Mars-Uranus Aspects in Synastry


In astrology, Mars is the planet of Sex and Aggression, while Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, originality, and freedom.


When one person’s Mars makes a hard aspect (conjunction, square, or opposition) to another person’s Uranus, an explosive, interesting, exciting relationship is indicated. Sexual attraction, at least at first, is strong. This aspect favors sexual experimentation, as the two of you encourage each other to “push the envelope” and try new things. You may also encourage one another to engage in reckless and impulsive behavior. The Mars person finds the Uranus person exciting and unpredictable, especially in the beginning. The Uranus person is “turned on” by the Mars person, and the sexual possibilities the relationship offers.


On the downside, this aspect also indicates instability and volatility in a relationship. The Uranus person may see the Mars person as a threat to their independence, which can make him distance himself from the Mars person. The Uranus person has a way of stimulating the Mars person’s temper. As a result, explosive, sudden arguments are likely to characterize this association. However, the blow-ups are likely to die down as suddenly as they begin. In addition, there may be an on-off sexual energy that plagues the couple. When the initial, exciting sexual energies die out, the Uranus person may feel bored and feel the need to move on.


My Uranus in Sagittarius squared my ex-boyfriend’s Mars in Virgo. While my sexual attraction to him was very strong at first, it certainly did undergo plenty of changes throughout the relationship. There were plenty of times when the idea of having sex with him simply turned me off, while at other times, I was very turned on by him. We got into explosive arguments all the time, and said plenty of nasty things to each other. I absolutely hated the fact that he had to plan everything out all the time (Mars in Virgo); I felt it stifling and annoying.


The trine and sextile aspects between Mars and Uranus in synastry are much easier to handle. In this case, you encourage each other’s independence. Your relationship is likely stimulating and high-energy. You experiment with each other sexually, and encourage one another to try new things. This is a very adventurous and exciting relationship, so it will be difficult to ever be bored with each other!

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