Powerful Pluto transits the Houses



Pluto represents death, sex, intimacy, shared resources, rebirth, and transformation. When Pluto transits a house, it intensifies the issues the house represents. Pluto dislikes superficiality, and tears down and rebuilds the aspect of our lives which interfere with our psychological growth. Pluto transits are long, as Pluto spends approximately 21 years in each sign!


Pluto transits the 1st House


This period marks a time of personal transformation, where everything from your physical appearance to your self-image changes. Indeed, you may go through a significant physical makeover.

The way you once projected yourself to others is overhauled in favor of a new pattern of relating. You may feel the need to control everything around you, which can have negative effects on your relationships.

This period is a time where you learn more about yourself, and you may choose to isolate yourself from others with the goal of examining your psychological self. As the planet of death, Pluto through the first house indicates that many things may “die” during this time, including relationships and fabrications you’ve projected onto others.

During this time, you are revealing who you really are and reclaiming your inner power.


Pluto transits the 2nd house


When Pluto transits your house of material possessions, a complete overhaul of your financial picture is likely. During this time, your sources of income may change. You may become obsessed with gaining complete control over your financial situation or attaining financial security.

Pluto symbolizes extremes, so you may experience an obsession with financial gain, or, on the other hand, a complete denial or material desires at this time. These changes will reflect your changing sense of values.


Pluto transits the 3rd house


When Pluto transits your house of communication, you think with a greater depth and concentration. Research and investigative studies are favored during this cycle, because you are better able to penetrate beneath the surface of things.

Your communication style changes during this time, as well; you are no longer satisfied with superficial, light conversations, and instead prefer to delve into the underlying issues of the subject at hand.


Pluto transits the 4th house


When Pluto transits the house of domestic life and family, your relationship with your parents may transform. On one hand, this transit can symbolize the termination of one’s relationship with a parent, or even the death of a parent, but on the other hand, this transit can symbolize reconciliation with a parent.

During this time, you may decide to move to a different location, or change the aesthetic look of your home. You may also choose to explore aspects of your familial past, including your heritage and genealogy.


Pluto transits the 5th house


When Pluto transits the house of children, romance, and creativity, these areas are likely to intensify. This period could indicate a time where you desire complete control over your children.

If you do not have children, this transit could solidify your decision to have, or not have children. Your love affairs are likely to intensify during this time, and the relationships you form during this cycle likely have a feeling of fatedness.

Indeed, the relationships you have at this time are likely to be the most intense love experiences of your life!


Pluto transits the 6th house


When Pluto transits the house of work, you may become obsessive about getting a job done. This can lead to overworking to the point of exhaustion, as you are taking your duties to the extreme.

On the other hand, a career move can develop at this time. The 6th house also represents health, so you may experience an intense desire to transform your diet or eliminate bad habits.

This transit often coincides with dramatic weight loss.


Pluto transits the 7th house


When Pluto crosses your Descendant, the “death” of a relationship or some of your attitudes towards relationships are likely. In fact, all of your one-on-one relationships, from marriage to business partnerships, are likely to undergo a transformation during this cycle.

Existing partnerships intensify, and relationships that are standing on unstable foundations are likely to disintegrate. Powerful emotions related to loyalty and honesty are likely to arise from yourself or your partner.


Pluto transits the 8th house


Pluto is at “home” in the 8th house. During this time, your focus may turn to issues surrounding death, sex, intimacy, and shared resources. In addition, you may become interested in subjects such as psychology, spirituality, and other subjects which deal with the hidden side of life.

A death of someone close to you may reveal secrets, which alter your sense of well-being. Sexually, your desires intensify, and you may be drawn toward sexual taboos.


Pluto transits the 9th house


When Pluto transits your ninth house of travel, higher learning, and beliefs, your worldview is likely to undergo a significant transformation. Your focus will turn to subjects like philosophy and religion.

Be careful to not get involved in cults or extreme religious groups. Outdated religious beliefs you previously held on to will be transformed due to a crisis of faith.

You may take a long-term journey which will serve to transform your perspective on the world.


Pluto transits the 10th house


During this cycle, your desire to achieve power and recognition through your career is intensified. This transit can bring great success, due to a renewed sense of ambition and a desire to dominate others.

Since Pluto represents extremes, you might experience massive failure in regards to your career or reputation. You could become ruthless in your quest for success, but the effects can be devastating if you take shortcuts or are going in the wrong direction.


Pluto transits the 11th house


When Pluto transits the 11th house, your friendships may change. You seek emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually intense friends, who will help develop your inner self.  

Superficial friendships are likely to end at this time. You may join groups or clubs committed to humanitarian causes. This cycle can also indicate a transformation of your long-term goals.


Pluto transits the 12th house


When Pluto transits your 12th house, deeply buried aspects of yourself surface and demand your attention. This transit may bring out childhood events that have been affecting you until now.

Many individuals engage in psychotherapy or psychiatric help during this transit. The deepening of your self-knowledge and inner attitudes will occur at this time. In addition, your desire for privacy and seclusion may intensify.