The Astrology of Billionaires

In this article, I take a look at the charts of 5 famous billionaires to help what indicates massive wealth in a natal chart.

Which houses rule wealth?

  • The 2nd house rules income and personal assets
  • The 8th house rules money earned through partnership and windfalls (inheritance, gifts)
  • The 11th house rules money accumulated through business and career
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I based this article on a handful of billionaires who all made their money through business ventures (which is the way most billionaires make their money – other than inheritance!).  Here are a few common threads I found:

  1. Pluto is strongly associated with the 11th house – this one seems to be the most important! Example: Pluto makes a strong aspect (square, opposition, conjunction) to the ruler of the 11th house, Pluto rules the 11th house, Pluto is in the 11th house, the ruler of the 11th house in Scorpio, Pluto makes an aspect to 11th house planet
      • The 11th house represents our dreams, long-terms goals, and the wealth we acquire after much hard work and dedication. The 11th house is the second house from the 10th house, so it literally indicates the income tied to a business. As such, it is not surprising that it plays such a role in the charts of billionaires.
      • Pluto’s association with the 11th house indicates a potential for extreme wealth through ones business
      • For example, Venus rules the 11th house of Elon Musk and Bill Gates, and both men have Venus square Pluto in their charts


  1. Pluto is strongly associated with the 2nd house Example: Pluto makes a strong aspect (square, opposition, conjunction) to the ruler of the 2nd house, Pluto rules the 2nd house, Pluto in the 2nd house, the ruler of the 2nd house in Scorpio, Pluto makes aspect to 2nd house planet
      • The 2nd house rules income and material possessions. Pluto in this house indicates extremes and transformations in this area.
      • For example, Bill Gates and Oprah both have Pluto in the 2nd house


  1. Jupiter makes a strong aspect to the ruler of the 11th house, or a planet in the 11th house In addition to Pluto, Jupiter also plays a role here. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and excess, so it makes sense that it factors so strongly into the charts of billionaires.
    • For example, Bill Gates’ Jupiter is square his Venus, which rules his 11th Elon’s 11th house Saturn is opposite his Jupiter.


  1. Jupiter associated with the 2nd houseSince Jupiter is related to excess and expansion, its association with your 2nd house or second house ruler can indicate wealth
    • For example Warren Buffet’s Uranus, which rules his 2nd house, is square Jupiter. Bill Gates has Jupiter in his 2nd house


Elon Musk

Elon’s second house ruler is the Sun, which resides in his first house. This means he is primarily driven by money and financial security, which is a good indicator of someone wealthy.

The ruler of his 11th house is Venus.

His Venus is square Pluto. Taurus rules his 11th house, which ties hopes and dreams to material wealth. Pluto is the sign of extremes, transformation and overall change, so its square to Elon’s 11th house means he was meant to undergo a huge change to his finances at some point in his life.

Mars is in Elon’s 8th house, which indicates that he puts much energy into the acquisition of possessions, but he does not do so alone. The 8th house is about shared resources, including windfalls and inheritances. Mars rules his 10th house of business, so this aspect indicates shared resources from business.

Given all of this information, it makes sense that his first million dollars came from selling a jointly-owned company. Interestingly enough, his Progressed Mars retrograde was exactly conjunct his natal Mars when he made this sale.

Moreover, Jupiter squares his natal Mars. Jupiter is the sign of expansion and luck, so its square to his natal Mars indicates a large fortune for Elon.

Finally, Saturn is in the 11th house of Elon’s chart. This house represents one’s dreams, hopes and aspirations, so Saturn’s presence in this house represents making his dreams into a reality. Jupiter also opposes Saturn from the 5th house, which indicates Elon dreams BIG.


Jeff Bezos

Let’s look at Jeff’s 11th house: His Venus and Saturn are conjunct there. So, again, we have Saturn in the 11th house, just like Elon! Again, this aspect can indicates making one’s dreams a reality. Saturn rules his 10th house, so it makes sense that his massive wealth comes from his business (10th house)

What about Venus? Venus rules his 2nd house and 7th house, and is located in his 11th house. Having the ruler of the 2nd house in the 11th house is a good indication of wealth, because it links your income (2nd house) to your dreams and goals.

Moreover, the ruler of his 11th house, Uranus, is conjunct Pluto. Again, Pluto transforms what it touches, so its conjunction to his 11th house ruler indicates an extreme transformation related to his hopes and dreams will take place in his life.


Bill Gates

Bill’s chart is very straightforward when it comes to his wealth.

In the second house, we see he has Jupiter conjunct Pluto, which indicates massive wealth potential. Jupiter rules expansion and excess, while Pluto rules transformation, so Bill was meant to acquire an extremely large amount of wealth in his life.

The Jupiter/Pluto conjunction square his Venus/Saturn conjunction in his 5th house. Venus is the ruler of his 11th house, so again we see a connection between the 11th house and Pluto. Moreover, his Venus is in transformative Scorpio!


Warren Buffett

Let’s take a look at his money houses:

Warren’s 11th house is ruled by Pluto, and Pluto is widely conjunct his natal Jupiter in the seventh house. This indicates a lot of luck for Warren when it comes to realizing his dreams and goals.

Moreover, his Pluto squares Venus (there it is again!), and squares his natal Uranus! So, again, Pluto is making a hard aspect to his 11th house ruler.



The Ruler of Oprah’s 11th house, Saturn, is in Scorpio in the 8th house. Thus, there is a strong link between Oprah’s 11th house of long term goals and wealth and her 8th house of transformation and extremes.

Moreover, her Saturn (the ruler of her 11th house) is square her natal Jupiter, which expands the wealth and excess described in her chart.

Oprah also has Pluto conjunct Venus in the 2nd house, along with her Sun, Mercury, and North Node. This again points to much activity and transformation related to her income.

Finally, the ruler of her 2nd house, Mars, is conjunct her natal Jupiter! This links her house of income with the excess and luck of Jupiter.


Do you have any of these aspect in your chart?

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