The Lunar Eclipse on November 28th

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 A Lunar Eclipse is due on November 28th 2012, and this one is going to be a hot one! This Eclipse will occur at 6.47 degrees Gemini. 

This Eclipse will be a part of a Boomerang (a Yod with an opposition from the apex). At the apex of the Yod is the Full Moon with Asteroid Lilith. In Hebrew tradition, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. Unlike Eve, Lilith was created from the ground, the same way Adam was created. She was highly sexual, but not out of desire for procreation. Indeed, she was not satisfied with traditional forms of love-making. Lilith refused to submit to patriarchal authority, and decided to leave the Garden of Eden. This angered Adam, and he threatened that if she didn’t return, 100 of the children she birthed ever day would die. Lilith, however, became angry and did not return to Adam. Instead, she continued to birth children (despite the fact that they were destined to die). She would seduce men when she was bored, then murder them or drive them to insanity. Adam eventually had God create Eve from his rib, as he found Lilith too difficult to handle.

Lilith in a woman’s chart shows how and under which circumstances her sexual energy is released. Lilith also relates to where and how we use our feminine power, and shows us the place where we hold vengefulness. Prominent feminists and women in positions of considerable power have strongly placed Liliths in their charts. Think Gloria Steinam and Hilary Clinton. Think Samantha from “Sex and the City,” who refused to submit to men in the workplace, and in bed. She had sex “like a man,” and didn’t apologize for it, despite societal expectations.

Lilith represents the temptress, seducer, and is often compared to a “home wrecker.” Lilith represents the scary side of women, and what men fear the most. The fulfillment of her sexual appetites and desires was what Lilith cared for the most, and any attempt to hamper her sexual self-expression was met with hostility and violence. Lilith is magnetic, and has the power to mesmerize those she comes in contact with. She uses sexuality to further her own goals, and takes no prisoners.

You’ll often find strong Lilith contacts in the synastry charts of a couple in a secret affair. In a man’s chart, Lilith represents the type of woman he fears the most, the type who can drive him over the edge with obsession and desire, hence Lilith’s reputation as a home wrecker. In General Petraeus’ progressed chart, I noticed that his progressed Venus is exactly opposite his Progressed Lilith at the moment. It is thus no surprise that he has been involved in an affair recently. His mistress apparently harassed another woman, showing her raw, take-no-prisoners attitude.

The Apex of the Yod represents the focus of the Eclipse. With the Moon and Lilith in a tight conjunction, we can infer that deep, raw, feminine energy will be at play. In addition, Lilith will be conjunct transiting Jupiter at 3 degrees. This conjunction will expand raw, female sexual energies, and may perhaps revolutionize outdated religious beliefs. The Full Moon will conjunct Jupiter the day of the eclipse, expanding our feelings and perhaps bringing out our egotistical tendencies. Expect emotions to be strong, and possibly over-exaggerated during this eclipse. Finally, the Full moon will make a sextile aspect to transiting Uranus in Aries, which promises out of the blue and unexpected events.

The Moon/Lilith conjunction in Gemini will receive a quincunx from Mars/Pluto in Capricorn and Venus/Saturn in Scorpio. This is a very sexual combination. Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio represents duty, responsibility, and tradition in regards to love and relationships. In Scorpio, nothing is half-way; Scorpio represents complete and utter commitment. This conjunction also represents tradition and security in our relationships. Venus and Saturn together can also indicate harshness and a lack of sympathy for others. Indeed, love will be “all business” at this time.

Mars conjunct Pluto is desirous, erotic, obsessive, and ruthless. This transit could signal violence and abuse, so take extra care around the time of the transit, especially if this conjuction makes hard aspects to your natal planets. Of course, Venus/Saturn will make a sexy sextile to the Mars/Pluto conjunction, highlighting eroticism, obsession, and passionate love.

This Eclipse may put a focus on secret love dalliances (Hello, Petraeus!), and the focus of energy will likely be on the other woman (Lilith). Otherwise, this eclipse can work to reunite ex-lovers. At any rate, this Eclipse will not be easy, and painful memories, obsessive desires, hidden motivations, and even violent reactions are likely to surface.

While the Solar Eclipse on November 13-14 was likely confusing and marred with miscommunication (Mercury was retrograde square Neptune), this Eclipse will bring certainly bring clarity. With Mercury direct, Venus and Saturn in the sign of “No BS” Scorpio, and Mars and Pluto in conjunction, this Eclipse promises to shine a light on love, desire, obsession, and secrets.

How will the Eclipse affect You?

Aries Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in the 3rd house: The Lunar Eclipse brings your relationship with your siblings, relatives and transportation into the spotlight. The 3rd house also represents communication and short-term travel, so perhaps something regarding a writing project or a trip will come to fruition. You may receive a surprising phone call or letter at this time. With Mars and Pluto in your 10th house, your ambition and desire for recognition are heightened, and this eclipse could be the key to you reaching your goals and acquiring the recognition you deserve. In fact, you may experience ruthlessness and power struggle from superiors during this cycle. With Venus/Saturn in your solar 8th house, your emphasis will be on intimacy, sharing, and finances in combination with duty, discipline and commitment. Venus is the natural ruler of your 7th house of marriage and partnerships- will this be the time you commit to that special someone?

Taurus Sun or Ascendant/Eclipse in 2nd house: Occurring in your natal 2nd house, this Lunar Eclipse brings your financial matters and value system into focus.  Creating budgets or making decisions about how you handle your finances may occur now. Beware of overspending, though. With the transiting Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 7th house, you may decide to solidify your commitment to your significant other at this time. With Mars and Pluto conjunct in your 9th house, issues surrounding long-distance travel, education, and religion may come into focus. Beware of accidents and violence abroad.

Gemini Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 1st house: This Lunar Eclipse signals a time of reinvention. This Eclipse will signal the end of the old you, and the start of the new you! With the Eclipse conjunct Jupiter in your 1st house, this is likely to be a very emotional time for you. Beware of weight gain from emotional eating; both the Moon and Jupiter can lead to overindulgence. Otherwise, you may feel buoyantly optimistic at this time, but beware of boastfulness. With Venus and Saturn conjunct in your 6th house, you may decide to try out a new exercise routine or diet. Or, changes in your work environment may occur at this time. With Mars/Pluto conjunct in your 8th house, deep sharing and bonding with a partner may take place at the time of this eclipse. Power struggles, possessiveness, and possessiveness may prevent you from making sound decisions in regards to partnerships at this time. Perhaps an attraction to taboo forms of sexuality could open your mind to new forms of lovemaking.

Cancer Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 12th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on 12th house matters, which include secrets, addictions, spirituality, dreams, and self-undoing. A well-kept secret may burst forth during this eclipse (especially as they relate to relationships), so watch out! While the Mars/Pluto conjunction in the 7th house may bring intense desires and obsessions in your relationships to the surface, and the Venus/Saturn conjunction in the 5th has your mind on commitment, tradition, and responsibility in love, this Eclipse may uncover secrets which could make you think twice. You may experience a greater-than-average need for peace, quiet, and solitude in order to get away from it all. Meditation and spiritual retreats are favored.

Leo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 11th house: The focus on this Eclipse will be on friendships, clubs or associations you belong to, or past lovers. New friends could come into your life at this time, or an ex-lover could come knocking on your door (especially with Mercury in your 5th house!). The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 4th house, bringing your domestic life into sharp focus. Duty and responsibility color your domestic life at the moment. Or, a major home renovation may occur at this time. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 6th house, calling you to transform your habits regarding your daily routines, work, and health. Beware of accidents and health matters at this time.


Virgo Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 10th house: The focus of the Eclipse will be on your career, social status, and reputation. With the Eclipse conjunct transiting Jupiter, a promotion, career change, or public recognition for your efforts may occur at this time. Indeed, opportunity may come a-knocking for some lucky Virgos! The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your 3rd house, putting the focus on relationships with siblings and relatives, as well as communications. If your relationships with your siblings or relatives are strained at this time, this would be a good time to smooth things out. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 5th house, you may experience power struggles in your relationships. Beware of possessiveness and jealousy in relationships.

Libra Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 9th house: The focus of this eclipse will be on travel, higher education, and/or religion. You may decide to embark on a long-distance journey at this time. A new opportunity to study, or the completion of a project may occur at this time. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will be in your natal 2nd house, putting sharp focus on money matters. A time of re-structuring your finances is in store. When Saturn transits your natal 2nd house, financial progress is slow and steady. Perhaps with Venus, the natural ruler of the 2nd house, there as well, a slight boost to your financial situation may occur. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your natal 4th house, bringing family and domestic matters into focus. Beware of power struggles and conflict with family members.

Scorpio Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 8th house: The focus of this Eclipse will be on sex, intimacy, shared resources, death, and re-birth. New sexual opportunities may pop up during this lunar Eclipse, which is great news for Scorpios! You may experienced increased intimacy with your partner. This is likely to be a highly emotional time for you, but it presents a great opportunity to get close to someone special. The Venus/Saturn conjunction will occur in your 1st house. Saturn transiting your 1st house is never easy, but a boost from Venus will give you a bit of a boost in regards to your self-confidence, which has likely been low since Saturn entered your sign. The Mars/Pluto conjunction will be in your 3rd house. Power struggles and conflict with relatives and siblings may occur at this time. Your communication may be noticeably more aggressive, which may put off others. Keep your aggressiveness in check.


Sagittarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 7th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your one-on-one relationships. With Jupiter in your 7th house, relationships are joyful, expansive, and positive at this time. The Lunar Eclipse may indicate that you will solidity your commitment to someone special. Relationships are likely to go to the next level during this Eclipse. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 12th house, work on eliminating bad habits or behaviors that have limited you in the past. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 2nd house, your attention will be called to your finances. A complete transformation of your financial situation is in store for you this year. Avoid reckless and impulsive spending.

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your health, workplace, routines, and pets. Surprising announcements regarding your job may occur at this time, and health issues may pop up. You may decide to begin a new exercise regimen or diet at this time. Making positive changes to your daily routines are favored at this time. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 11th house, your focus is on your friendship. Say good-bye to superficial friendships, and solidify the friendships that are most dear to you. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 1st house, keep your anger and aggressiveness in check. You are likely to appear more assertive and overbearing to others at this time.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 5th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on fun, romance, children, creativity, and risk-taking. This Eclipse could involve surprises involving your romantic partners, or your children. You may solidify a relationship that has been on shaky ground, or a new relationship may enter your life.  With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 10th house, solid career advancements may occur at this time. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 12th house, repressed anger or secrets may burst forth at this time.

Pisces Sun or Ascendant/Lunar Eclipse in the 6th house: This Eclipse will put your focus on your home and family life. Many Pisceans may move at this time. A major home renovation may culminate, or surprises involving family members may surface. With the Mars/Pluto conjunction in your 11th house, beware of power struggles and betrayal surrounding friends and ex-lovers. You may experience increased determination in reaching your long-term goals. With the Venus/Saturn conjunction in your 9th house, an increased commitment to your faith may occur at this time.