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Mercury-Neptune Aspects in Synastry

Mercury represents our communication and intellectual processes. Neptune represents dreams, illusions, and imagination.


When Mercury and Neptune are conjunct in synastry, a sweet, telepathic link exists between the two of you. Neptune stimulates Mercury’s artistic side, while Mercury has the ability to put Neptune’s lofty dreams into words.

On the downside, there may be a tendency to tell each other what they want to hear. Indeed, exaggeration and deception in communication may plague your relationship. Neptune confuses Mercury due to the fact that Neptune is evasive and abstract in speech.


The threat of deception is greater when one person’s Neptune is square or opposite another person’s Mercury. Mercury may find the Neptune person too abstract or vague, while Neptune may find Mercury overly practical and logical. Over time, Mercury’s trust may fade for Neptune, and Neptune may feel misunderstood by Mercury.


The harmonious aspects (sextile, trine) between Mercury and Neptune in synastry are much easier to handle. In this case, the Neptune person stimulates Mercury’s imagination, and smoothes out Mercury’s hard, overly-logical intellectual edges.

The two of you enjoy talking about the arts, your dreams, and spirituality. There is an intuitive understanding of what the other is saying. In fact, you may feel you “get” each other, without having to say anything out loud.


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