Libra, Venus & the Hopeless Romantic

Everyone loves Libras. They are beautiful, they are socially graceful, and they make wonderful partners. What makes the Libra man tick? What will make him want to settle down with you? Let’s explore…

This article is applicable to men with their Sun, Moon, Venus, and/or Ascendant in Libra. This also applies to men with Venus in the 7th house.

Libra is the natural ruler of the 7th hosue of “one-on-one partnerships,” and is ruled by the planet Venus.

Libra men are charming, diplomatic, and loving. As the natural ruler of the 7th house, Libras are instinctively drawn to partnerships. In fact, they feel quite empty when they don’t have a partner, and this is great news for you! Symbolized by the scales, Libras seek harmony and balance in their relationships. He intensely dislikes confrontation, and prefers to take the “middle road” rather than taking a specific side on an issue. At the same time, Libras can be incredibly indecisive, even when it comes to choosing a partner. Libra men love having many admirers, but will settle down once he believes he has found the perfect partner.

Libras are also very social and tend to have a wide circle of friends. They can easily see other people’s points of view, which makes them excellent conversationalists. As an air sign, Libras are intellectual and independent.

Libras are naturally drawn to beautiful people and beautiful things. In fact, Libras tend to choose friends that make them “look good.” He is attracted to women with good taste and beauty. The kind of relationship he craves is balanced and interdependent; he wants to socialize with you as much as he wants to spend time at home with you. He wants you to provide the counterbalance for any of these shortcomings. If he finds the perfect yin to his yang, he’ll be hooked.

To get a Libra man, compliment him on his style and taste. Plan romantic activities like weekend getaways, dinners by the fireplace, and picnics. Take him out for a night on the town, as Libras love to schmooze and socialize. Take him to places of quality, like high-end restaurants and nightclubs. Dress to impress, as the Libra man loves spending a night out with a beautiful woman on his arm. The opinions of his family and friends matter very much to him, so be sure to win them over, as well. Given his indecisiveness, he may take a while to decide to commit to you, but once he does, he’s yours forever. During the waiting period, be sure to not nag him or throw tantrums; Libras are peace-loving folk, so too much drama will send him flying.

In bed, be sure to give as much as you take. Libras are very eager to please you, but he will dislike it if you do not please him in return.

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