Natal Mars in the Signs

Mars is the planet of sex, aggression, and drive. Where your Mars falls in your birth chart describes the way you express these energies. In fire, Mars is physical. In Earth, Mars is material and practical. In Water, Mars is emotional. In Air, Mars is mental.


Mars in Aries:


Mars is “at home” in this sign, which makes this placement very powerful. Here, Mars is energetic, courageous, impatient and impulsive. You like to get things done, and tend to act decisively. Aries is the sign of the Child, so you’ll find that Mars in Aries folk always need to get their way, and aren’t great at cooperation or teamwork. You have a natural inclination to lead, due to the fact that you are headstrong and very independent. You have a quick temper that dies down quickly. You are very instinctual, and very decisive. On the downside, you lack patience and self-discipline. You tend to “act before you think”, which may get you into trouble from time to time due to a lack of foresight. Your confidence can border on conceit.

Your sex drive is very strong, and you are easily aroused. You like spontaneous sex, and are addicted to the conquest. You can be quite selfish and quick in bed, and may not be fond of foreplay due to your impatience.

Mars in Taurus: 

In this sign, the physical drive is low. While you’re not as energetic as some other signs, you have amazing endurance. You put your energy into acquiring material wealth, which you do in a practical, determined way. As a fixed sign, Taurus is stubborn, so once you’ve chosen a path, you stick to it vehemently. You are very patient, and tend to hold your anger inside, which sometimes is released in the form of a major blow-up. You are usually calm and relaxed, and are not afraid to work for what you want.

You are highly sexual and sensual, and have a straight-forward, direct approach to sex. You might not be into fetishes or fantasies, but you are sensual and love stimulating your five senses, even in bed! You need plenty of physical contact, and have great stamina in bed.


Mars in Gemini: 

Mars in Gemini people have strong mental energies, which are often scattered and lack direction. When you get angry, you need to get things off your chest, and do so verbally. Debates are your forte, due to your wit and facility with verbal expression. You might talk “with your hands”. You thrive on change and variety, and can be difficult to keep up with. You may tend to change your job frequently. You are a great multi-tasker, and tend to spread yourself thin by engaging in several activities at once. You’re likely a chatty person, and have no problem expressing yourself. You are high-strung and nervous, and thus prone to mental strain.

The mind is Mars in Gemini’s erogenous zone. You need intellectual stimulation above everything. Because of your changeable nature, curiosity, and your love of variety, you might find it difficult to stay with just one partner. You love to kiss, and dirty talk really gets you off. You love role-playing and exploring various forms of sexual expression, which makes you a really fun sexual partner.


Mars in Cancer: 

You tend to express your energies in an emotional way. You are passive-aggressive, and shy away from confrontation. In order to act, you need to feel secure. You are cautious and defensive, but not particularly competitive or physical. You have a quiet, peaceful nature, and protective over your home and loved ones. You have a great work ethic, and frequently change your goals and objectives. You tend to be moody, manipulative, and have a bad temper.

Your sexual energy is tied up with your emotions. In bed, you are romantic and sweet, as well as protective and nurturing. You might like it when your partner is aggressive in bed. You are very loyal, as infidelity threatens your sense of security. Men with this placement are very attracted to breasts.

Mars in Leo: 

You are confident, passionate, and energetic, and have a natural ability to lead. You can be quite dramatic, and love being at the center of attention. You are charismatic, and a bit egotistical. You love recognition and appreciation, and are not afraid of taking risks. You have strong, fixed opinions, and can be rather overbearing. You are strongly idealistic and prideful, and humiliation angers you greatly.

Sexually, you are affectionate and passionate. Devotion and attention get you off in bed. You want to be the best your lover has ever had, and might even fib about your sexual conquests in order to impress partners. You are very sexual, but also require love and romance. You will stay loyal to a partner who gives you the attention and constancy you need. You can be quite jealous and possessive over your sexual partner.


Mars in Virgo: 

You expend a lot of energy into your job, and know how to get things done. You plan ahead with everything you do, and have great organizational skills. You are a perfectionist, and have excellent detail orientation. You are very dedicated to your job, and are very particular that your work is done correctly. This is a common placement for those in the medical field, or any field that involves helping people because Mars in Virgo folk like feeling needed. You tend to be very demanding of yourself and others, and can be prone to criticizing and nagging. Be careful not to become a workaholic or hypochondriac. You suffer from nervous tension, and may tend to worry and fidget when you have nothing to do.


While your sex drive may be strong, you may be timid when it comes to expressing it. Your sexuality is simple and uncomplicated, and you might feel insecure about your body. You like the idea of being someone’s sexual slave. You like to figure out your partner’s likes and dislikes to ensure his or her satisfaction. You might be turned on by physical imperfections.


Mars in Libra:


You are a charming, cooperative person who has a strong sense of fairness and justice. You tend to take the “middle road”, and avoid confrontation due to your need for balance and harmony. You tend to defend yourself and others. You may be passive-aggressive, and may be prone to sneaky behaviour. You are objective and intellectual, and your passions rarely get the best of you. You aren’t self-motivated, and sometimes need a push to get you into action. You can be quite lazy in going after you want, and might have difficulty asserting yourself out of fear of “rocking the boat”. You are indecisive, due to the fact that you always weigh the pros and cons of every decision.


Mars in Libras get off by getting YOU off. You love pleasing your partners, and take special care that this happens.  It is equally important that your partner pleasures you in return, as Mars in Libra individuals seek balance when it comes to sex. As an Air sign, you are “turned on” by intellectual stimulation and role-play. Sometimes the idea of sex can be more alluring than the actual physical act. Mars in Libra are fond of voyeurism and other non-physical forms of sex.


Mars in Scorpio:


You are strong-willed, self-disciplined, and controlling. Your keep your temper under control, but when you get angry, you can be quite frightening. Most of the time, however, you are cool and collected on the surface. You are stubborn and proud, and have a “do or die” approach to life. Your approach to life is very “black or white”; there is no middle ground with you.


This is a very strong sexual placement. You put a lot of energy into sex, and the opposite sex finds you very attractive. You are fascinated by taboos and love to explore the depths of sexuality with your make. You are jealous and possessive, yet loyal and trustworthy to your partners. You like the idea of your partner submitting completely and entirely to you.


Mars in Sagittarius:


Your energy level and enthusiasm are high with this placement, while your patience is low. You will readily stand up for your beliefs, and are quick to state your opinions. Indeed, it’s common for you to take a moral stance, which can give you a “holier than thou” label from your peers. You are a great debater, but can be quite blunt and tend to ignore other people’s points of view, and dislike when people disagree with you. You have a great need for freedom, and have a constant desire for adventure. You are restless and need to explore. You are very confident and optimistic, which helps you succeed in life. When you are angry, use physical activity as an outlet. You usually have lots of projects going on at once, but you lack the follow-through to see them to completion.


You approach love like a sport, and it’s difficult for you to commit to just one person. You have a fear of commitment, as you dislike anything that makes you feel “trapped”. You are highly sexual, and are bold in your quest to fulfill your sexual appetites. You don’t like sex that is too serious, and can be quite selfish in bed.


Mars in Capricorn:


When angry, you are cool and level-headed. You have amazing self-control over your emotional and sexual energies. You expend your energies into your career and personal attainment. You like to be on top of things, and are a natural achiever. You are hard working and patient, and may be a workaholic. Your professional ambitions are very important to you, as is your social status and public image. You tend to a bit too skeptical and cautious, which can make you miss out on opportunities. You take your responsibilities very seriously, and can be quite hard on yourself when things don’t go your way.


Your sexual style is straight-forward and simple. You might be drawn to older, experienced partners. In bed, you might like taking a submissive role. You are a sexual and sensual person, but you hide it behind a conservative, rigid demeanor. You might restrain your sexuality until later in life.


Mars in Aquarius:


You are independent, progressive, and enterprising. You are a great leader, because when you believe in something, you put your ideas forth with determination and zeal. You are open-minded, yet stubborn with your views. You often get into heated verbal arguments, and find it hard to “give in” to your opponent. It’s better to work independently, as you like being your own boss. You are non-traditional and logical, and are intrigued by the new and unconventional. You love shocking people with your original views. You are accepting of others, and see everyone as equals.


Sexually, Mars in Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation to get “turned on”. In fact, the “idea” of sex is very alluring to you. Aquarius is a futuristic sign, so cyber sex is especially appealing to you. You love experimenting with different sexual positions and toys in sex, in keeping with your love for the new and unusual.


Mars in Pisces: 

You are mild-tempered, passive, and gentle. You are attracted to music and art, and tend to “go with the flow”. You are not particularly aggressive or assertive, but rather emotional and intuitive. You are very emotional, and often require seclusion in order to sort your feelings out. You are attuned to the feelings of others, and are always ready to help someone in need. You are not particularly decisive, because sometimes you don’t know what you want. Your energy levels vary from day to day, and you do well in jobs requiring creativity.

You are a very romantic lover, and tend to idealize your mate. In bed, you are eager to please, and your partners may take advantage of this by always “taking” but never “giving”. To you, sex should transcendent the physical and emotional to a spiritual realm, so your idea of “perfect sex” can be difficult to achieve when your partner isn’t on the same level.