Moon-Saturn in Synastry

I recently came out of a relationship that had a Moon-Saturn opposition double-whammy. By “double-whammy”, I mean his Moon opposed my Saturn and his Saturn opposed my Moon. How do hard aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) between the Moon and Saturn play out between two people? Let me tell you.

The way it manifested in my relationship was through major emotional distancing. Him and I would do anything to avoid talking about our feelings. Even when problems arose which made either one of us feel angry, annoyed, jealous, or frustrated, we would not, and COULD not, voice our feelings to one another. I felt that if I told him how I felt, he would reject me, or somehow felt he would not accept my feelings, and he felt the same way.

Even though I knew he had true feelings for me, self-doubt and fear of rejection would take over, and I’d end up keeping my feelings to myself. The same went for affection; affection did not flow easily between us due to deep-seated fears of rejection, which was ultimately frustrating for both parties. Also, neither of us ever felt we could express our playful, romantic sides around one another; I felt he would not approve of any kind of childishness from me, so I kept my mouth shut.

On the positive side, this relationship is particular was my longest. I think one of the things that made us last so long was the desire to find out what the other person felt. The emotional distancing both frustrated and intrigued me. I wanted to know what was in his heart, and he was dying to know how I felt. We both hung in there, hoping that one day, one of us would say how we truly felt about one another. After a while, we learned to express our feelings to one another, but only in small segments. We were both careful to never uncover “too much” about the way we felt for one another.

The harmonious aspect (sextile and trine) are much easier to handle, and are ideal additions to any relationship. This aspect increases the durability of a relationship by infusing each partner with a sense of commitment and responsibility to one another. You truly feel as though you can depend on one another. The Saturn person stabilizes the Moon person’s feelings, while the Moon person softens the Saturn person’s hard edges. You share a great deal of trust and respect for one another.

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