Natal Saturn in the Houses

Your natal Saturn tells you where you feel the most lack, restriction or responsibility. Saturn is not a ‘fun’ planet, but it tells you the area of your life that you feel more difficulty than others.

In addition to house placement, check how Saturn aspects your natal planet and angles to get more clues on how Saturn affects you. If Saturn makes a harsh aspect to one of your planets, check which planet/house it resides in, and what house that planet rules in your chart for more clues on how Saturn affects you.

Saturn in the 1st house

The first house represents your persona, or the face we wear when we first meet people. With Saturn in your 1st house, you come across as very serious to others, and others may even find you unapproachable or intimidating.

This may be an annoying comment, for you do not mean to come across this way!  There can be a self-consciousness when it comes down to expressing ones own individuality or style.

You might be quite quiet or serious when people first meet you, and there might be a reluctance to open up to people until you feel safe and comfortable. This placement can also indicate a slender physique, given Saturn’s influence. You prefer a classic look and an understated wardrobe, unless other aspects say otherwise.

Saturn in the 2nd house

The second house represents your income, material possessions, self-worth and what you value. Saturn in this house represent you feel a lack or discipline in these areas. Generating a good income or acquiring material possessions may take you a while, for you might run into many barriers or frustrations in this process.

As a result, you may be quite pessimistic or cynical over your ability to make money. Be patient and keep going, for Saturn tends to delay its rewards, after a lot of hard work.

Saturn in the 3rd house

The third house represents communications, neighbours, and siblings. Saturn in this house indicates you are self-conscious about sharing your thoughts an ideas. There may be a fear that others will judge you or find your ideas silly. As a result, you may be quite a quiet person.

This aspect can also indicates issues regarding ones siblings or neighbours, and can cause alienation and separation from them. Depending on how Saturn is aspected, it can also mean learning issues or problems in school. Saturn in the 3rd house people are very intelligent, but take their time to communicate because they want to get things rights.

Saturn in the 4th house

The fourth house represents family, home, and past.  Saturn in this house indicates you might feel quite alienated from your family. Perhaps your parents were not there for you enough when you were young, or perhaps they did not treat you kindly when you were a child. Or, there might be a feeling of ‘not fitting in’ with your family, due to different lifestyles and personalities.

Either way, there can be a feeling of separation from one’s family. You may have negative or cynical feelings about your past and how you were raised, which might cause issues with your parents, as well. You may feel a lack of connection to your roots and traditions.

Saturn in the 5th house

The fifth house represents creativity, children, and self-expression. Saturn in this house indicates you may feel a lack or restriction in this area. Perhaps you feel guilty when you go out and have fun, or feel otherwise uncomfortable when you are socializing. Others may see you as a party pooper because of this.

This aspect can restrict the desire to have kids, and you might not like being around children in general. It might feel odd of uncomfortable for you to be the centre of attention. You are not a very spontaneous or dramatic person, unless other aspects say otherwise.

Saturn in the 6th house

The sixth house represents work, health, and routines. Saturn in this house indicates you are a very responsible, duty-oriented person with an amazing work ethic. Others may see you as a workaholic.

The type of job you choose will likely have a lot of responsibility, and/or you will take on more responsibility throughout your career (whether you want to or not). This placement can also indicate someone who is very restrictive or controlled in their eating and routines. You might be very particular about how things are organized and ordered in your life.

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Saturn in the 7th house

The seventh house represents commitment and partnership (both romantic and business). Saturn in this house can delay or restrict marriage and commitment (depending on how Saturn aspects other planets in your chart). There may be a feeling of heaviness or duty when it comes to your relationships. In some ways, they may feel like a burden, and something you do out of responsibility for someone else.

Finding a relationship and settling down might happen later in life for you. You do not take commitment lightly, so you choose carefully. However, once you are in a relationship, it is for the long run.

Saturn in the 8th house

The eighth house represents transformation, death & rebirth, and intimacy. Saturn in this house can indicate barriers and difficulties in these areas. You might be quite resistant to transformation and growth with this aspect.  There may be a fear or hesitancy about exploring the unknown. It may be difficult for you to connect with your subconscious with this aspect. Saturn in the 8th house can also indicate difficulty with intimacy and sex.

There may be a sense of fear or restriction when it comes to bonding sexually. Some people with Saturn in the 8th house avoid sex together, or make sex into a job, given the association between duty and responsibility with intimacy and sex.

Saturn in the 9th house 

The ninth house represents travel, higher learning, and philosophy. Saturn in this house can restrict travel, of travel may feel burdensome or unenjoyable for you. Perhaps you do business abroad, and feel your travels are always for your job. You might be very skeptical about religion or philosophy, and can be quite set in your ways. This placement can also indicate that you are very religious or feel a strong sense of duty towards your faith. Either way. your attitude towards faith and religion will be a strong one.

Saturn in the 10th house

The tenth house represents career, social status, and authority. Saturn in this house indicates restriction and hard work in regards to these areas of your life. You are ambitious, but may need to deal with authority figures who are always getting in the way of your success. You likely have a career full of responsibility and dependency.

You work very hard towards your goals, despite the frustrations that come along the way. Saturn tends to delay, so you might not see career success until later on in life. This placement can also indicate a strict or difficult parent (most likely the father) who put a lot of responsibility on you as a child.

Saturn in the 11th house

The eleventh house represents friendships, groups/clubs, and long-term goals. Saturn in this house indicates restriction in these areas. I personally have this placement, and I do not have many friends. In general, I like to keep my circle tight, for keeping tabs on several friends feels very burdensome to me.

I prefer quality over quantity in my friendships, and some of my best friends are Capricorns. People with Saturn in the 11th house do not feel very comfortable in a group, and instead prefer hanging out with a close group of friends. There may be a reluctance to let more people into your circle. Finding friends you truly connect with can be difficult.

Saturn in the 12th house 

The twelfth house represents spirituality, dreams, and one’s inner world. You likely have very powerful and vivid dreams. Pay attention to them, as they might send you very powerful messages and give you guidance on your life. You are a very sensitive person who absorbs the feelings of others (or others project themselves onto you), and take their feelings on as your own. As a result, it is very important for you to have a lot of alone time.

Saturn in this house indicates you have a cynical or pessimistic view towards spirituality or have had bad experiences. At the same time, it can make you very devoted to your spiritual practice, particularly later in life. Saturn represents restriction and cynicism, but also represents duty and responsibility, so it can express itself differently based on the sign and aspects Saturn makes.

If you are a spiritual person, perhaps your parents are spiritual people and you adopted these practices early on in life. This placement indicate you may feel quite depressed, alone and isolated. You may experience negative experiences regarding psychedelic substances, so be very careful to only experiment with people you trust.


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