Moon in the Signs

Moon in Aries: Lunar Arians are known for their quick, fiery tempers. However, their tempers die down just as quickly as they begin. It’s not uncommon to see an Aries Moon stark raving mad one minute, then back to normal the next minute. You see, Aries is a sign that acts before it thinks, so their tempers often get ahead of them. I have found that Lunar Arians often regret their emotional outbursts later on, when they have calmed down and have looked at the situation rationally.


Moon in Aries folk aren’t prone to holding a grudge. They live in the moment, so things that once bothered them (a week, a month, or a year ago) no longer apply in the present.

Aries is the sign of the child, so people with their Moon in this sign can be quite emotionally immature and selfish. Another characteristic of this Moon placement is impatience. They want what they want when they want it! They desire instant physical gratification, above all. It is for this reason that Moon in Aries are thought to be prone to infidelity.

Lunar Arians bore easily, and are not big on long-term commitments. They are passionate and enthusiastic in the beginning of a relationship, which can be difficult to maintain in the long run without constant stimulation from their partners.

Individuals with this placement do not shy away from confrontation. In fact, a good conflict is invigorating for Lunar Arians.

Men with this placement are attractive to aggressive, independent, passionate women. They love a “guy’s” girl; someone who loves sports, adventure, and who is low-maintenance.

Moon in Taurus: As an Earth sign, Lunar Taureans need physical proof of love from their partners. These guys and gals have strong physical appetites, and are on a constant search for pleasure. Stability and security are important to them, so they are not usually emotionally spontaneous. Lunar Taureans need to feel they are on solid ground before making a commitment. Don’t try to rush these people into anything; you’ll push them away. Let them come to you, because once they make a commitment, it lasts.

Lunar Taureans are known for their relatively slow emotional reactions. They do not “let go” easily, and consequently tend to hold grudges against those who have hurt them, or “hold on” to the memory of an ex for a long time after the break-up.

Men with this aspect have big appetites, so a woman who loves to cook is ideal. They’re attracted to full-figured, sensuous, needy women.

​Moon in Gemini: As an air sign, Lunar Geminians take an intellectual approach to life. They are quick-witted, analytical, logical, and have a talent for writing and speaking. Gemini rules the “lower mind”, so individuals with this placement are usually fond of gossip and sharing information with basically anyone who will listen.

Gemini moons are emotionally adaptable; doing or saying something that runs contrary to their feelings is easy for these guys. They’re great at understanding what other people want to hear, but aren’t always aware of how to please themselves. They are interested in getting to know what makes other people tick, but can be secretive about their own feelings.

​Men with this placement are chatty, intellectual, and logical. They look for a woman who shares their love of debate and chatter. Women who offer intellectual stimulation and a lot of space are ideal for these men.

Moon in Cancer: In Cancer, the Moon is “at home”. This is a highly intuitive placement for the moon. In fact, they are so intuitive that it can be difficult to distinguish their feelings from the feelings they pick up from others. Moon in Cancer natives are markedly sensitive and nurturing, and are hurt easily. They tend to be emotionally dependent, and do not move on from past hurts easily.


They are usually shy at first, but their outgoing natures become apparent as they feel more comfortable. They are “family people”, and tend to have a strong attachment to their homes and their families, especially their mothers. When they don’t get what they want, they might resort to manipulative tactics.

Moon in Cancer men are attracted to “motherly” types. In fact, they may (consciously or subconsciously) choose women who remind them of their mothers. A woman who fusses over them and takes care of them are very appealing. They are very attracted to women with large breasts.

Moon in Leo: Lunar Lions are passionate, and tend to exaggerate their feelings. They get caught up in the moment, which makes them say or do things they regret later on. Their huge egos and emotional natures are fused; they are most offended when you hurt their pride. If you piss of a Lunar Lion, use flattery and compliments to get them back on your side.

As a fixed sign, Leos are stubborn. Even in the fact of evidence and facts that disprove thier beliefs, they find it hard to move on. While they can be jealous, they are not possessive. This is because Leos crave attention, and get agitated when the spotlight is not on them. During a break-up, it’s their ego that suffers more than their heart.

Men with Moon in Leo can be quite pompous and aggressive, as well as generous and scheming. They love “flashy” women; stylish women who wear lots of make-up attract them by the hoards.

Moon in Virgo: Lunar Virgoans are self-contained and put up barriers around their feelings. They are difficult to get to know, which can be very intriguing. They take an analytical and critical approach to emotional issues, and often do not wear their hearts on their sleeves.

As a mutable sign, Lunar Virgans are emotionally adaptable. They know how to make others happy due to their sympathetic nature. They have a serious approach to health, especially in regards to their eating habits. This placement also lends itself to hypochondria. In fact, Lunar Virgoans may sometimes use health issues to gain sympathy from others, or to avoid confrontation. Given their critical natures, they tend to “nag” their loved ones. They do not do this out of ill intent, but out of concern and the desire to help.

Moon in Virgo men are attracted to healthy, clean, neat women. Natural-looking, fit women gain the attraction of Lunar Virgoans. They dislike crass, rude, emotionally aggressive women.

Moon in Libra: Seek equality and harmony when it comes to emotional issues. They are strongly partnership-oriented, and dislike being alone. Physical attraction and intellectual compatibility is important to these people when considering entering a relationship. They are fair-minded, logical, sociable. They can easily charm people into doing what they want, due to their diplomatic and charming natures. They instinctively know what other people want or feel, which makes them incredible problem-solvers or mediators. They are usually good-looking people, and have a great fashion sense. They are indecisive with their feelings and decisions, often preferring to take the middle road rather than taking a stand. They intensely dislike confrontation.


Men with their Moon in Libra are attracted to beautiful, classy, graceful, charming women. These men seek harmony in their relationships, so rude, violent women just won’t do. Being in a relationship makes them feel secure.

Moon in Scorpio: Lunar Scorpions are emotionally intense, suspicious, dominating individuals. As a water sign, they are lead primarily by their emotions. They have a tendency toward manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and revenge. This sign can hold on to a grudge for a long time, so watch out!

Being a fixed sign, Lunar Scorpions are stubborn and take their own time to commit. However, once a commitment has been made, they pursue and hold on to it tightly. They are great detectives, and can see right through superficiality. They have a desire for control over others, which obstruct their ability to effectively control themselves.

Men with Moon in Scorpio are attracted to powerful, sexy, sensual, emotionally intense women. Wear dark clothes in sexy fabrics to get their attention.

Moon in Sagittarius: Lunar Sagittarians, like other Fire Moons, are quick-tempered, but get over their anger easily. They are adventurous and are fond of taking the kinds of risks others would be afraid of. As a mutable sign, Sagittarius needs freedom to move around due to their restless nature. As such, commitments are made reluctantly. Lunar Sagittarians are blunt and straight-forward, which can often lead to hurt feelings on the part of more sensitive signs.

As a mutable sign, Lunar Sagittarians have the ability to adapt to different people, places, and situations. They are fickle with their emotions; their ideas and feelings are apt to change from one moment to the next. They are “know-it-alls”, and prone to exaggeration. They love to travel, and excel in the areas of teaching, performing, philosophy, and education.

Lunar Sagittarian men are attracted to honest, straight-forward, playful, yet philosophical women with an appetite for adventure. Athletic, outdoorsy women, and women from different ethnic backgrounds are appealing to these men.

Moon in Capricorn: Lunar Goats are practical and responsible. They are reserved with their feelings, and often have the reputation of being emotionally cold and distant. They have a strong fear of rejection, and often put barriers up to avoid placing themselves in situations in which they are vulnerable. They have innate trust issues and are petrified of getting hurt. Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, so these people are prone to depression and pessimism.

You’ll often find a Lunar Goat married to their career. They are ambitious, often at the expense of their personal lives.

Men with Capricorn Moons are attracted to shy, responsible, loyal, hard-working women. A woman in a business suit is especially appealing. Physically, women with prominent cheek-bones and understated clothing are very attractive to these guys.

Moon in Aquarius: Lunar Aquas are emotionally detached, logical, and independent. They tend to treat others as equals, and have a wide circle of friends due to their friendly and sociable nature. Being a fixed sign, they are generally emotionally stable, and are wonderful at calming people down. They are stubborn, and cannot be forced into anything. They can be oblivious to their feelings, as well as to the feelings of those around them. Their need for freedom and space can make traditional partnerships difficult.

Men with Aqua Moons are attracted to intelligent, free-spirited women. Women who have a unique style of dress are appealing to them. Overly emotional or sensitive types won’t last long with these guys.

Moon in Pisces: Lunar Fish are incredibly intuitive and compassionate people. They are easily hurt due to their sensitive natures. They tend towards emotional dependency on others. They can often take on the role of the “tough chick” to protect their inner vulnerability.

Ruled by Neptune, Lunar Pisceans can be quite unrealistic and impractical when it comes to emotional issues. Nevertheless, they are certainly romantic and idealistic. They are prone to playing the “martyr”, taking on the suffering of others in order to “save” them from misery.

Moon in Pisces men are attracted to romantic, emotional, passive women. Men with this placement might be attracted to secret love affairs, or those in need of help and support (think “damsel in distress”). Sweet, feminine women appeal to Lunar Piscean men most of all.