Venus conjunct South Node in Synastry


Venus conjunct the South Node: This aspect denotes a “past-life” connection between the two individuals. In the past life, the two were most likely lovers/partners.

External forces or circumstances beyond the individuals’ control led to a separation, which transformed into a sense of longing and yearning for one another, which has continued into this lifetime.

Now, the individuals have been reunited in this lifetime to “close the books” on their relationship in order to move forward and learn to love independently from one another.

In nodal synastry, it is generally the node person who feels the connection more deeply, or at least, is more aware of the connection. In all nodal connections, there is a sense of fear or discomfort, especially on the part of the nodal person.

Being with the planet person reminds them of their past life, which may have been traumatic or unpleasant for the nodal person for whatever reason.

Many synastry articles regarding South Node connections imply that the South Node person may eventually feel held back or drained by the planet person, but I’ve found this to be true for the opposite case; that the planet person feels held back by the nodal person.

Other articles infer that the South Node was very kind to the planet person in a past life, and now, the planet person feels the need to pay the South Node person back in form of compliments, gifts, or activities related to the house in which the conjunction resides.

This can be draining for the Venus person, who may feel “held back” by the relationship and feel the need to move on. I’ve also found that Venus’ sense of self-worth is often compromised by the union due to the desire to “please” the South Node person in any way they can.
Either way, the connection is very strong with this aspect.

There is a sense of familiarity and comfort with this aspect; both have known each other from a past life, so love “comes easy” with this placement. The South Node person feels the Venus person understands them better than anyone, and the Venus person feels a sense of ease and comfort around the South Node person.

The attraction is through the roof with this placement. You “recognize” each other. Since the South Node represents the area we have mastered in a past life, the planet person can learn a lot from the South Node about their habits related to their own Venus.

I have heard countless stories of couples with this aspect in synastry, and one common element I’ve found with this aspect is that at least one of the individuals was “not supposed to be” at the location of their meeting on the day they met, and that they spotted each other early on and watched each other for a while before they spoke to each other.

South Node connections are often regarded as “negative”, in that they often indicate an ending of some sort. I believe South Node connections can indeed last a lifetime, depending on each person’s relationship with their own South Node in the natal chart.

Another indication of a lasting South Node relationship is if the couple also has North Node connections, which “balances” the synastry, so that both individuals feel both comfortable and feel that they are developing themselves through the union.

For example, Victoria Beckham’s Venus is conjunct David Beckham’s South node. David Beckham’s own South Node is conjunct his Mars, so we can infer that David is “South Node-oriented”; he tends to “fall back” on his South Node habitually.

There is a sense of familiarity and comfort between David and Victoria. In fact, David first fell for Victoria after seeing her on the television, and Victoria fell in love with David after seeing him in a sports magazine; there was an instant “recognition” of each other.

My ex boyfriend and I had a very tight Venus-South Node connection. His own Venus conjuncted his South node in his natal chart, so, like David Beckham, he tends to “fall back” on his South Node.

He was an incredibly good-looking, charming man (since his Venus conjuncts his South Node, his Venus is very well-developed), and I fell for him instantly. I was the only person he ever felt understood him, and he’d often describe me as his ideal mate.

I was similarly enthralled by him, and I did anything and everything to please him. I’m not the type to give away complimetns easily (my Venus is in Capricorn), but I would compliment him regularly.

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2 thoughts on “Venus conjunct South Node in Synastry

  1. I have a simular xperience, Back in 2011, I randomly met this guy, was on a break from work and went home to check on my sons, he was at a neighbors party, i walk out of my apt and there he stood on the bacolny. So freakin weird. We spoke exchanged #’s. Here is the weird part. This guys south node in leo at 3 degree is exactly my natal leo sun same degree. My leo venus conjuncts his south node as well, i think since my venus in leo is 12 degree, same sign. It gets better, his vertex in scorpio conjunct my IC with scorpio on the house cusp. We met at my home. His sun in pisces conjunct my south node in pisces in 7th house His south node is aquarius.. Aquarius is my 7th house cusp along with pisces. WTF is this. I have never had such an experience with a man like this before that it was so scary for me to feel this way. He told me when we met, something is here bewteen us cuz I can feel it. Can someone please tell me what thas is I cant shake this and I want to get over him but can’t. Haven’t seen him in 4 years. This is insane. I wonder if he has the same feeling or it it just me?

  2. I have my sun, mercury and venus in Leo, which conjuct with my boyfriend’s South Node (leo). He has a Venus, sun and jupiter in Leo too. But my north node’s in Saggatitus and his is in Aquarius instead. I found we have been in an on-off relationship. In which I was the one who always carry the thought that none everything he’ve done is good enough for me. i often feel like I love him way more in this relationship…

    But anyway, we met and feel in love like instantly. Even at that time he was a foreigner to me, who lived thousands miles away. But he’s still keep coming back. And we’re in a long-distance relationship more than a year already.. Sometimes it’s hard to keep things up. But there’re a bond that tied us together. as a girl I very often wanted to end this and moved on to something better, with a closer. But I just can’t. Trust me, I did try several times. It just doesn’t work. And seriously, I never found someone who loved as he did. And I have a belief that I won’t ever find anyone either….. Just sometimes I can’t help wanting to break out of this. we have to do it for at least 3 more years and sometimes I’m tired!! can you please base on the north node information I wrote in the beginning give a an advice. as I found all of your work are amazing and they’re so true!

    Thank you in advance, for reading my story and for your brillian work! 🙂

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