘rising sign’). For example, Scarlett Johansson’s rising sign is Sagittarius, and its ruling planet is Jupiter. Scarlett’s Jupiter is conjunct her Venus in her 2nd house. Like her or not, she is widely considered a very beautiful woman. Kim Kardashian’s ascendant is also in Sagittarius, and her Jupiter makes a wide conjunction to her natal Venus.

Venus in aspect to the ruler of the 1st house works very similarly to aspects to the ascendant. When this occurs, it endows the person with beauty, charm and grace.

Neptune in the 1st house

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, so it makes sense that it would indicate beauty. I find that Neptune is a different type of beauty, though – Neptunian women and men are glamorous, other-wordly. They stand out – they look different and can captivate others very easily.

So many beautiful women have this aspect, including Kim Kardashian, Marilyn Monroe, Ariana Grande, as well as handsome men such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Cruise.

This aspect can also point to those who are very fond of plastic surgery, make up, and photoshop (Kylie Jenner has this aspect, and I mentioned Kim Kardashian above). Thus is because Neptune blurs the line between fantasy and reality. This can lead these folks to present an altered view of themselves to the world.

By the way, this also works if Neptune is in aspect to the Ascendant or is in aspect to the 1st house ruler. I have found that Pisces rising individuals have similar characteristics.

Venus-Neptune aspects

Over and over again, I keep seeing this aspect in the charts of supermodels and other ‘beautiful people’. This aspects give the native an ethereal type of beauty that gets noticed. They are dreamy-looking and usually have beautiful eyes. I personally love their sense of style.

Sun conjunct Ascendant or Leo Ascendant

While this is not a traditional beauty indicator, I’ve noticed that people with predominant Sun energy tend to be very attractive. Leos are known for being ‘attention-getters’. Given that the Sun is the ruler of Leo, individuals with their Sun on their Ascendant often share similar qualities to Leo Ascendant individuals.

I’ve noticed with my Leo Ascendant friends that they tend to always get tons of attention. I went to Las Vegas a few years ago with a group of friends, and one of them had a Leo Ascendant. She is very pretty, don’t get me wrong, but I was amazed at the amount of men chasing after her. She didn’t even have to do much – men would just flock to her like bees on honey. Leos just have that certain ‘something something’ that attract others to them.

Leo represents confidence & sass. These people exude these qualities to the rest of the world.  How you perceive yourself informs how others perceive you, so it’s easy to understand why Leos are so irresistible!

Famous Leo Ascendant individuals include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, and Heidi Klum. Some celebs with Sun conjunct their Ascendant are Kourtney Kardashian and Scarlett Johansson.


ANYWAY, this is not an exhaustive list. I will continue to add to it as I observe more. There are tons of women and men out there who do not have any of these aspects, but are beautiful! So, please don’t take this list as the be-all end-all for beauty 🙂






The Lunar Eclipse of July 16-17

Following the Solar Eclipse of July 2nd, a Lunar Eclipse is occurring on July 16-17. This Lunar Eclipse is taking place along the Capricorn-Cancer axis.

The themes of Capricorn are career, responsibility & duty, while Cancer represents the home, family, and emotions. Given that the eclipse is in Capricorn, the greater focus will be on themes of this sign.

Whatever occurs during the Solar Eclipse often comes into action by the time of the Lunar Eclipse. For example, a friend of mine announced his resignation from the company he worked at for over 12 years during the Solar Eclipse in January, and began his new job 2 weeks later on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. It was both an ending and a new beginning for him.

This Lunar Eclipse occurs at the 24th degree of Capricorn, so if you have planets between 19-29 degrees of any cardinal sign (i.e. Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer), you will feel the effects of this eclipse deeply.

The Eclipse Moon is conjunct the planet Pluto, which represents death, rebirth, shared resources & power struggles. This indicates the Lunar eclipse will be deeply transformative and intense.  It can indicates very deep feelings or secrets will be brought to the surface in an explosive manner.

On the same day, Venus will also be in opposition to the planet Saturn, which indicates a time of sadness and limitations, particularly in regards to Venusian areas such as finances and love. Overall, we are in for a very intense day. There will be an air of negativity, and people will be more tired/grumpy than usual. This, paired with the explosive lunar eclipse, indicates transformations and possibly upsetting changes in the house the eclipse takes place:

Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house/ Capricorn Ascendant:

During this time, expressing yourself may be easier for you. Since the eclipse is also conjunct Pluto, be careful not to express anger or frustration in destructive ways. This Eclipse can also signal a complete transformation in your physical appearance – this may signal a new you! I’d suggest waiting until after the Venus opposite Saturn transit is out of orb, as you may regret any beauty-related changes later on.

This is the time to focus on yourself. If you have previously been focusing too much on your partnerships, this Lunar Eclipse will shine a light on taking care of yourself. Your partner may not like this, and power struggles may ensue. Issues of control may develop during this period. In the end, you will put your needs first!

Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd house/ Sagittarius Ascendant

This Lunar Eclipse affects your house of finances and self-worth. With Pluto conjunct the eclipse, you can expect a transformation in terms of financial gains and losses. You may discover a new way to increase your income during this time, completely different from how you have ever made money before. You may also create a budget or make changes/decision as to how you manage your finances.

At worst, you could suffer major losses during this period (this really depends on other factors in your chart, such as your transits, progressions, etc). Unexpected expenses could pop up, or you may be forced to make a big purchase.

Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd house/ Scorpio Ascendant

In the 3rd house, a Lunar eclipse shines light on the area of siblings, communication, education, transportation & ones neighborhood.

There may be emotional confrontations with your brothers, sisters, and/or cousins, and a subsequent transformation in your relationship with them. Or, deep secrets related to them may come to surface.

As the 3rd house relates to communications, you may experience miscommunications for the months following the lunar eclipse. In addition, the 3rd house relates to technology, so you may experience issues related to computers, telephone or television.

Lunar Eclipse in the 4th house/ Libra Ascendant

In the 4th house, a lunar eclipse brings attention to the home, family and the past. Often times, this lunation brings a move or the start or end to a home renovation project. It can also bring separations from the home or parents, such as moving away from home for the first time.

At worst, this eclipse can bring forth power struggles within the home with one’s parents. Deep secrets from the past may be unearthed, leading to an explosive confrontation.

Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house/ Virgo Ascendant

An eclipse in the 5th house brings the attention to fun, creativity, children and love! This lunation can signal the end of a creative project, such as writing a book or completing an art piece.

This eclipse can also bring good news to those trying to conceive (as long as other transits/progressions do not interfere). Many couples become pregnant during a lunar eclipse in this house.

For those of you who are single and ready to mingle, this transit can bring increased romantic and sexual opportunities into your life! You are extended invitations to social events and you have a strong desire to have fun.

Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house/ Leo Ascendant

The 6th house is regarded as the house of health and work. As a result, you may decide to take up a new diet or exercise routine during this period. Be wary of taking on anything too extreme, as this can have health consequences later one.

At work, you may experience changes in the workplace, particularly as they relate to your work environment and your colleagues. It is possible that you will experience power struggles with those you work with. Emotions may run high in the workplace at this time. You may see some colleagues get let go, as well.

Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house/ Cancer Ascendant

The 7th house refers to close 1-1 partnerships, including romantic & business. With the lunar eclipse in conjunction to Pluto, partnerships may be tested. Relationships may transform during this time, for the better or the worse (this will largely depend on other progressions/transits going on in your chart!).

At best, this eclipse can take your relationship to the next level. If you started dating someone, you may decide to become exclusive. Some couples may decide to marry during this eclipse.

At worst, this eclipse can signal a crisis in your relationship. Secrets may be unearthed at this time, or there may be significant power struggles between you and your partner. If you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship, you and your partner should try to find a balance or compromise between your needs.

Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house/ Gemini Ascendant

This eclipse signals a changes in regards to your partner’s income, or your taxes, debts, and investments. This house also represents intimacy, death & sex. This eclipse indicates there may be some drama in these areas, particularly with Pluto’s influence.

Your need for intimacy & emotional death through a partner is increased during this period. Superficial interactions just won’t do during this time. There may be a death (figurative or literal) during time time, as well. There may be issues surrounding the sharing of resources, or you may pay off debts. This eclipse will also shine a light on your shared resources. There may be conflicts in this area. Compromise and understanding will help you through this time.

Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house/ Taurus Ascendant

The 9th house represents travel, education & your belief system.

There could be an important beginning or ending in regards to education. You may decide to begin a higher learning course, or end one. This eclipse can also indicate you are going on a long journey to a foreign land in the next 6 months.

Since the 9th house also relates to your belief system, you may decide to learn about different religious systems or even join another religious movement.

Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house/ Aries Ascendant

The tenth house represents ones public life, career, and social standing. With this eclipse, you may experience an end or a beginning related to your job. That is to say, you may decide to quit your current job to take on something more emotionally fulfilling. If you decide to stay in your current role, you may receive more responsibility or you may have a change of authority. Regardless, something is going to change in your career. At worst, this can indicate being fired or laid off.

Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house/ Pisces Ascendant

The eleventh house represents friendships, long term goals, and group activities.

During this time, you may experience transformations in your friendships or groups you belong to. You may decide to end some friendships or begin new ones. If things have been brimming below the surface between you and some friends, these issues will come to the surface. Or, a friend of yours may e experiencing a personal crisis for which they need help.

Your goals may also go through a deep transformation. An event may occur which will force you to reconsider your future aspirations.

Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house/ Aquarius Ascendant

The 12th house represents spirituality, service & your private life.

During the next 6 months, you may decide to spend more time in solitude. This is a time where you may be more contemplative and may seek answers about the mysteries of life. You may take up a spiritual practice, such as meditation.

Your level of compassion and sensitivity may also increase at this time. As a result, you may find an interest in helping others through volunteer work.

The 12th house is also about secrets, which may be unearthed during this eclipse period.










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The Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019

It’s that time of year again! We have a Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer on July 2nd, 2019.

As a rule of thumb, solar eclipses represent new beginnings. They generally mark the beginning of a new cycle and the ending of an old one. As an astrologer, I find that the effects of the solar eclipse can be felt a month before or after an eclipse, so keep that in mind!

Since this eclipse is in Cancer, it will affect those who have planets between 5-15 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra). Being in Cancer, the eclipse has the potential to bring family issues to the forefront, but in a positive way. This is a great time for family get-togethers, hosting events in your home, interior decorating, taking up a cooking class, or connecting with family members you may have lost touch with.

This Solar Eclipse does not make many close aspects to other transiting planets. It is in a loose sextile to Uranus, which can bring positive changes and surprises to one’s home life, or to the house in which the Solar Eclipse is found. It is in a large trine to Neptune, which brings an air of compassion and sensitivity to our environment.

Of course, the most important part of a Solar Eclipse is how it affects your own chart. To determine this, we must look at the house the Eclipse falls in, as well as the aspects it makes to your natal chart.

Solar Eclipse in the 1st house/Cancer Ascendant

In the 1st house, the Solar Eclipse brings new beginnings to areas surrounding self-worth, confidence, and physical appearance. This is the time for a brand new YOU. During this time, you may decide to get a more daring haircut, or experiment with different fashion trends, thanks to the sextile from exciting Uranus. Take this opportunity to meet new people and make connections.

Solar Eclipse in the 2nd house/Gemini Ascendant

The Second house represents financial matters. With this eclipse, you may find new ways of increasing your income via a new business opportunity. This is a fantastic time to budget, meet with your accountant, and pay off debts. This eclipse can also signal a change in job which provides you a higher salary. This transit can also increase ones desire for materials objects, and many of you may decide to make a large purchase at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 3rd house/Taurus Ascendant

This Eclipse brings your relationship with your siblings, relatives and transportation into the spotlight. The 3rd house also represents communication and short-term travel, so perhaps something regarding a writing project or a trip will come to fruition. You may receive a surprising phone call or letter at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 4th house/Aries Ascendant 

This is a powerful eclipse for you! Having a Solar Eclipse in Cancer in the 4th house  will put your focus on your home and family life. Many of you will move at this time. A major home renovation may occur, or surprises involving family members may surface. This is a great time for family get-togethers and connecting with relatives you have not seen in a long time.

Solar Eclipse in the 5th house/Pisces Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on fun, romance, children, creativity, and risk-taking. This Eclipse could involve surprises involving your romantic partners, or your children. You may solidify a relationship that has been on shaky ground, or a new relationship may enter your life. Couples may be blessed with news of a baby at this time. If single, this is a great time to go out and meet new people. Overall, this is a time of fun and joy for those who are lucky enough to experience this eclipse!

Solar Eclipse in the 6th house/Aquarius Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on your health, workplace, routines, and pets. Surprising announcements regarding your job may occur at this time, and health issues may pop up. You may decide to begin a new exercise regimen or diet at this time, or you may decide to adopt a new pet.

Solar Eclipse in the 7th house/Capricorn Ascendant 

This Eclipse will put your focus on your one-on-one relationships.  The Lunar Eclipse may indicate that you will solidity your commitment to someone special. Relationships are likely to go to the next level during this Eclipse. This period can also indicate you beginning a new business partnership. You will make new connections with others and you will not want to be alone at this time.

Solar Eclipse in the 8th house/Sagittarius Ascendant 

The focus of this Eclipse will be on sex, intimacy, shared resources, death, and re-birth. New sexual opportunities may pop up during this lunar Eclipse, which is great news for all! You may experienced increased intimacy with your partner. This is likely to be a highly emotional time for you, but it presents a great opportunity to get close to someone special. In Cancer, your need to emotionally bond with your partner is increased – superficial interactions just won’t cut it at this time!

Solar Eclipse in the 9th house/Scorpio Ascendant 

The focus of this eclipse will be on travel, higher education, and/or religion. This eclipse may bring you to foreign lands. A new opportunity to study, or the completion of a project may occur at this time. You may experience a desire to study philosophy or religion during this period.

Solar Eclipse in the 10th house/Libra Ascendant 

The focus of the Eclipse will be on your career, social status, and reputation. During this time, a promotion, career change, or public recognition for your efforts may occur.

Solar Eclipse in the 11th house/Virgo Ascendant 

The focus on this Eclipse will be on friendships, clubs or associations you belong to, or past lovers. You feel more social at this time and will want to spend more time with your good friends. New friends could come into your life at this time, or an ex-lover could come knocking on your door.

Solar Eclipse in the 12th house/Leo Ascendant 

The focus of the Eclipse will be on 12th house matters, which include secrets, addictions, spirituality, dreams, and self-undoing. A well-kept secret may burst forth during this eclipse (especially as they relate to relationships), so watch out! You may experience a greater-than-average need for peace, quiet, and solitude in order to get away from it all. Meditation and spiritual retreats are favored.



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Neptune square Sun transit

I just finished up my Neptune square Sun transit (my Sun is at 11 degrees Sagittarius). This transit was very impactful and I wanted to share my experience with all of you.

For reference, my Sun is located in my 12th house in Sagittarius. My Sun is conjuct Uranus and my ascendant, trine my Aries Moon, sextile my Mars and Midheaven, and opposite my 6th house Chiron.

Here are a few key things that happened during my transit:

Problems with men in my life

  • The Sun is a masculine project and often represents the men in one’s life. As such, I wasn’t surprised that some very close men in my life disappointed me during this transit. For the majority of this transit, I’d had a very positive relationship with all of these men (at least, in my mind). What I didn’t realize was that I was focussing mostly on their positive qualities while ignoring their negative qualities.
  • It wasn’t until the last pass of Neptune squaring my Sun that everything came crashing down. Incidentally, most of the issues came to surface when the planet Saturn transited over my natal Neptune, which is the astrological equivalent of a wake-up call. Basically, I found out that these men were not who I thought they were. To be quite honest, I blame myself for not seeing these men clearly, for who they truly were. Hindsight is 20/20, and I kick myself for not recognizing the problems sooner. That’s the thing with Neptune – you have rose-colored glasses on the entire transit, so the crash is very painful
  • My advice: if you are in a Neptune transit and some people or relationships seem ‘too good to be true’, they ARE. It is imperative to stay as realistic as possible during this time and acknowledge the other person’s shortcomings. No one is perfect, and the more you remember that, the easier it will be later on. This goes for all hard Neptune transits.

Health issues

  • Health problems are common during Neptune transits. Neptune “illnesses” are generally hard to pinpoint or diagnose, and are often psychosomatic.
  • Up until my Neptune transit, I was an avid gym-goer. When the Neptune square hit my Sun, my fatigue increased more and more to the point that I was unable to work out, or do much rather than the bare minimum.
  • Neptune is currently square my Ascendant, and the fatigue has persisted. Hopefully this will end once this transit is over

Increased sensitivity

  • This transit was active at the same time as my Pluto square Moon transit, which led to some pretty explosive results.
  • Neptune tends to ‘sensitize’ anything it touches, so the direct contact to my moon meant I was more sensitive to the feelings and actions of others. Negative, high-strung people drained me, and I was easily hurt. Things tended to ‘get’ to me more during this transit, leading to a lot of tears and hurt feelings.

Overall, this was not a positive transit, and I’m very glad it’s over. As usual, I’m glad it happened because it has taught me so many lessons, namely to keep my guard up and not be so trusting of others. It also forced me to slow down and be easier on my body.

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How to know if he or she is “the One”

Out of all the questions I get from my clients, the most popular is “Is he/she the One?”

There are so many factors that go into whether your partner is your soulmate. I will outline a few below:

  1. Good composite is more important than good synastry
    • This may not be a popular opinion, but throughout my consultations with clients, I notice over and over that good synastry cannot outweigh a bad composite chart. Why is this?
      • A good synastry chart shows the chemistry between two people. It shows if they are attracted to one another and why. It shows basic compatibility between a couple. This is very important when first bringing two people together.
      • The composite chart, on the other hand, relates to the destiny of the couple. It shows what the two of you create when you come together. You could have the most incompatible synastry connection with someone, but if you have a great composite chart, somehow things seem to keep you together.
    • From my personal experience, I’ve had some pretty significant synastric connections with my previous exes. For example, with one man I had Moon conjunct Venus, Mars conjunct Mars, Venus conjunct Ascendant, Venus conjunct Pluto, and a Sun conjunct Saturn double whammy! We were immediately attracted to one another and I was definitely thinking long-term with him. We went on a few dates and things were going well. Then, as things started to progress and things started getting serious, he started to pull away. This confused me – we felt so good in each other’s presence so why the sudden lack of interest?
    • I looked at our Composite chart and found the answer: we had a tight Sun conjunct Saturn AND Moon square Saturn connection. In Composite charts, it is said that the man represents the Sun while the woman represents the Moon. Saturn, on the other hand, rules responsibility, duty and limitations.
    • While he felt very responsible and committed towards me, the relationship, for whatever reason, made both of us feel very insecure. First of all, work always got in the way of our relationship. He was a very busy doctor who worked in another city, which made things difficult to begin with. When we did have time to go out, perfect strangers would tell me I was “too good for him”. He had a lot of difficulty with that – his ego was shattered when people said those things to us. On the other hand, the Moon in square aspect to the Composite Saturn, which I felt very strongly. I felt ignored, neglected, and cold in this relationship because he always seemed to put work ahead of me. To top things off, I didn’t feel I could express my ‘inner child’ around him; I felt I always needed to be a ‘grown-up’ around him, even though he was 3 years younger than me.
    • In the end, him and I didn’t work out. Regardless of what happened, I always felt happy around him when we were together (I credit this to Moon conjunct Venus – it’s really one of the best aspects in synastry you could hope for). However, we could not seem to ever get past the Saturn blockages we faced.
  2. Timing
    • Through Astrology, I have learned that all things come in good time!
    • You could meet someone amazing and feel that you are completely in love, but I find that the timing of your meeting is very helpful in telling whether this relationship will end up as a marriage.
    • Three things to check:
      • Transits:
        • Transits through the 7th house: major planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) can signal a major relationship change.
          • Obviously, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and expansion, can bring someone into your life. This will likely be a joyful and expansive relationship for you.
          • Saturn entering the 7th can either end a current relationship or bring a new relationship into your life. Saturn can mean an older person or a relationship that will come with its obstacles/burdens along the way. My best friend got married to a man 20 years older than her when Saturn entered her 7th house, but it ended quite suddenly (she is a very Uranian person so Saturn didn’t suit her)
          • Uranus is the planet of freedom and originality. When this planet is in your 7th house, it can bring a new, exciting relationship that fizzles out just as quickly as it started. I do personally know some marriages that began when Uranus was in the 7th house of at least of the partners, but the two people were very different professionally, culturally, and ethnically.
          • Neptune can bring a dreamy love and a true feeling of finding one’s soulmate, while Pluto can bring a complete overhaul in the love department. You could attract a very intense and transformative love relationship at this time.
        • Transits to Venus and the ruler of your 7th house
          • Venus is the planet of love and affection, and has a direct link to relationships and especially soulmates! Because of this, transits to Venus are some of the best indicators of finding the “one”. You definitely want to look out for harmonious aspects to Venus from the outer planets, such as trines and sextiles, and sometimes even conjunctions
          • The ruler of the 7th house represents the type of partner you will end up with. This is very similar to Venus, as it relates to one-on-one partnerships and relationships
          • The BEST love transits are:
            • Jupiter conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Saturn conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Uranus conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Neptune conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
            • Pluto conjunct/sextile/trine natal Venus or ruler of the 7th house
          • I find that a lot of people fall in love during a strong Neptune transit to natal Venus, but these relationships often do not work out. This is because Neptune is the planet of illusion, and by the end of the transit, you may find that the person you fell in love with isn’t the person you thought they were. During a harmonious Neptune-Venus transit, you can easily fall in love and the effects of Neptune will be much less taxing
        • Solar Returns
          • What does your Solar Return chart look like this year? The Solar return shows potentials for the year, including for marriage
          • Each and every Solar Return chart for the years I entered relationships were very heavy in the 5th and 7th houses
          • Look for a well-placed Venus and ruler of the 7th house for more details and clues
          • If you would like an astrologer to take a look at your Solar Return, visit my Consultations page to set up a reading with me
        • Progressions/Solar Arc
          • I don’t think it’s possible to NOT have a special progression or solar arc aspect when meeting the “one”. Progressions show major trends in our lives, so there needs to be some sort of progression involving the 7th house, Venus, or the ruler of the 7th house when the “one” enters your life.
          • Some examples of progression or solar arc aspects indicating love:
            • Progressed Sun-Venus aspects or Venus-Sun aspects – sextile, trine, conjunction
            • Progressed Ascendant-Venus aspects or Progressed Venus-Ascendant aspects – this one is the best indication for finding love
            • Progressed Venus-ruler of the 7th house or ruler of the 7th house to Venus aspects – indicates love and union
            • Progressed planets in the 7th house
            • Progressed planets making a harmonious aspect to the 7th house or 7th house ruler

I truly believe that true love comes down to compatibility, which is reflected through the synastry and composite charts, but it really comes down to the timing. THE UNIVERSE WILL NOT SEND YOU THE ‘ONE’ UNTIL YOU ARE READY. For those of you worried about your romantic future, fear not! You will find the ‘one’ in good time.


Uranus/Venus in the Composite

Uranus is the planet of freedom, disruption, eccentricity, unpredictability, and change. Venus rules romance, finances, materials possessions, and partnership.

As you may know, the composite indicates the fate of a relationship. You could have wonderful synastry, but maintaining a connection can be difficult in the face of a challenging composite chart.

Venus in aspect with Uranus indicates an off-beat, unpredictable, yet exciting relationship. Venus and Uranus usually bring together two people you would not think would ever be with one another. Others may see this couple as odd, non-traditional, and surprising. There could be a major difference in race, age, social status, location, or personality. Think about a stock broker suddenly falling in love with a hippie. You’ll find many long-distance relationships with this aspect, as well.

The relationship usually starts very suddenly. The feeling between the couple is electric; it is love at first sight. The sexual relationship often develops quite quickly, as well.

While things may start out well, there may be some difficulties in this relationship, especially if the aspect is a square or opposition. In these cases, it may be difficult to maintain the consistency of the relationship over time. This aspect can be quite frustrating for those who seek stability and calm in their relationships, as the relationship can, despite the couple’s best efforts, be the victim of sudden changes and unpredictability. The relationship may be quite odd. There may be long periods of absence/distance between the couple.

Couples with the square or opposition between Uranus and Venus in the composite tend to experience the worst parts of the relationship I just described. The conjunction can go either way. The trine and sextile are more subtle and pleasing, with just enough electricity to keep things interesting.

This is not to say that a relationship with Venus/Uranus aspect cannot last. My sister and her Husband have a tight Venus/Uranus conjunction in their composite, and they are in a lasting, committed relationship. They both allow one another a ton of room to breathe. My sister is an avid traveler, and she often takes off for a few weeks while her husband stays back to work. Their Uranus/Venus conjunction is also conjunct the Sun and Mercury of their composite, and the sextile to Saturn calms things down a bit for them.




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The Lunar Eclipse on November 28th

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 A Lunar Eclipse is due on November 28th 2012, and this one is going to be a hot one! This Eclipse will occur at 6.47 degrees Gemini. 

This Eclipse will be a part of a Boomerang (a Yod with an opposition from the apex). At the apex of the Yod is the Full Moon with Asteroid Lilith. In Hebrew tradition, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Unlike Eve, Lilith was created from the ground, the same way Adam was created. She was highly sexual, but not out of desire for procreation. Indeed, she was not satisfied with traditional forms of love-making. Lilith refused to submit to patriarchal authority, and decided to leave the Garden of Eden. This angered Adam, and he threatened that if she didn’t return, 100 of the children she birthed ever day would die. Lilith, however, became angry and did not return to Adam. Instead, she continued to birth children (despite the fact that they were destined to die). She would seduce men when she was bored, then murder them or drive them to insanity. Adam eventually had God create Eve from his rib, as he found Lilith too difficult to handle.

Lilith in a woman’s chart shows how and under which circumstances her sexual energy is released. Lilith also relates to where and how we use our feminine power, and shows us the place where we hold vengefulness. Prominent feminists and women in positions of considerable power have strongly placed Liliths in their charts. Think Gloria Steinam and Hilary Clinton. Think Samantha from “Sex and the City,” who refused to submit to men in the workplace, and in bed. She had sex “like a man,” and didn’t apologize for it, despite societal expectations.

Lilith represents the temptress, seducer, and is often compared to a “home wrecker.” Lilith represents the scary side of women, and what men fear the most. The fulfillment of her sexual appetites and desires was what Lilith cared for the most, and any attempt to hamper her sexual self-expression was met with hostility and violence. Lilith is magnetic, and has the power to mesmerize those she comes in contact with. She uses sexuality to further her own goals, and takes no prisoners.

You’ll often find strong Lilith contacts in the synastry charts of a couple in a secret affair. In a man’s chart, Lilith represents the type of woman he fears the most, the type who can drive him over the edge with obsession and desire, hence Lilith’s reputation as a home wrecker. In General Petraeus’ progressed chart, I noticed that his progressed Venus is exactly opposite his Progressed Lilith at the moment. It is thus no surprise that he has been involved in an affair recently. His mistress apparently harassed another woman, showing her raw, take-no-prisoners attitude.

The Apex of the Yod represents the focus of the Eclipse. With the Moon and Lilith in a tight conjunction, we can infer that deep, raw, feminine energy will be at play. In addition, Lilith will be conjunct transiting Jupiter at 3 degrees. This conjunction will expand raw, female sexual energies, and may perhaps revolutionize outdated religious beliefs. The Full Moon will conjunct Jupiter the day of the eclipse, expanding our feelings and perhaps bringing out our egotistical tendencies. Expect emotions to be strong, and possibly over-exaggerated during this eclipse. Finally, the Full moon will make a sextile aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries, which promises out of the blue and unexpected events.

The Moon/Lilith conjunction in Gemini will receive a quincunx from Mars/Pluto in Capricorn and Venus/Saturn in Scorpio. This is a very sexual combination. Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio represents duty, responsibility, and tradition in regards to love and relationships. In Scorpio, nothing is half-way; Scorpio represents complete and utter commitment. This conjunction also represents tradition and security in our relationships. Venus and Saturn together can also indicate harshness and a lack of sympathy for others. Indeed, love will be “all business” at this time.

Mars conjunct Pluto is desirous, erotic, obsessive, and ruthless. This transit could signal violence and abuse, so take extra care around the time of the transit, especially if this conjuction makes hard aspects to your natal planets. Of course, Venus/Saturn will make a sexy sextile to the Mars/Pluto conjunction, highlighting eroticism, obsession, and passionate love.

This Eclipse may put a focus on secret love dalliances (Hello, Petraeus!), and the focus of energy will likely be on the other woman (Lilith). Otherwise, this eclipse can work to reunite ex-lovers. At any rate, this Eclipse will not be easy, and painful memories, obsessive desires, hidden motivations, and even violent reactions are likely to surface.

While the Solar Eclipse on November 13-14 was likely confusing and marred with miscommunication (Mercury was retrograde square Neptune), this Eclipse will bring certainly bring clarity. With Mercury direct, Venus and Saturn in the sign of “No BS” Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto in conjunction, this Eclipse promises to shine a light on love, desire, obsession, and secrets.

How will the Eclipse affect You?

Aries Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in the 3rd house: The Lunar Eclipse brings your relationship with your siblings, relatives and transportation into the spotlight. The 3rd house also represents communication and short-term travel, so perhaps something regarding a writing project or a trip will come to fruition. You may receive a surprising phone call or letter at this time. With Mars and Pluto in your 10th house, your ambition and desire for recognition are heightened, and this eclipse could be the key to you reaching your goals and acquiring the recognition you deserve. In fact, you may experience ruthlessness and power struggle from superiors during this cycle. With Venus/Saturn in your solar 8th house, your emphasis will be on intimacy, sharing, and finances in combination with duty, discipline and commitment. Venus is the natural ruler of your 7th house of marriage and partnerships- will this be the time you commit to that special someone?

Taurus Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in 2nd house: Occurring in your natal 2nd house, this Lunar Eclipse brings your financial matters and value system into focus.  Creating budgets or making decisions about how you handle your finances may occur now. Beware of overspending, though. With the transiting Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 7th house, you may decide to solidify your commitment to your significant other at this time. With Mars and Pluto conjunct in your 9th house, issues surrounding long-distance travel, education, and religion may come into focus. Beware of accidents and violence abroad.

Gemini Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house: This Lunar Eclipse signals a time of reinvention. This Eclipse will signal the end of the old you, and the start of the new you! With the Eclipse conjunct Jupiter in your 1st house, this is likely to be a very emotional time for you. Beware of weight gain from emotional eating; both the Moon and Jupiter can lead to overindulgence. Otherwise, you may feel buoyantly optimistic at this time, but beware of boastfulness. With Venus and Saturn conjunct in your 6th house, you may decide to try out a new exercise routine or diet. Or, changes in your work environment may occur at this time. With Mars/Pluto conjunct in your 8th house, deep sharing and bonding with a partner may take place at the time of this eclipse. Power struggles, possessiveness, and possessiveness may prevent you from making sound decisions in regards to partnerships at this time. Perhaps an attraction to taboo forms of sexuality could open your mind to new forms of lovemaking.

Cancer Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on 12th house matters, which include secrets, addictions, spirituality, dreams, and self-undoing. A well-kept secret may burst forth during this eclipse (especially as they relate to relationships), so watch out! While the Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 7th house may bring intense desires and obsessions in your relationships to the surface, and the Venus/Saturn conjunction in the 5th has your mind on commitment, tradition, and responsibility in love, this Eclipse may uncover secrets which could make you think twice. You may experience a greater-than-average need for peace, quiet, and solitude in order to get away from it all. Meditation and spiritual retreats are favored.

Leo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house: The focus on this Eclipse will be on friendships, clubs or associations you belong to, or past lovers. New friends could come into your life at this time, or an ex-lover could come knocking on your door (especially with Mercury in your 5th house!). The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 4th house, bringing your domestic life into sharp focus. Duty and responsibility color your domestic life at the moment. Or, a major home renovation may occur at this time. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 6th house, calling you to transform your habits regarding your daily routines, work, and health. Beware of accidents and health matters at this time.


Virgo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on your career, social status, and reputation. With the Eclipse conjunct transiting Jupiter, a promotion, career change, or public recognition for your efforts may occur at this time. Indeed, opportunity may come a-knocking for some lucky Virgos! The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your 3rd house, putting the focus on relationships with siblings and relatives, as well as communications. If your relationships with your siblings or relatives are strained at this time, this would be a good time to smooth things out. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 5th house, you may experience power struggles in your relationships. Beware of possessiveness and jealousy in relationships.

Libra Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house: The focus of this eclipse will be on travel, higher education, and/or religion. You may decide to embark on a long-distance journey at this time. A new opportunity to study, or the completion of a project may occur at this time. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your natal 2nd house, putting sharp focus on money matters. A time of re-structuring your finances is in store. When Saturn transits your natal 2nd house, financial progress is slow and steady. Perhaps with Venus, the natural ruler of the 2nd house, there as well, a slight boost to your financial situation may occur. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your natal 4th house, bringing family and domestic matters into focus. Beware of power struggles and conflict with family members.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house: The focus of this Eclipse will be on sex, intimacy, shared resources, death, and re-birth. New sexual opportunities may pop up during this lunar Eclipse, which is great news for Scorpios! You may experienced increased intimacy with your partner. This is likely to be a highly emotional time for you, but it presents a great opportunity to get close to someone special. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 1st house. Saturn transiting your 1st house is never easy, but a boost from Venus will give you a bit of a boost in regards to your self-confidence, which has likely been low since Saturn entered your sign. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 3rd house. Power struggles and conflict with relatives and siblings may occur at this time. Your communication may be noticeably more aggressive, which may put off others. Keep your aggressiveness in check.


Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your one-on-one relationships. With Jupiter in your 7th house, relationships are joyful, expansive, and positive at this time. The Lunar Eclipse may indicate that you will solidity your commitment to someone special. Relationships are likely to go to the next level during this Eclipse. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 12th house, work on eliminating bad habits or behaviors that have limited you in the past. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 2nd house, your attention will be called to your finances. A complete transformation of your financial situation is in store for you this year. Avoid reckless and impulsive spending.

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your health, workplace, routines, and pets. Surprising announcements regarding your job may occur at this time, and health issues may pop up. You may decide to begin a new exercise regimen or diet at this time. Making positive changes to your daily routines are favored at this time. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 11th house, your focus is on your friendship. Say good-bye to superficial friendships, and solidify the friendships that are most dear to you. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 1st house, keep your anger and aggressiveness in check. You are likely to appear more assertive and overbearing to others at this time.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on fun, romance, children, creativity, and risk-taking. This Eclipse could involve surprises involving your romantic partners, or your children. You may solidify a relationship that has been on shaky ground, or a new relationship may enter your life.  With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 10th house, solid career advancements may occur at this time. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 12th house, repressed anger or secrets may burst forth at this time.

Pisces Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your home and family life. Many Pisceans may move at this time. A major home renovation may culminate, or surprises involving family members may surface. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 11th house, beware of power struggles and betrayal surrounding friends and ex-lovers. You may experience increased determination in reaching your long-term goals. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 9th house, an increased commitment to your faith may occur at this time.