Mars-Jupiter aspects in Synastry


Mars is the planet of action and sex, while Jupiter represents expansion, optimism, and good fortune.


When one person’s Mars conjuncts, sextiles, or trines another person’s Jupiter, a high-energy relationship is indicated. Jupiter expands Mars’ physical and sexual energies, and encourages Mars to assert his independence. Mars, in turn, feels more powerful and energized when he is with the Jupiter person.

Indeed, the two of you put plenty of energy into your sexual relationship; you might feel like you can’t get enough of one another! You are likely to feel stronger as a team rather than as individuals.

On the downside, this aspect can indicate recklessness. The two of you are likely to overindulge each other, and encourage one another to engage in controversial behavior


The tendency to encourage the other to engage in reckless behavior is stronger when one person’s Mars is square or opposite another person’s Jupiter.

The Jupiter person feeds the Mars person’s energies, but may be a “bad influence” on the Mars person. You are likely to take foolish risks together, which can get the both of you into trouble!

This aspect can also indicate a conflict in religious or moral beliefs; Mars may attack or disregard the Jupiter person’s beliefs, which may anger the Jupiter person.

This aspect is also indicative of strong physical and sexual energies between the two of you. You may feel as though you can’t get enough of each other sexually.

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