Saturn Transits the Houses

Saturn transits are notoriously tough. Saturn represents discipline, pessimism, restriction, and depression, and in transit, infuses your natal houses and planets with this energy. Read more to see how Saturn affects you as it transits your natal houses.


Saturn transits the 1st house:


As Saturn transits your house of Self, you become more serious and introspective. An increase in responsibility, maturity and realism are in store. You may choose to present yourself to the world in a more “mature” way, opting for clothes and hairstyles that are on the mature side.

This transit can also indicate increased self-discipline, so it’s a great time to rid yourself of bad habits and overcome your inhibition. This is also an indicatin of weight-loss.


Saturn transits the 2nd house:


As Saturn transits your house of personal finances, you focus turns towards financial security. Your approach to money matters turns serious and responsible, so you might be more frugal than usual during this time.

Often, this indicates a time of financial asceticism and strict budgeting, especially if you’ve been irresponsible with your finances in the past. The 2nd house also represents your personal values, so you might find yourself re-evaluating what is important to you.


Saturn transits the 3rd house:


As Saturn transits your house of communication, your mind turns towards more serious matters. This is a good time to buckle down on your studies, because your mind is so much more focused and disciplined during this time.

Your style of communication may change during this time, as well, which could be difficult for your peers to understand, if they have come accustomed to your old ways. During this time, you are more likely to “watch what you say”. You might feel a strain in your relationships with neighbors and relatives.


Saturn transits your 4th house:


As Saturn transits your house of home life and family, domestic responsibilities take the forefront of your life. Obligations to your family might plague you during this time, so it’s time to step up and fulfill your familial duties.

This is the time to resolve your childhood issues in order to clear the way for growth. Saturn also represents “restriction”, so this might be a time where you are separated from your family. This transit often occurs at the time a child leaves home.


Saturn transits your 5th house:


As Saturn transits your house of fun, romance, and children, your approach to these areas becomes more disciplined and responsible. You might see your romantic relationships as limiting, and increased responsible to your children might become burdensome.

Any fear you’ve had of fun and romance will be confronted during this cycle, which will help you learn how to give and receive love more easily. You become more mature about romance, and take a serious approach to love affairs.


Saturn transits the 6th house:


When Saturn transits your house of work, health, and habits, you feel overburdened in these areas. This is a time of responsibility and hard work and increased anxiety (the 6th house rules the nerves).

Health issues may pop up during this time, so take extra care. This is a great time to go on a diet or begin a new exercise regimen. You are more serious about your health during this time, so use this energy to your full advantage!


Saturn transits the 7th house:


When Saturn transits your house of one-on-one relationships, you take a more serious approach to relationships. This is often the time a person enters their first, committed, serious relationship.

Relationships begun under this influence are generally heavy and serious, and the partner may be older. Break-ups often occur during this time (especially when Saturn conjuncts the Descendant), because Saturn forces you to take a good, hard look at your relationships to see what is working, and what is not.

This transit can also indicate increased loneliness if you are not partnered up.


Saturn transits the 8th house:


When Saturn transit your house of sex, death, power, and joint resources, your energy turns inward. You may become fascinated by subjects like death and psychology. Unfortunately, I have observed this transit to wreak havoc on one’s sex life.

Your approach to sex is more serious during this time. You don’t want to have “fun” sex, you want to have “real” sex. Unless your partner can offer you this, you’re likely to feel dissatisfied with your sexual experiences during this cycle.


Saturn transits the 9th house:


When Saturn transits your house, you develop a serious attitude towards higher education, travel, and philosophy. This is often the time you pursue higher education.

Indeed, the 9th house is the last phase before entering the career phase of one’s life. You may take on a more serious, or skeptical, approach to your religion (if any) or belief system.

You are attracted to metaphysics and philosophy at this time, and take on a more mature outlook on life. This cycle also favors long-distance travel, which will change your outlook on the world considerably.


Saturn transits the 10th house:


Saturn is “at home” in the 10th house. When Saturn transits your 10th house, career matters, reputation, and social

status are at the forefront of your life. This period indicates an increase in responsibility and recognition in your career, especially if you haven’t “cut-corners” in the past to get where you are. Remember: Saturn always rewards hard work.

Your professional success might be at the expense of your domestic situation at this time. In contrast, Saturn transiting your 10th house could also restrict your career opportunities, and the person may not find professional success once the transit is over.


Saturn transits the 11th house:


As Saturn transits your 11th house, your relationship with your friends might feel strained. This is a “cleaning out” phase when it comes to friendships; you are no longer satisfied with superficial relationships, so this could possibly be a time of good-byes.

You strengthen your relationship with your “true” friends at this time. You may feel less sociable than usual, or feel self-conscious in group settings. Conversely, you might feel more responsible to your friends during this time.

The 11th house also represents your long-term goals, so this period could be a time of culmination or restructuring of those goals.


Saturn transits the 12th house:


When Saturn transits your 12th house, you may feel lonely and isolated. This is a wonderful time to sever any ties to negative habits or people you’ve been holding onto.

This is a great time to commit to your spiritual practices, such as meditation. This is the time to complete any unfinished business that has been plaguing you. You may become protective over your privacy during time.



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