Venus through the Signs and Houses

Venus in Aries: have a very direct, aggressive, masculine, upfront approach to love. Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house, the house of the “Self”, and can therefore be quite childish and selfish in love.

They are very playful and flirtatious, as well as impulsive. Aries is the “hunter” of the zodiac, and therefore love the “chase”. Venus in Aries are not known for having long-term relationships; once the chase is over, and they feel they have “caught” their partner, Venus in Aries may become bored and begin chasing someone else.

Venus in Taurus: tend to be stable, loyal, solid partners. Taurus is the natural ruler of the 2nd house, so material comfort and financial security are important to Venus in Taurus natives.

These natives revel in sensual pleasures, like cuddling, good food, good wine, comfortable surroundings, etc.. Taurus is a fixed sign, so Venus in Taurus natives are often slow to commit, but when committed, they tend to “hold on” to their partners and are resistant to change.

Venus in Gemini: need variety and excitement in relationships. Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house, the house of “communication”, so intellectual stimulation is important to them.

They are incredibly flirtatious, and will wow you with their repertoire of knowledge. Venus in Gemini natives bore very easily and crave change, so it is easy to get frustrated by their fickle ways.

They might be prone to talking about their relationship endlessly. Communication is key with these individuals, as they require intellectual stimulation to keep interest.

They also love to experiment with new hairstyles and clothing, in keeping with their ever-changing nature.

Venus in Cancer: will win you over with their caring, nurturing nature. Cancer is the natural ruler of the 4th house, the house of the “Emotions” and the “Home”, so security and feelings are important to them.

Cancer is a very intuitive sign, and thus pays more attention to your feelings, than your words and actions. They can be prone to mood swings in love, and are turned off by anything impersonal.

They are not afraid of confrontation, and if you hurt them, they have a difficult time forgetting this. Cancer is a rather insecure sign, so partners must strive to make them feel secure and loved.

Venus in Leo folks expect and require a lot of attention from their mates. Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house, the house of “Romance” and “creativity”.

They are high-energy lovers, who thrive on excitement and passion in their relationships. They dislike relationships that are impersonal, boring, or dull.

It is difficult for these individuals to separate love from sex, and require both in a relationships; sexless romantic relationships or loveless sexual relationships just won’t do.

Venus in Leo natives require loads of respect and appreciation from their mates. Partners must ensure they maintain the same amount of enthusiasm as their Venus in Leo mate displays towards them, as any hint of disinterest will send the Venus in Leo native running.

Venus in Virgo: are very devoted and hard-working in relationships. Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house, the house of “work” and “health”. Venus in Virgo natives tend not to take risks in love, and prefer partners who recognize and show appreciation for all the little things they do.

Venus in Virgo is very perceptive and critical, and may show love by nagging and criticizing. This is not because they want to hurt their partners; rather, they are simply trying to help you. They are turned-off by show-offs and boastful individuals.

Venus in Libra: look for peace and harmony in their relationships. Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th house of “one-on-one relationships”, so they are naturally relationship-oriented.

They are kind, fair lovers who dislike brashness and aggression when it comes to expressions of love. Relationships are very important to these individuals, and they dislike being alone. Venus in Libra likes to share, and has the uncanny ability to put themselves in their lovers’ shoes.

They are afraid of confrontation, and dislike confrontational mates. They are very attractive to the opposite sex, and enjoy intellectual stimulation. They are usually very well-mannered, polite, and well-spoken, and are very socially-graceful.

Venus in Scorpio: look for intensity in their relationships. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th house of “Intimacy”. They are very loyal partners who crave intimacy and dislike superficiality and game-playing in their relationships.

They give their partner undivided attention, and expect the same in return. In love, Venus in Scorpio can be very obsessive, possessive, jealous, controlling, and suspicious of their mates. They have tremendous sex appeal, and are not afraid of commitment.

Venus in Sagittarius: craves adventure and excitement in relationships. Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the 9th house, the house of “expansion, travel, beliefs, and higher learning”.  They dislike routine and co-dependency in relationships, in keeping with their roaming, restless nature.

They are very friendly, open-minded and flirtatious, and need a partner who can keep up with their need for variety and love of travel. They are not fond of commitment, as they dislike feeling “boxed in” by their relationships. Do not criticize them for their beliefs, as this will anger them.

Venus in Capricorn: craves stability and loyalty in love. Capricorn is the natural ruler of the 10th house, the house of “responsibility” and “career”. As a result, they are attracted to successful, older partners.

They are slow to enter relationships, as they need to be 100% sure their mate is a loyal, responsible person they can trust before they make a commitment. Venus in Capricorn suffers from a strong fear of rejection, and is petrified of getting hurt.

They also fear vulnerability, so outward displays of affection and emotion are not their cup of tea. Winning over a Venus in Capricorn individual requires patience and understanding, as well as reassurance.

They tend to think long-term when it comes to relationships, so short-term flings are not favored with this placement. When they do commit, however, they are loyal, responsible mates. They show their love by doing things for you, rather than through words and physical displays of affection.

Venus in Aquarius: craves unconventional, unusual relationships. Aquarius is the natural ruler of the 11th house, the house of friendships. As a result, they generally make better friends than lovers.

They dislike tradition, routine, and emotional displays in their relationships. They are often attracted to individuals of different cultural backgrounds, and are fond of long-distance relationships.

They also dislike restrictions, and can appear aloof and uninterested to their partners. They require intellectual stimulation in their relationships, and enjoy being recognized for their sharp minds.

Being a fixed sign, Venus in Aquarius is quite loyal once they have made a commitment. They require low-maintenance, independent mates who give them the freedom to be with their friends.

Venus in Pisces: is capable of unconditional love. Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house, the house of “mystery” and “dreams”. As a result, they are usually very idealistic about their relationships, and have difficulty setting boundaries between themselves and others.

They can generally find something they like about every person they meet, and tend to see the best in people. This can also mean that they see things in people that aren’t even there. 

This can lead to choosing partners that are not good for them, who use them and take advantage of their compassionate nature. Instead of acknowledging this, Venus in Pisces makes excuses for their mates’ faults in order to keep the dream alive. It is for this reason that Venus in Pisces natives may find themselves in abusive relationships, love triangles, and the like.

Venus in Pisces may even choose partners who have serious problems (i.e. mental health issues, addicts, etc.) with the goal of “saving” that person, as they are willing to sacrifice their own happiness to be of help to others. With this placement, idealization of partners in common. Venus in Pisces has an idealistic view of relationships and love in general, and is on a constant search for their soul mate.

They daydream about their ideal mate, and the kind of relationships they envision are other-worldly. Real relationships, however, are difficult; they require a tremendous amount of work, compromise, and often include conflict.

When confronted with these realities, Venus in Pisces may choose to quietly exit the relationship, leaving their partner wondering where it all went wrong.

Venus in Pisces natives are attracted to the unattainable. When someone isn’t yours, it is easy to keep the fantasy of them alive because you’ll never be confronted with the realities of a real relationship with them.

This ties in to the fact that Venus in Pisces often find themselves in the role of the “other woman” or “other man”; they get all the romance and fantasy of a relationship without having to deal with the hard work that comes with it.


Venus in the first house: Individuals with this placement pay a great amount of attention to their physical appearance.

Have any friends who constantly look at themselves in the mirror? He or she probably has Venus in the 1st house. This placement endows the individual with charm, social graces, and good-looks.

On the downside, these individuals may come off as superficial and/or vain.

Venus in the second house: In the second house, Venus is accidentally dignified. This placement suggests a carefree attitude to finances, and an appreciation of luxury and comfortable surroundings.

You know that friend with designer everything? She probably has Venus in the second house.  Money is “easy come, easy go” with this placement. Spending habits can be wasteful; money is often used for Venusian activities, like beauty treatments and socializing.

Venus in the third house: Individual with this placement are expressive and tactful, and make wonderful mediators. You know that friend who can talk her way out of any bad situation?

She probably has Venus in the third house. They may have beautiful voices, and are gifted in the areas of creative writing and poetry.

Venus in the fourth house: This placement suggests a need for beauty and harmony within the home.

You know that friend with a natural flair for interior design? She might have Venus in her fourth house. Loving and affectionate, Venus in the fourth house natives easily become attached to their partners.

Venus in the fifth hours: This placement suggests a love of romantic attention and flirtatiousness.

You know that friend who’s always up to having a good time? She might have Venus in the fifth house. In the fifth house, Venus craves fun and sensuality, and attraction to the opposite most likely began very early.

Venus in the sixth house: In the house of “work”, Venus aims to be of service to their partners. Individuals with this placement win partners over with their practicality and hard work when it comes to relationships.

You know that friend who keeps getting involved in office romances? She might have Venus in the sixth house.

Venus in the seventh house: Venus in comfortable in the house of “relationships”. With the placement, the native dislikes being alone, and craves partnership.

These individuals are attractive to the opposite sex, due to their agreeable, charming natures. You know that friend who attracts boys like bees to honey? She might have Venus in her seventh house.

Venus in the eighth house: In this house, Venus seeks intensity, drama, and intimacy. Individuals with this placement are generally possessive and jealous, while at the same time, loyal and intense.

This also denotes a need for whole-hearted commitment from partners, and an attraction to the taboo, hidden or forbidden.

Venus in the ninth house: is often attractive to individuals of different backgrounds.

You know that friend who’s list of ex-boyfriends could rival the United Nations? She probably has Venus in the ninth house. In this house, Venus demands freedom and growth. Stagnant, stuffy, dull relationships repel them.

Venus in the tenth house: derives pleasure from their career. Public relationships are important to these individuals. They have a charming, attractive public persona, and are often found in careers related to the arts, law, and diplomacy.

They are often attracted to older, successful partners, and partners that make them “look good”. You know that friend who married to her career? She might have Venus in the tenth house.

Venus in the eleventh house: have a deep love of friendship, and often prefer it to intimate relationships. They are attracted to individuals who share a concern for humanity, intellectual stimulation and freedom. 

It is easy for these natives to have friends of the opposite sex, and partners are often found through friends or group activities. Know that friend who married her long-time, childhood friend? She might have Venus in the eleventh house.

Venus in the twelfth hours: are kind, sympathetic lovers. They often spend their time daydreaming, and have a love of solitude. The love life is often kept secret with this placement.

These individuals are drawn to secrets, mysteries, and people who need “help”. They are very sensitive and easily hurt. They can become disillusioned by the partners, as they tend to see what they want to see in their relationships.

You know that friend whose love life you know nothing about? She might have Venus in the twelfth house.

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