Composite Sun in the Signs


The Synastry and Composite are the most important charts in relationship astrology.

In the Composite Chart, the Sun represents the essence of the relationship. To properly assess the Sun, we look at the sign, house, and aspects the Sun receives.

In this article, we will go over how the Composite Sun behaves in different signs!

Composite Sun in Aries

This placement indicates an energetic and competitive couple. They like starting new projects together.

They are an adventurous couple who are not afraid to take risks. They love to explore new places together.

They may come across as very “into themselves” and preoccupied with their own needs.

If the Sun is not aspected well, the couple may come across very selfish and childish. There may be many petty arguments in this relationship.

Composite Sun in Taurus

The Composite Sun in Taurus indicates a relationship focused on comfort and material possessions.

These two are very physically affectionate. They live together in beautiful surroundings, and have a shared love for the “finer things in life”.

These two value stability and security. This couple is not fond of change generally, unless other aspects suggest otherwise.

Composite Sun in Gemini

This placement indicates a couple who loves variety and plenty of communication.

This couple likes being on the go, and may enjoy many short journeys and road trips together.

This is a very social couple and will enjoy socializing with a wide variety of people.

They pique each other’s curiosity and love trying new things together.

They love to talk to one another and keep in touch throughout the day.

Composite Sun in Cancer

This placement indicates a nurturing and caring relationship.

The focus of this relationship is to build a home and family together.

This couple may spend a lot of time with their families.

There could a shared love of cooking and interior design.

This couple may have an shared interest in real estate and genealogy.

Composite Sun in Leo

This couple stands out from the crowd! The world is a stage for this couple. They are a couple who love drama.

They admire each other and pump up one another’s egos. This is a social couple with a wide variety of friends.

They are proud and loyal to one another.

These two give each other a lot of attention, and receive a lot of attention from others.

Composite Sun in Virgo

This couple loves to work together. Perhaps they met at work, at the gym, or through volunteering.

Together, they are more productive and hard-working than they are individually. They enjoy doing chores and running errands together.

They are a health conscious couple, and will encourage each other to take on better habits.

There can also be a shared love of animals.

Others see them as a reliable and dependable couple.

Composite Sun in Libra

This couple values harmony, balance, and cooperation. It is a great placement to have in a composite chart, since Libra represents love and partnership.

This is a social couple who enjoy get togethers and parties. They are very conscious of each other’s needs and make a great team.

There may be a shared interest in the arts.

Composite Sun in Scorpio

This placement indicates a deep, transformative relationship.

This relationship is intense, and feelings will run very deep. Sex and intimacy are a very important part of this relationship.

Possible themes of jealousy and possessiveness may feature strongly here.  

To others, this couple comes across as very intense, secretive, and powerful.

Composite Sun in Sagittarius

Travel and philosophy will feature strongly in this relationship. This placement can be seen in composite charts of couples who met abroad, or who have cultural/ethnic differences.

It can also mean a shared spiritual or religious purpose. The two of you are more adventurous, open minded and positive when you are together.

They love exploring new cultures as a couple.

There may be a shared interest in higher education.

Composite Sun in Capricorn

As a couple, you project an aura of responsibility and practicality. You are committed to one another for the long run.

While you might not be the most physically demonstrative couple, you are stable and loyal to one another. This placement is sometimes seen in charts in which the couple works together or owns a business together.

Others see you as a dependable and reliable couple.

Composite Sun in Aquarius

Friendship is first for this couple. This relationship may be unconventional in some way.

For example, the couple might be in a long distance relationship. They encourage each other’s freedom and individuality. They will have a shared interest in the betterment of humanity.

They might bond over your love of science and technology.

Composite Sun in Pisces

This is a very sweet and loving couple There might be a shared interest in spirituality or art. They bring out each other’s compassion and sensitivity.

They love listening to, or creating music together. They enjoy spending time alone. Others see them as a sweet and loving, but perhaps a bit reclusive, couple.

The are generally forgiving of each other. In some cases, the relationship might lack definition and boundaries can be quite loose.

It’s important to be very clear and honest to one another in this relationship.


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