Venus-Jupiter in Synastry



Venus is the planet of love, romance, money, and pleasure. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, optimism, and fortune. In synastry, aspects between Venus and Jupiter indicate a great deal of fun and affection between the two of you.


The harmonious aspects (conjunct, trine, and sextile) indicate a great deal of generosity and goodwill between the two of you. You are highly affectionate with one another, and truly enjoy spending time with each other.

Being together is fun! The relationship is characterized by plenty of laughter and good times, and the two of you may share plenty of inside jokes. You feel comfortable showing affection to one another, and create a very pleasant atmosphere together.

You easily forgive one another, as you tend to give each other the benefit of the doubt. This aspect also indicates a good amount of generosity, especially on the part of the Jupiter person. In fact, you find it enjoyable to spoil one another!


The square and opposition are slightly more tricky, but still very pleasant. You tend to have high expectations of each other and your relationship, which can lead to disappointment if and when one person’s expectations are not met.

You are likely to promise a lot to one another, as well. In addition, there can be a tendency to be overly-polite to one another, which can end up being seen as superficial or un-genuine.


You two are likely to have a wild time together, as you encourage each other to over-indulge in pleasure and excitement. For example, couples with this aspect may tend to go on dates at the trendiest, most expensive restaurants, and fill up on the most sugary, decadent desserts together.