Gemini, Mercury & the Intellectual Lover

This article applies specifically to men with their Sun, Moon, Venus and/or Ascendant in Gemini.


Gemini is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of communication, and is ruled by the planet Mercury.


Gemini men are intellectual, adaptable, and curious. Gemini is a mutable sign, which indicates they are changeable and adaptable to new situations, places, and people. As such, they are prone to changing their minds frequently. This fickleness can drive unflexible types quite crazy!


Geminis need freedom to communicate, move, and explore. They are very flirty, and have an unparalleled facility with words. He is fond of technology, reading, and writing. Indeed, they are wonderful speakers, orators, writers, and teachers. In fact, when you get a Gemini talking, it can be hard to shut them up! Gemini men are very independent and love to be on the go. Long-term commitments are not appealing to these guys; they will likely feel “trapped,” especially if a relationship becomes monotonous. Indeed, he actually needs space in order be closer to his mate- what a paradox!


To get a Gemini man, appeal to his intellect. The way to a Gemini’s heart is through his mind, much like other air signs. Enter into a debate with him to stimulate his mind. Keep the conversation flowing, as prolonged silences are bound to bore them and subsequently lead them into the arms of another woman. Suggest activity dates to keep him physically active, as well. Gemini men crave change, so avoid wearing the same outfit over and over again on your dates. Change your “look” frequently to keep him interested. Sexually, try out different positions; he’s not apt to say no, due to his curious nature. In keeping with his love of communication, talk dirty to him!


Don’t infer that you are looking to hook him for the long-term; this will send him flying. Keep things light and interesting.