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The Natal Chart of Prince Harry: An Earthy Prince

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984.

His Rising Sign is in Capricorn, which means he approaches life in a serious and no-nonsense manner.

Capricorns Rising people come across as very serious and formal, which is very fitting for a Prince!

They can be quite hard on themselves, and are far more critical of themselves than anyone else could be.

They are naturally ambitious people with a flair for business and leadership.

Capricorn Rising folks do not come across particularly friendly, but rather mature and capable. They are dependable, practical people who can be relied for their calm and cool approach to problems.

The Ruler of this 1st house, Saturn, is located in his 9th house of travel, faith, and higher learning.

Harry is very fond of traveling, but the planet Saturn here can indicate journeys related to one’s job or duty.

Traveling and exploring new cultures and worldviews is essential to Harry’s identity.

Harry also has Pluto, the ruler of his 10th house, in his 9th house, which indicates a career related to travel, higher learning, and/or faith.

Harry’s Sun is in Virgo in the 8th house. Virgos are known for being busy, productive, health-conscious people with perfectionist tendencies.

They are hard workers who feel best when they are being productive. They are service-oriented individuals who like to help others.

They are detail oriented and have critical minds. Virgos are very particular people, especially when it comes to health.

Sun in the 8th folks are usually very aware of, and even preoccupied with, mortality, so the combination with the Virgo energy means he is someone who likes to take care of their health and avoid accidents.

Some may even describe them as overly cautious in this regard.  This makes total sense given his childhood and the death of his mother.

Harry’s Moon is in Taurus in the 4th house, which indicates he is strongly connected to his family and roots, particularly his mother.

His Moon is opposed by Saturn, which indicates a rather cold and duty-bound upbringing.

Harry had to grow up fast because he had to grow up early, and may feel he missed out on his childhood due to all the duties placed on his in his early life.

Harry might find it difficult to express his ‘inner child’ because he never learned (or was discouraged on) how to show his vulnerable side.

Interestingly enough, his Descendant is in Cancer, which means the Moon rules his 7th house of partnerships.

It is not surprising there have been so much drama in his relationship with Meghan.

Saturn represents duty, career, and responsibility, and it directly opposes his 4th house Moon, which represent both his mother and wife.

In Harry’s life, there will be a constant push-pull between his duties and responsibilities, and his real of emotional security and partnership.

Given this, it is understandable that he felt he needed to choose one or the other.

Harry’s Venus in in Libra, which means he is a very relationship-oriented person. He feels most complete when he has a partner.

He is fond of cooperation and harmony in his romantic relationships. He will compromise with his partners, as he values justice and fairness greatly.

Harry’s Venus is in the 8th house, which means he seeks intense connections with others. He is ‘all-in’ when he finds someone he loves, and expects the same thing in return.

This placement is also great for wealth, as it indicates marriage will bring shared wealth and success, but also scandal.

Harry has his Mars in the 11th house in Sagittarius, which indicates he is an adventurous person who loves to travel.

Sagittarius represents the truth and honestly, so Harry will learn a lot about himself through his travels. He has the spirit of a true adventurer.

Mars in Sagittarius detest authority and are naturally rebellious; the more you try to control them, the more frustrated they become.

His Mars is in the 11th house, which indicates he puts a lot of energy and passion into his friends, goals, and humanitarian causes.

Harry has, or will have, friends from all walks of life. His Mars is conjunct Uranus, which indicates he can be quite impulsive and unpredictable.

He is naturally rebellious and has a strong dislike for authority.

Harry’s Jupiter is in his 12th house, which is an incredibly lucky placement.

I find that people with Jupiter in the 12th house are incredibly fortunate, particularly when it comes to taking major risks. Many “daredevils” have this placement.

This placement also indicates a very rich inner life.

He is a spiritual person who is interested in exploring the inner workings of his subconscious mind. He is very concerned with helping the less fortunate.


As per Harry’s chart, he is a very cautious individual who does not make big decisions without very careful consideration. It is clear from his chart that his decision to leave his old life was not taken lightly.

There is a very clear opposition between his duties (Saturn) and his partnerships and emotional security (the Moon).

He loves being in love, and is willing to compromise to make his partner happy. Combine this with a very cautious Virgo Sun, and it is unsurprising that he chose a new life path.

Prince Harry is a fascinating figure, and I am excited to see what he does next!

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