Astrology of the Vice-Presidential Debate

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This presidential election campaign has been fascinating to watch as an astrologer. After looking at the transits of all four candidates (Obama, Romney, Biden, and Ryan), it has become clear to me that this presidential race is a battle between Saturn and Neptune. Both Obama and Biden are experiencing heavy Saturn transits at this time, while Romney and Ryan are experiencing intense Neptune aspects at this time. Keeping this in mind, watching the news has become even more entertaining! Romney and Ryan are constantly being attacked for making dishonest claims and coming up short on details, while Obama has been slandered for his terrible performance in Wednesday’s debate, in which he appeared to be somber, uninterested, and dull. Both Romney and Ryan are experiencing Neptune square Ascendant transits, while Obama is experiencing a Saturn square Mercury transit. We have yet to see Biden in debate action, but Saturn will be transiting opposite his natal Moon at the time of the debate.


Here are some more details on Biden’s and Ryan’s transit for the day of the debate.


Joe Biden’s Transits for Oct. 11/2012


Mars will be conjunct Biden’s Sagittarius Ascendant. It is probably not very surprising to people that Joe has a Sag Ascendant. He is known for putting his foot in his mouth, which is a classic Sagittarian trait. With Mars conjunct this point, he will have to be extra careful about what he says and how he says it! Not to mention, Mars will be opposite his natal Uranus, which puts him at increased risk for making a blunder. This transit will also increase Biden’s aggressiveness and assertiveness, in regards to the way he presents himself.


Transiting Saturn will be exactly opposite Biden’s Moon in Taurus. This transit indicates a time in which your personal needs and your public responsibilities are at odds with one another. This is a time when you feel isolated from your loved ones, and increases your sense of loneliness. During this transit, the person generally feels burdened by external incidents. Hopefully, he will be able to use this energy to focus on his task and work hard to ensure he does a good job.


Transiting Venus will be square Biden’s Saturn, increasing his sense of loneliness, while at the same time, increasing his awareness of his responsibilities. Saturn transits can be helpful, as they help us focus and work hard. However, Saturn also makes us feel drained, unloved, underappreciated, and tends to do a number on our self-confidence. Hopefully Biden will embrace the positive aspects of this transit and will be able to pull through for his party.


Transits for Paul Ryan on Oct 11/2012


Incidentally, Paul Ryan also has his Ascendant in Sagittarius, at practically the same degree as Joe Biden! As such, Mars will also be transiting Ryan’s Ascendant! Again, his aggressiveness and assertiveness increase under this transit.


Like his running mate Mitt Romney, Ryan is experiencing several Neptune transits at the moment. In fact, transiting Neptune will be square his natal Neptune the day of the debate. This transit will be “set off” the day of the election with Transiting Mars conjunct his natal Neptune.


Neptune will also be square his natal Ascendant. Ironically enough, Romney has the same transit going on at this time! Romney’s Ascendant in Gemini is exactly opposite Ryan’s Ascendant in Sagittarius. This is a powerful link between the two. Interestingly enough, Romney’s Neptune square Ascendant was “set off” by transiting Sun conjunct his natal Neptune on the day of the last debate, and now Ryan’s Neptune square Ascendant transit is being set off by transiting Mars conjunct his Neptune/Ascendant conjunction on the day of his debate!


Anyway, transiting Neptune in square aspect to Ryan’s Ascendant/Neptune conjunction the day of the election will alter the way Ryan presents himself and his ideas. He may appear insincere and vague. This transit increases the likelihood of being deceptive or being deceived. A lack of clarity in the way one expresses themselves, as well as a tendency to bend the truth, tends to result from this transit.


It will be very interesting to see how this transit affects Ryan, especially since we saw how the Neptune square Ascendant transit affected Romney during the last debate. Given this transit, Biden should capitalize on any vague ideas or dishonesty Ryan may put forth during the debate, like Obama should have!


Transiting Mercury will be opposite Ryan’s Saturn the day of the debate. Traditionally, this transit is associated with communication challenges, including forgetting details, negative thinking, and getting criticism from others. Under this transit, we are likely to second-guess ourselves. On the plus side, this is a good day for serious, no-nonsense discussions. Also, Ryan’s Mercury is in Capricorn, so perhaps he will feel comfortable with the Saturn energy.


Transiting Sun will be square his natal Mercury. This transit affects our communication skills by making us eager to get our points across. Ryan will be mentally active, but may lack tact. Conflicts often ensue during this transit.


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