Mercury in the Houses Synastry

Mercury in the 1st house

This placement indicates a strong intellectual connection between the couple. This is a relationship full of conversation and communication.

The Mercury person feels the first house person is receptive to their ideas, and loves communicating with them. The first house person admires the Mercury person’s intelligence and generally enjoys bouncing ideas off of them.

On the downside, the first house person might feel overwhelmed by all of the Mercury person’s communication with them. This entirely depends on the first house person’s personality, and how Mercury is aspected in the other person’s chart.

Mercury in the 2nd house

This placement indicates this couple likes communicating about financial matters. The Mercury person has a lot of ideas on how the 2nd house person manages their finances.

Obviously, this would be a wonderful placement if this person is your accountant! In a relationship, it can work very well, especially if the house person is not financially literate.

Mercury in the 3rd house

This placement indicates this couple loves communicating with each other on a variety of subjects. These two have a lot of shared interests and love talking about them.

The Mercury person stimulates the house person’s curiosity, while the house person is a great soundboard for the Mercury person. These two might enjoy traveling locally or taking road trips together.

Mercury in the 4th house

This placement indicates it is difficult for this couple to keep emotions out of their intellectual conversations. Feelings tend to seep in when they are talking about pretty much anything!

The 4th house person like to talk about their family, past, and childhood with the Mercury person. The Mercury person likely gets along well with the house person’s family.

Mercury in the 5th house

This placement indicates a loving, fun and romantic bond between the couple. The 5th house is all about romance, creativity, and children, so their conversations may revolve around these subjects.

These two love talking, texting and flirting. The conversations they have are generally lighthearted and fun, which brings them both much joy. If the 5th house person is a creative type, the Mercury person might give them great ideas on how to expand their creativity further.

Mercury in the 6th house

This placement indicates the Mercury person likes to hear about the house person’s daily life. These two may be in contact frequently throughout the day because of this.

The Mercury person gives the house person ideas on how to be more organized, productive, and may enjoy giving advice on health-related matters. This would be an excellent position for couples who work together, for it shows that they know how to put their minds together and get the job done.

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Mercury in the 7th house

This placement indicates a supportive relationship based compromise and harmony. The Mercury person provides the house person an opportunity to see the ‘other side’ of an argument, which helps the house person make better-informed decisions.

The House person likes to consult with the Mercury person when making decisions, for they value the Mercury person’s input. The Mercury person provides excellent counsel to the house person. In addition, the house person learns the importance of seeing both sides of the argument as a result of their relationship with the Mercury person.

Mercury in the 8th house

This placement indicates a deep and intense intellectual connection between the couple. The house person feels very exposed and laid bare when they are around the Mercury person. It is as though the Mercury person can read the house person’s mind, or can see past their superficialities easily.

Mercury wants to get to know the house person on a deep and personal level. They want to know all of the house person’s secrets and feelings, The house person feels the Mercury person understands them on a profound level.

Mercury in the 9th house

This placement indicates the Mercury person stimulates the house person’s curiosity about travel, philosophy, and faith. Conversations likely revolve around these subjects in this relationship.

The Mercury person likes to discuss philosophical matters with the house person, and the two of them learn a lot from each other. There may be a shared interest in higher learning. These two love traveling together and exploring different cultures as a couple.

Mercury in the 10th house

This placement suggests the Mercury person helps the house person move ahead in their career. The Mercury person may be a sort of guide or mentor for the house person.

In this relationship, the house person greatly admires the Mercury person’s intellect. The Mercury person loves helping the house person make their dreams come true. conversations revolve around career and planning for the future.

Mercury in the 11th house

This placement indicates this couple enjoys spending time and communicating with friends, or in a large group. This is a very friendly placement overall, for it shows they communicate as friends, on a variety of subjects.

Conversations may revolve around science, technology, and friends. The Mercury person might introduce the house person to new technological gadgets.

Mercury in the 12th house

This placement indicates a dreamy and confusing communication style between the partners. The Mercury person has great insight into the 12th house person’s inner world, and wants to know all of the house person’s secrets.

The house person reveals a lot about themselves to the Mercury person, but must ensure the Mercury person is not deceiving them in some way. The 12th house is a vague and confusing house, so it is important to watch out for ulterior motives or deceit when someone’s planets land in this house.

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