The Lunar Eclipse of July 16-17

Following the Solar Eclipse of July 2nd, a Lunar Eclipse is occurring on July 16-17. This Lunar Eclipse is taking place along the Capricorn-Cancer axis.

The themes of Capricorn are career, responsibility & duty, while Cancer represents the home, family, and emotions. Given that the eclipse is in Capricorn, the greater focus will be on themes of this sign.

Whatever occurs during the Solar Eclipse often comes into action by the time of the Lunar Eclipse. For example, a friend of mine announced his resignation from the company he worked at for over 12 years during the Solar Eclipse in January, and began his new job 2 weeks later on the day of the Lunar Eclipse. It was both an ending and a new beginning for him.

This Lunar Eclipse occurs at the 24th degree of Capricorn, so if you have planets between 19-29 degrees of any cardinal sign (i.e. Aries, Libra, Capricorn, Cancer), you will feel the effects of this eclipse deeply.

The Eclipse Moon is conjunct the planet Pluto, which represents death, rebirth, shared resources & power struggles. This indicates the Lunar eclipse will be deeply transformative and intense.  It can indicates very deep feelings or secrets will be brought to the surface in an explosive manner.

On the same day, Venus will also be in opposition to the planet Saturn, which indicates a time of sadness and limitations, particularly in regards to Venusian areas such as finances and love. Overall, we are in for a very intense day. There will be an air of negativity, and people will be more tired/grumpy than usual. This, paired with the explosive lunar eclipse, indicates transformations and possibly upsetting changes in the house the eclipse takes place:

Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house/ Capricorn Ascendant:

During this time, expressing yourself may be easier for you. Since the eclipse is also conjunct Pluto, be careful not to express anger or frustration in destructive ways. This Eclipse can also signal a complete transformation in your physical appearance – this may signal a new you! I’d suggest waiting until after the Venus opposite Saturn transit is out of orb, as you may regret any beauty-related changes later on.

This is the time to focus on yourself. If you have previously been focusing too much on your partnerships, this Lunar Eclipse will shine a light on taking care of yourself. Your partner may not like this, and power struggles may ensue. Issues of control may develop during this period. In the end, you will put your needs first!

Lunar Eclipse in the 2nd house/ Sagittarius Ascendant

This Lunar Eclipse affects your house of finances and self-worth. With Pluto conjunct the eclipse, you can expect a transformation in terms of financial gains and losses. You may discover a new way to increase your income during this time, completely different from how you have ever made money before. You may also create a budget or make changes/decision as to how you manage your finances.

At worst, you could suffer major losses during this period (this really depends on other factors in your chart, such as your transits, progressions, etc). Unexpected expenses could pop up, or you may be forced to make a big purchase.

Lunar Eclipse in the 3rd house/ Scorpio Ascendant

In the 3rd house, a Lunar eclipse shines light on the area of siblings, communication, education, transportation & ones neighborhood.

There may be emotional confrontations with your brothers, sisters, and/or cousins, and a subsequent transformation in your relationship with them. Or, deep secrets related to them may come to surface.

As the 3rd house relates to communications, you may experience miscommunications for the months following the lunar eclipse. In addition, the 3rd house relates to technology, so you may experience issues related to computers, telephone or television.

Lunar Eclipse in the 4th house/ Libra Ascendant

In the 4th house, a lunar eclipse brings attention to the home, family and the past. Often times, this lunation brings a move or the start or end to a home renovation project. It can also bring separations from the home or parents, such as moving away from home for the first time.

At worst, this eclipse can bring forth power struggles within the home with one’s parents. Deep secrets from the past may be unearthed, leading to an explosive confrontation.

Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house/ Virgo Ascendant

An eclipse in the 5th house brings the attention to fun, creativity, children and love! This lunation can signal the end of a creative project, such as writing a book or completing an art piece.

This eclipse can also bring good news to those trying to conceive (as long as other transits/progressions do not interfere). Many couples become pregnant during a lunar eclipse in this house.

For those of you who are single and ready to mingle, this transit can bring increased romantic and sexual opportunities into your life! You are extended invitations to social events and you have a strong desire to have fun.

Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house/ Leo Ascendant

The 6th house is regarded as the house of health and work. As a result, you may decide to take up a new diet or exercise routine during this period. Be wary of taking on anything too extreme, as this can have health consequences later one.

At work, you may experience changes in the workplace, particularly as they relate to your work environment and your colleagues. It is possible that you will experience power struggles with those you work with. Emotions may run high in the workplace at this time. You may see some colleagues get let go, as well.

Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house/ Cancer Ascendant

The 7th house refers to close 1-1 partnerships, including romantic & business. With the lunar eclipse in conjunction to Pluto, partnerships may be tested. Relationships may transform during this time, for the better or the worse (this will largely depend on other progressions/transits going on in your chart!).

At best, this eclipse can take your relationship to the next level. If you started dating someone, you may decide to become exclusive. Some couples may decide to marry during this eclipse.

At worst, this eclipse can signal a crisis in your relationship. Secrets may be unearthed at this time, or there may be significant power struggles between you and your partner. If you are experiencing difficulty in your relationship, you and your partner should try to find a balance or compromise between your needs.

Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house/ Gemini Ascendant

This eclipse signals a changes in regards to your partner’s income, or your taxes, debts, and investments. This house also represents intimacy, death & sex. This eclipse indicates there may be some drama in these areas, particularly with Pluto’s influence.

Your need for intimacy & emotional death through a partner is increased during this period. Superficial interactions just won’t do during this time. There may be a death (figurative or literal) during time time, as well. There may be issues surrounding the sharing of resources, or you may pay off debts. This eclipse will also shine a light on your shared resources. There may be conflicts in this area. Compromise and understanding will help you through this time.

Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house/ Taurus Ascendant

The 9th house represents travel, education & your belief system.

There could be an important beginning or ending in regards to education. You may decide to begin a higher learning course, or end one. This eclipse can also indicate you are going on a long journey to a foreign land in the next 6 months.

Since the 9th house also relates to your belief system, you may decide to learn about different religious systems or even join another religious movement.

Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house/ Aries Ascendant

The tenth house represents ones public life, career, and social standing. With this eclipse, you may experience an end or a beginning related to your job. That is to say, you may decide to quit your current job to take on something more emotionally fulfilling. If you decide to stay in your current role, you may receive more responsibility or you may have a change of authority. Regardless, something is going to change in your career. At worst, this can indicate being fired or laid off.

Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house/ Pisces Ascendant

The eleventh house represents friendships, long term goals, and group activities.

During this time, you may experience transformations in your friendships or groups you belong to. You may decide to end some friendships or begin new ones. If things have been brimming below the surface between you and some friends, these issues will come to the surface. Or, a friend of yours may e experiencing a personal crisis for which they need help.

Your goals may also go through a deep transformation. An event may occur which will force you to reconsider your future aspirations.

Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house/ Aquarius Ascendant

The 12th house represents spirituality, service & your private life.

During the next 6 months, you may decide to spend more time in solitude. This is a time where you may be more contemplative and may seek answers about the mysteries of life. You may take up a spiritual practice, such as meditation.

Your level of compassion and sensitivity may also increase at this time. As a result, you may find an interest in helping others through volunteer work.

The 12th house is also about secrets, which may be unearthed during this eclipse period.