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Asteroid Valentine in Synastry

The Asteroid 447 is Valentine, a Love Asteroid that has a big impact in compatibility and synastry. Valentine represents true, pure love, and the sacrifices we are willing to make to be with our partner.

As I was researching Valentine, I was struck by how much it reminded me of Neptune and Pisces. Themes of spirituality, sacrifice, and pure love kept popping up, which taught me how powerful the Asteroid Valentine can be. Valentine brings love and understanding into a relationship, as well as understanding and forgiveness.

When I see strong Valentine aspects in a synastry chart, I am excited. The Valentine person usually wants to make the planet person happy, and does everything in their power to do so. It is an extremely romantic and sweet energy that is welcome in any relationship.

How does the Asteroid Valentine express itself when it makes an aspect to another person’s planet?

Valentine in Synastry

Sun-Valentine Aspects:

Sun-Valentine aspects indicate pure and simple love. When they meet, the Valentine person’s love nature is awakened and they develop deep, true feelings of affection when they are around the Sun person. Valentine puts the Sun person first, and considers their needs ahead of their own. The Sun person feels supported and adored by the Valentine person, and appreciates Valentine’s desire to make them happy.

Moon-Valentine Aspects:

Moon-Valentine aspects indicate emotional and spiritual love. The Valentine person encourages the Moon person to open up emotionally, and the Moon person feels comfortable to do so because they know the Valentine person will not judge them. There is a strong emotional connection between the couple, The Valentine person is willing to sacrifice themselves to ensure the Moon person’s happiness.

Mercury-Valentine Aspects;

Mercury-Valentine aspects in synastry indicate the Valentine person is in love with the Mercury person’s mind. Conversations and discussions bring the couple closer together. Valentine appreciates the Mercury person’s intellect and ideas, while the Mercury person feels safe to express themselves due to Valentine’s unjudgmental nature. Valentine listens and accepts the Mercury person’s thoughts and ideas unconditionally.

Venus-Valentine Aspects:

This aspect is a strong indication of love and sacrifice. In this relationship, the Valentine person gives themselves fully and unconditionally to the Venus person, and the Venus person blossoms under the Valentine person’s love and affection. The Valentine person sees the Venus person as their ideal partner and true love.

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Mars-Valentine Aspects:

Mars-Valentine Aspects indicate a courageous and brave couple. In this relationship, themes of protection and support are common. Valentine more bold, courageous and impulsive in creating a loving bond between themselves and the Mars person. They are willing to boldly sacrifice everything to be with the Mars person.

Jupiter-Valentine Aspects:

Jupiter-Valentine aspects are very romantic. The Jupiter person expands the Valentine’s persons loving, sacrificial nature, while Jupiter brings positivity and generosity to the relationship. The connection between them is positive and idealistic, and fulfilling for both partners.

Saturn-Valentine Aspects:

Saturn-Valentine aspects point to a long-term, reponsible and committed love. Valentine’s desire to sacrifice and support meshes well with Saturn’s responsibility and maturity. Together, this couple wants something long-lasting and sustainable. The Valentine person wants to help the Saturn person achieve their goals, and will sacrifice themselves to ensure it happens.

Uranus-Valentine Aspects:

Uranus-Valentine aspects point to a love of freedom and individuality. This relationship may have begun very quickly, with each person’s feelings developing rapidly. The Valentine person feels their loving nature awakened by the Uranus person. In this relationship, the Valentine person will sacrifice themselves to support Uranus’ freedom and individuality.

Neptune-Valentine Aspects:

Neptune-Valentine relationships feel like true, soulmate love. This relationship is deep, spiritual and ethereal, as both partners are highly romantic and are willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. They look past each other’s flaws and forgive each other easily. There is a strong desire to help each other and love one another unconditionally.

Pluto-Valentine Aspects:

Pluto-Valentine relationships are deep and transformative. The Valentine person feels obsessed with the Pluto person, and is willing to go to great lengths to make them happy. This connection is very intense and the couple may go through many difficulties and transformations together.

Ascendant-Valentine Aspects:

Aspects between the Ascendant and Valentine in synastry are very powerful. In this case, the Ascendant person is the real-life version of what they consider their true love. There isn’t much the Valentine person isn’t willing to do to be with the Ascendant person. This is a true love aspect, which is mostly felt by the Valentine person.


Have you had significant Valentine aspects in your synastry? How did it play out in your relationship? Comment below!


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