Fertility Transits

Looking to get pregnant? Looking NOT to get pregnant? Find out which natal placements and transits increase your chances of conceiving!


Does fertility show in the natal chart?


Yes, it does!


The 5th house is generally considered the house of procreation and childbirth. If you have planets in your natal 5th house, fertility is favored. This is especially true if Venus, Jupiter and/or the Moon are in this house. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, so if you have this natal chart placement, you might have lots of children! Venus in the 5th indicates you will have children, and they will most likely be daughters. The Moon, the sign of the womb and the mother, indicates you have strong maternal instinct, and childrearing is favored.


The number of planets in your 5th house sometimes indicates how many children you will have. As I mentioned before, Venus in the 5th can represent daughters. The same goes for the Moon, and other feminine planets. Mars, and other masculine planets, in the 5th can indicate sons. The nature of the planet often indicates the qualities the children may possess. For example, if you have Venus and Pluto in your fifth, one of your children may have Libran or Taurus (Venus) placements, while the other may have Scorpio (Pluto) placements.


Some people believe that if Saturn is in your 5th house, you will not have children, or you are infertile. That is not necessarily true. Saturn may cause a delay in childbirth (i.e. you won’t have children until later in your life). Saturn in this house may indicate a fear of having children, as well. Either way, this aspect does not necessarily mean you’re not meant to have children.


If you have Cancer on the cusp of your 5th house, fertility is indicated. Cancer is the sign of the mother, as well as fertility, so having it on the cusp of your 5th house of children increases your fertility.


The ruler of your 5th is also important. Look for harmonious aspects from your 5th house ruler to your natal planets, especially Jupiter, Venus, or the Moon.


Finally, the asteroid Ceres is said to represent fertility. How is Ceres aspected and placed in your chart? Ceres in the fourth or the fifth is an excellent indication of fertility, as is Ceres in aspect to the Moon, Venus, or Jupiter.



Planets transiting your 5th house


  • Jupiter transiting your 5th house


The 5th house is the house of children and procreation, while Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck. Put these two together, and you’ve gone one fertile transit! Many women find they get pregnant during this time. If inner planets (such as the Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars) are transiting the fifth house at the same time, your chances for conceiving are greatly improved.


  • Saturn transiting your 5th house


Saturn symbolizes restriction, which indicates that women may have a more difficult time conceiving when Saturn is transiting the 5th house. On the other hand, Saturn represents increased responsibility, so giving birth can definitely be indicated with this placement! This transit can sometimes indicate a difficult childbirth. My mother gave birth to me when transiting Saturn and transiting Sun were conjunct her natal Sun in the 5th (yes, she had me on her birthday). I was born with a heart condition, which I didn’t recover from until I was about 3 years old.


  • Uranus transiting your 5th house


Uranus is the planet of unpredictability, so in the fifth house, this can sometimes indicate unplanned pregnancies. If you’re not looking to get pregnant, and you’re having this transit, take extra care to protect yourself! Conception is further indicated if transiting Uranus aspects your natal Moon and/or ruler of your 4th or 5th houses when it is transiting your fifth house.



  • Pluto transiting your 5th house


Pluto is the planet of transformation, as well as death and rebirth. When Pluto transits this house, conception can be indicated. In fact, during this time, you may become obsessed with the idea of having a child! Conception is further indicated if transiting Pluto aspects your natal Moon and/or ruler of your 4th or 5th houses when it is transiting your fifth house.


Transits to your 5th house Ruler


When your fifth house ruler is transited by a planet, especially Jupiter, your chances of conception increase. This is especially true if the ruler of your 5th house is in harmonious aspect with your Moon.


Transits to natal Ceres


As mentioned before, Ceres is the planet of fertility. When it is aspected by a transiting planet, your chances of conception increase. This is especially true if your natal Ceres is in aspect to your natal Moon, or is posited in your 4th or 5th houses, or is in the sign Cancer.