Jupiter Transits the 6th House

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and optimism.

The 6th house is the house of health, work environment, dental hygiene, and daily routines. The 6th house is naturally ruled by Virgo.

What you can expect when Jupiter is transiting your 6th house:

  • Increased preoccupation with your health: on the positive side, this transit can make you adopt healthier eating/exercise routines. This can also manifest in an increase in physical energy. This a a great time to stop smoking or starting that new exercise regimen. On the negative side, this transit can also increase hypochondriac tendencies. In other words, Jupiter can increase worry about your health, or increase your attention on existing health issues. If you have a planet in the sixth house, new health issues may surface. For example, Jupiter transiting conjunct your 6th house Uranus may increase anxiety and nervous energy. The body may feel more sensitive during this transit, as awareness of your health increases.
  • Meeting new doctors/healers, and exploring alternative health treatments: new contacts with different doctors, healers, chiropractors, etc.. may take place during this time. You might explore alternative medical treatments to improve your health or to treat existing medical conditions.
  • Discovering health issues you never knew existed: You might discover the root of any health conditions you have been suffering from.
  • increased preoccupation with dental hygiene: the 6th house rules dental hygiene, so you might find yourself more preoccupied with your teeth under this influence


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