Composite Mercury in the Houses

The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, Mercury represents how the couple communicates and what they like to talk about.

To properly assess Composite Mercury, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Mercury receives. In this article, we will go over how the Composite Mercury behaves in different houses.

Composite Mercury in the HousesĀ 

The Composite Mercury in the 1st house

With Composite Mercury in the 1st house, the couple enjoys a strong intellectual bond. The two of them enjoy texting and talking to each other regularly and bond over shared intellectual interests. They also really enjoy talking about themselves and their relationship. Their open lines of communication and great conversations are appreciated by both parties. They feel more open to express themselves with each other.

Composite Mercury in the 2nd house

This placement also indicates a shared focus on money and material possessions. This couple likes to plan how they accumulate, spend and save their money. This would be a wonderful placement for a working relationship/partnership due to the shared focus on material wealth. This placement can also indicate stubbornness and inflexibility in their communication, given the fixed nature of the second house.

Composite Mercury in the 3rd house

The 3rd house is naturally ruled by Mercury, so this couple will find communication easy and uncomplicated. They feel very understood by each other, and are happy to be with someone who understands them. Sharing ideas and interests brings them closer together. They enjoy taking short trips together, and might have shared educational interests or goals.

Composite Mercury in the 4th house

This couple will like to talk about the past, their families, and their childhoods. They feel very secure and comfortable in opening up in this relationship, so both partners will openly express their feelings to each other. There may be a strong interest in genealogy or learning about each other’s families.

Composite Mercury in the 5th house

This relationship encourages playful, creative communication. They enjoy playing board games and trivia together. Their conversations are lighthearted and positive, and they love making each other laugh.

Composite Mercury in the 6th house

This placement is often seen in the charts of coworkers, or even boss-employee relationships. Or, they might have a shared intellectual interest in 6th house activities, such as health. They are much more productive, efficient and detail oriented when they are together.

Composite Mercury in the 7th house

The placement of Mercury in the 7th house of partnerships indicates a relationship where harmonious communication is expected. This couple communicates very well – they listen to each other and are willing to compromise. Both partners feel ‘heard’ in this relationship.

Composite Mercury in the 8th house

The Composite Mercury in the 8th house indicates intense and deep conversations. This couple will reveal a lot about themselves to each other. They help each other ‘get to the bottom’ of their deep issues. Conversations are very healing and transformative. There may be a tendency for one partner to force their opinion on the other.

Composite Mercury in the 9th house

This couple loves talking about travel and philosophy. They enjoy discussing the meaning of life, religion, and their worldviews. As a couple, they love to travel and explore new cultures together. This relationship opens both partners’ minds to new possibilities and viewpoints.

Composite Mercury in the 10th house

This placement is great in a business partnership, as it indicates the couple has a shared interest in success. Discussions are practical, prudent, and mature. Both of them love discussing their career goals, and are happy to have someone to support and listen.

Composite Mercury in the 11th house

This placement indicates communication focused on friendships, causes, and long-term goals. They encourage each other to think outside the box, and are generally very accepting of the other’s ideas. They are both more open-minded as a couple than they are individually.

Composite Mercury in the 12th house

This placement indicates a relationship in which communication is dreamy and compassionate, but also confusing and disorienting. There may be a tendency to keep secrets from each other. At the same time, there is psychic-like connection between them, as if they can read each other’s minds.


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