Aries, Mars & the “Hunter”

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Ever dated a “hunter”? No, not the mean guy who kills Bambi, but the courageous, active, direct guy with a love of passion and adventure? The impulsive guy who loves a good chase? There are several aspects which indicate a guy is a “hunter”. Let’s take a look at a few…

This article relates specifically to men with Sun, Moon, Venus or Ascendant in Aries.

Aries is the natural ruler of the 1st house of the “Self”, and Aries is ruled by Mars.

Aries men are impulsive, childish, self-absorbed and direct. He is competitive; he won’t let you win “just ‘cause you’re a girl.” He tends to put his own needs ahead of everyone else’s. He’s confident and self-assured; he knows he’s sexy, and won’t hesitate to let you know this! In love, his favorite part is the chase. He likes to keep things exciting and passionate, and is addicted to the conquest. This can make “settling down” difficult for Aries guys; when a relationship becomes too “settled”, he might get bored and start chasing someone else. As the sign of the Child, Arians can be quite immature and self-absorbed. They are also impatient; when they want something, they want it NOW! They are not afraid or confrontation. In fact, a good conflict really gets their juices flowing! He has no problem telling you if he hates your dress, or if your hair looks messy; he is frank, direct, and even tactless.

Above all, Aries men like a challenge, and this is what you’ll have to present him if you want him to be yours. Aries men like a woman who will make him work for her attention. Girls he can seduce easily bore him, so play hard to get! Never let him think he fully “has” you, and he’ll be yours forever.

Aries men like a woman who is full of confidence, intelligence, and adventure. Sexy clothes turn him on; he’ll love to show you off if you’re dressed to impress. Be playful and fun- Aries men love that. Stay honest and direct with him; sugarcoating and indirectness will just annoy him. Praise and compliment him, as Aries men need to feel adored. This guy loves competition, so challenge him to a basketball shoot-out, a chess game, and intellectual debate- anything that involves competitiveness.

In no circumstance should you ever insult is self-confidence or masculinity- this is sure to send the Aries man into a fit of rage!