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Composite Mars in the Houses

The Composite Mars represents the energy, passion, and drive of the relationship. It shows how the couple expresses their desires and assert themselves as a unit. The sign that Mars is in will give more information about the nature of this expression.

For example, Mars in Aries may indicate a relationship that is active, competitive, and impulsive. Whereas Mars in Taurus may indicate a relationship that is steady, persistent, and sensual.

The house placement of composite Mars will give information about the area of life where the couple’s desires and actions are focused. The aspects that composite Mars makes to other planets in the composite chart will also give more information about how the couple’s desires and actions are expressed and received.

In this article, we go over how Composite Mars expresses itself in different signs.

Composite Mars in the 1st house

This placement indicates the relationship will bring out each partner’s assertiveness and confidence. They are direct and passionate in their interactions with each other, and share a powerful physical and sexual connection.

Because the first house represents how we present ourselves to others, this placement indicates the relationship is important to each partner’s sense of self, and how they are seen by others. They may be very focused on making a strong impression on each other, and may be willing to take risks to achieve this.

Composite Mars in the 2nd house

This placement indicates a relationship where energies are concentrated into the acquisition of wealth and material possessions. This is obviously a great place for a business partnership, due to the focus on making money! This couple earns (and perhaps spends) more money when they are together than they do individually.

Composite Mars in the 3rd house

The Composite 3rd house has to do with communications, short trips, siblings and neighbours. This placement indicates the couple will put a lot of energy into their communication. They are not afraid to speak their minds in this relationship, and might even enjoy arguing and debating one another.

They challenge each other’s ideas, which can be quite invigorating for both parties.  They may even say things they do not mean, due to the impatient and impulsive nature of Mars. This aspect also indicates the couple might take many short trips together, and have a lively relationship with siblings and neighbours.

Composite Mars in the 4th house

The Composite 4th house has to do with family, the home, the past, and our innermost feelings. In this relationship, the couple puts much energy to building a home and solid foundation together. There might be conflict or tension with family members with this aspect – it shows family will be a point of tension for the couple.

This can lead to tensions at home between the couple. There may also be disagreements in regards to real estate and interior design. At the same time, the couple’s private life is energetic and invigorating.

Composite Mars in the 5th house

This is a wonderful placement in a Composite Chart. This couple loves to have fun, and puts a lot of effort and energy into doing so! They encourage each other’s self-expression and creativity, so this would be a wonderful aspect for an artistic or otherwise creative couple.

This couple is social, and love playing games and amusing themselves. There may be a strong desire to have children together, as well, and if they do, much of their energy will be spent on them. This placement helps the relationship stay fresh, new and fun.

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Composite Mars in the 6th house

The placement of the Composite Mars in the 6th house indicates a relationship in which energies are concentrated into the couple’s daily life and routines. This couple work well together, and accomplish a lot as a team. Each partner will encourage the other to take on better habits, such as healthy eating and exercising.

They might love going to the gym together, and might be quite competitive with each other. One or both partners may feel criticized or belittled in the relationship in some way.

Given the nature of the 6th house, one partner may feel they are putting in more work than the other, or one partner may feel the other is very demanding. It is very important for each person to recognize the other’s efforts, and work together to ensure both partners feel valued and appreciated.

Composite Mars in the 7th house

This aspect indicates a lively relationship that is of great importance to both partners. The couple might argue a lot, especially if the relationship feels imbalanced, but work very hard to keep a balance between in the relationship. They both put a lot of time and energy into this relationship.

They will be open and honest about their feelings about the relationship, and will demand equal time and attention from each other. This aspect can indicate competitiveness between the couple, as well.

Composite Mars in the 8th house

This is a spicy-hot placement. The 8th house has to do with sex, death/rebirth, intimacy and deep transformation, and is naturally ruled by Scorpio. The sexual connection in this couple is very intense and transformative. They will put a lot of energy and effort into pleasing each other, and crave each other sexually. They are demanding of each other, and want to know all of their partner’s inner thoughts and secrets.

A relationship like this is not for the faint of heart; each partner triggers very deep feelings in the other, which can result in some pretty epic arguments (followed up with even better make-up sex!).

Composite Mars in the 9th house

This aspect indicates a focus and concentration of energy into 9th house activities like travel, higher education and philosophy/faith. This couple loves travelling together, and puts a lot of effort and energy into going on adventures together. They enjoy exploring new places and cultures as a couple.

This couple might challenge each other’s worldviews and beliefs. There might be a shared focus on higher learning and education, as well.

Composite Mars in the 10th house

The placement of Mars in the Composite 10th house indicates a shared focus on career and public matters. The couple puts a lot of energy into helping each other reach their goals and attain higher status. This would be a perfect placement for a business partnership.

Working together and achieving goals brings them closer together as a couple. Others see them as a brave, pioneering and dominating couple.

Composite Mars in the 11th house

The placement of Mars in the Composite 11th house indicates a shared focus on friends, groups/clubs, and long-term goals. These two love spending time with friends, and feel much more lively and energetic as a couple when they are in a group.

They might also join groups or clubs together. There might be a shared interest in technology and humanitarian causes.

Composite Mars in the 12th house

This placement can indicate a desire for inner exploration, and a need to understand each other’s motivations and desires. It can also indicate a need for privacy and solitude, as well as a potential for self-sabotage.

The couple may have a strong drive to uncover hidden truths and secrets, but may also struggle with repressed anger and frustration. There may be a focus on spirituality and helping the less fortunate.


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