The Natal Chart of Elon Musk

Elon has been in the news for the last… well, forever. He seems to have as many haters as lovers, making him a fascinating figure to study.

Elon has his Ascendant at 29 degrees Gemini. He approaches life with curiosity and loves variety.

He likes ‘being on the go’ and staying busy. He is fond of regularly communication (via talk, text and tweet!).

Geminis are not the best at keeping their thoughts to themselves, so you will always know where they stand with you.

Geminis are often described as ‘two-faced’, which refers to their ability to adapt to new situations and people seamlessly. They will show their different sides to different people, depending on the situation.

Geminis are intuitive people, particularly when it comes to communication with others, as they know what people want to hear.

The ruler of his Ascendant is his Mercury in Cancer in the first house. He also has his Cancer Sun in his first house, and both his Sun and Mercury square his natal Uranus in the 3rd house.

Cancer men are sensitive, gentle, shy, protective, and nostalgic people who may be a bit stuck in the past.

Inside, Cancer men can be quite soft, but they are very protective of themselves, so it can be a while before they trust you enough to come out of their shell. They need to feel safe with you in order to open up.

Because Cancer men are sensitive, they may experience mood swings and feelings of insecurity. Cancers are also usually ‘home bodies’, who may prefer staying home than going out.

With his Sun and Mercury in his first house, he is very focused on his own needs and appearance.

With the squares from Uranus, an unstable and erratic personality is indicated. I’ve heard others describe him as an ‘alien’, and this is mostly due to the Uranus squares.

He, himself, feels ‘different’ than others, and others notice his eccentricity. Elon has intense and powerful mental activity, and certainly has a love of technology and thinking ‘outside the box’.

He must learn to control and focus his mental energy to make best use of it. These aspects certainly point to someone who is very eccentric, unpredictable, chaotic, and impulsive.

Decisions might be made quite quickly because of these aspects.

On to his Moon, which is in Virgo in the 3rd house. The 3rd house has to do with siblings, communication, transportation and learning.

He also has Uranus and Pluto in this house, which further emphasizes his focus on these areas. It makes perfect sense that he is involved in an electric car business. Again, Elon likes to keep busy.

He has a strong need to feel productive; his emotional health depends on it. He can become fanatical with some ideas to the point of obsession.

He also has a strong need to communicate, and even likes chitchat. He is very picky and particular, and definitely has perfectionist tendencies.

Moon in Virgo folks are usually quite health-focused, sometimes to the point of hypochondria.

He has difficulty understanding and processing his emotions. He may have had a tough childhood, particularly in terms of emotional expression.

His chart shows someone who had to ‘grow up fast’, and who may have not received adequate emotional support growing up. Perhaps his parents weren’t around much, or they were generally strict and unemotional.

While Elon is very sensitive, it can be difficult for him to express these feelings. Saying how he feels can feel very awkward for him, and he may find his own emotions difficult to figure out himself.

This placement can also indicate ‘drama’ around siblings, or even the early loss of a sibling or family member. There is no doubt his relationship with this siblings is ever changing and very complicated.

Elon’s Venus is in Gemini in the 12th house. He likes women and friends who stimulate him intellectually.

He values independence and variety, which means he may have many short-term relationships throughout his life.

He loves to experiment and ‘try it all’, particularly when it comes to the people he has around him. He will have friends and lovers from all types of backgrounds. His best match would be someone quirky, intellectual, and communicative.

It may be difficult for him to be openly affectionate with others (possibly out of a fear of rejection), which adds an element of mystery to his love life.

There may also be issues of sacrifice (including self-sacrifice) when it comes to love. He gets hurt in love rather easily, and he may even feel used.

His Mars is in Aquarius in the 8th house, which indicates a lot of passion and desire. He will work very hard at relationships and projects which interest him.

He would be a great detective or researcher, because he likes to go very deeply into subjects (and this includes relationships). This placement can also include early psychological traumas from early life by an authority figure.

The 8th house also concerns taxes, inheritance, and windfalls, so Elon will gain financially in these areas as well. He must be very careful when it comes to taxes, though!

Jupiter is in Elon’s 5th house, which makes sense given all the children he has! Jupiter is the planet of abundance, while the 5th house is the house of romance, creativity, and children.

Unfortunately, Saturn opposes his Jupiter, which can place barriers and obstacles in these areas. He may find it difficult to truly let loose and ‘let his hair down’, for there may be a feeling of guilt when it comes to enjoying himself.

In addition, it can also indicate obstacles in connecting with one’s children. Jupiter also rules his 7th house of partnerships, so there may be barriers and obstacles when it comes to formal commitment, as well.

Even if he wanted to settle down and have a ‘normal’ marriage, it may be very difficult for this to happen due to Saturn’s influence over his 7th house.

Overall, Elon has a fascinating birth chart which speaks to his scientific mind, out of the box ideas, and strong work ethic.

He is definitely an eccentric person, and he himself may feel very ‘different’ than others. It may be difficult for him to find people who can relate to him and accept his eccentricities.

Indeed, his personal relationships, particularly with romantic partners, children, and business partners, show some obstacles and difficulties. A lot of this may come from a tough upbringing which taught him to be self-sufficient at an early age.


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