The Ass-trology of Big Butts



What natal astrological placements and aspects are indicative of a large butt?


Strong Venusian influences


Planets in Libra


Libra is commonly associated with the buttocks. As a result, you may find that people with their Ascendant, Sun, Moon, or Venus (Libra’s ruler) in Libra have large, rounded butts. For example, Beyonce Knowles has Venus in Libra conjunct Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto. Kim Kardashian has her Sun in Libra. Serena Williams has Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto in Libra.


Venus in the 1st House:


This aspect brings a Libran influence into the first house, which represents the physical body. As such, you’ll often find people with Venus in the first house have larger derrieres. This also applies to men! Nicki Minaj, Pippa Middleton, and Anna Nicole Smith have Venus in the first house.


Taurus Ascendant or Planets


Taurus is a feminine sign, ruled by Venus. As such, individuals with inner planets and points in Taurus are naturally voluptuous. Serena Williams and HalleBerry both have their Ascendant in Taurus.  Jessica Alba has a stellium of inner planets in Taurus.



Moon in Water Signs


The natal placement of a woman’s Moon has a significant impact on her physical appearance. Women with their Moon in a Water sign are generally voluptuous and feminine.


Moon in Scorpio:


Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and the anus. Scorpio is a water sign, and women with Scorpio placements, especially the Moon (feminine planet) are usually quite voluptuous. Women who are most famous for their large rear ends have their Moons in Scorpio. These celebrities include Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, Coco (Ice-T’s wife), and Scarlett Johansson.


Moon in Pisces:


Women with their Moons in Pisces are usually quite feminine and bottom-heavy. Celebrities with Moon in Pisces include Kim Karashian, Michelle Obama, and Jennifer Hudson, all of whom have nice, rounded backsides.


Moon in Cancer:


These women are also known for having great boobs, since Cancer rules the breasts. Cancer is an ultra-feminine planet, and represents the “mother”. Women with Moon in Cancer can be quite voluptuous. For example, Shakira has her Moon in Cancer in the 4th house! Penelope Cruz has her Moon and Ascendant in Cancer.


Planets or Ascendant in Sagittarius


Sagittarius is commonly associated with the hips, thighs, and buttocks. As such, individuals with major planets or points in Sagittarius may have large butts. For example, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, and Jessica Biel are Sagittarius Ascendants.



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