Uranus transits the Moon

Uranus transits conjunct your natal Moon: This is a time of major changes in your personal life, home, or family. Your free, natural emotional instincts are likely to surface during this transit, leaving those around you feeling confused and surprised.

Emotionally, you are more wild and free during this cycle. As such, sudden mood swings and emotional changes are likely during this time. Your inhibitions lessen.

You may have the sudden impulse to do something completely different and out of the norm. In love, you will be more impulsive and may tend to act before you think.

You are likely to feel unsatisfied with the state of your life at the moment, and are impatient for change. Family members, especially female, are likely to act in unpredictable ways.

On the downside, you are likely to be less reliable and concerned with other people’s needs.

There may be many changes within one’s family during this time. For instance, during my Uranus conjunct Moon transit, my sister got married. Many overseas relatives came to our city, so suddenly my home was crammed with family!

My grandmother also passed away during this time. In addition, my relationships with my (female) family members changed a lot during this time. Family I was once close to, I lost to petty arguments and disagreements, while I got closer to family members I was not close to at all before the transit.

In love, I was much more impulsive (Aries moon) with my partner, to the point where I nearly scared him away. I was so upfront about my emotions, and I did not care what he thought. I was going to be my own person whether he liked it or not.

Uranus transits sextile or trine your natal Moon: This transit serves to free your emotional expression. Indeed, this is a time of emotional awakening. Good times are likely, since your inner child is likely to surface at this time.

Indeed, this is a great time to change your routine to allow more time for “play.” Breaking away from routine in favor of more exciting opportunities is encouraged at this time.

Your habits and surroundings may change or improve during this time. You desire more independence, variety, and changes in your relationships. Past feelings of insecurity are likely to disappear during this time.

Uranus transits square or opposite your natal Moon: During this transit, you are likely to feel much more impatient and restless. Your need to break free from restrictive circumstances or situations is likely to occur at this time.

Situations and people who don’t make you “feel” right are likely to be discarded at this time. Since this is a hard transit, you may experience emotional turmoil and upsets.

Nervous strain is likely at this time, and your usual routines are likely to be disturbed. If you have been keeping your feelings inside, they may suddenly burst forth during this transit in an unpredictable fashion.

Alternatively, something or someone may be suddenly taken away from you, and you find yourself suddenly on your own.

Check which house the Moon rules in your chart in order to get a better idea of how the transit will manifest.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 1st house, changes to your physical appearance and the way you project yourself to the world are likely to occur. This is a time of increased emotional independence.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 2nd house, changes to your financial system and values are likely to occur. Your finances may be erratic and unpredictable during this time. You may desire greater independence from your material possessions.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 3rd house, changes to your communication style, or relationships with your siblings, neighbors, or relatives may occur.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 4th house, changes to your living situation or family are likely to occur. You may desire, or be forced to become more independent from your parents. You may also feel cut off from your roots.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 5th house, sudden changes to your love life are likely to occur. Relationships are likely to be on again, off again. This transit can also indicate unexpected pregnancies, so be careful!

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 6th house, sudden changes in your work environment are likely to occur. Perhaps your work schedule will become unpredictable or erratic. This transit can also indicate sudden changes to your health.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 7th house, changes involving your one-on-one relationships are likely to occur. Particularly in the case of the conjunction, square, or opposition, a relationship may suddenly exit and/or enter your life.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 8th house, changes to your shared resources may occur. Sudden windfalls are likely. You may also become more attracted to sexual taboos. A sudden death of someone close to you (particularly female relatives) may occur.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 9th house, you may suddenly decide to go back to school. Alternatively, you may suddenly decide to embark on a long-term trip. Your religious belief system is likely to undergo a radical change, as well.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 10th house, changes to your career or social status are likely to occur during this transit. Unexpected events surrounding one’s father may occur at this time, as well.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 11th house, changes to your circle of friends may occur. Long-term friendships may suddenly end, or you may become friends with an unusual bunch of people.

If the Moon rules, or is situated in your 12th house, your emotional expression is likely to manifest in unexpected, uncontrolled ways, which may be prompted by sudden unexpected news.

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