Twin Flame Astrology

We have all heard of Soulmates, but what about Twin Flames?

Can you use Astrology to determine whether someone is your Twin Flame? Yes, you can! Keep readings to find out how.

What is a Twin Flame, anyway?

According to Kyle Thomas Astrology,

“Twin flame connections can sometimes be likened to love at first sight, but on a deep, soul level. These relationships function as a mirror to us and are often a soul that is cut from the same “fabric” as we are. Some spiritual scholars suggest that a twin flame is one soul shared between two bodies.

People who experience a twin flame relationship often share an intense psychic connection and are extremely sensitive to one another’s energies—even if they are not physically present. Twin flames help us to work through profound emotional material by bringing transformative experiences into our lives. These connections are often more intense than those of soulmate relationships—and neither rapport is limited to an explicitly romantic realm.

Twin flame rapports are super charged and often equally uncomfortable. While there are many possibilities for how a twin flame connection will play out, a common story is that one of the pair may run from it, afraid to deal with the intensity of the issues that they are facing between them. This is due to a fear of looking within as much as it is about standing before the other partner.”

Okay, so how can Astrology help us determine if someone is our Twin Flame?

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Twin Flame Indicators

There are a few well-known indications of a Twin Flame relationship in Astrology.

Suns in the same element

Twin flames will usually have their Suns in the same element. For example, Aries and Sagittarius are both fire signs.

  • Fire Element: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Air Element: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
  • Earth Element: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
  • Water Element: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces
Mirror Aspects 

If you do not have your Suns in the same element, look for aspects and house placements that mirror your partner’s Sun sign.

For example, say you are a Virgo, and your partner is an Aquarius. The two of you have different Sun signs, which is usually a sign that you are not twin flames. However, what if your Virgo Sun is conjunct your natal Uranus?

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, so its conjunction to your Sun indicates you have Aquarius-like features and characteristics. Although Virgo and Aquarius are so different, the two of you will share a a love of freedom and independence.

Your Sun’s house placement can also indicate twin flame connections. If my Virgo Sun is in the 11th house, I again share certain traits and characteristics with Aquarius people, particularly in my attitudes towards friendships and technology.  In a way, house placements that mirror each other’s Sun signs act similarly to having your Suns in the same element.

Nodal Connections

Due to the discomfort and eventual growth that come from Twin Flame connections, Nodal connections are very important in these relationships. I tend to give more weight to North Node connections, as they tend to challenge us to grow out of our old habits and leave our comfort zones. The North Node is all about growth and progress, so it makes sense that they would feature in Twin Flame astrology so strongly.

Aspects to look for:

  • Sun conjunct North Node
  • Moon conjunct North Node
  • Mercury conjunct North Node
  • Venus conjunct North Node
  • Mars conjunct North Node
  • Ascendant conjunct North Node
  • Jupiter conjunct North Node
  • Saturn conjunct North Node
  • North Node conjunct South Node
  • North Node conjunct Vertex

North Node connections can be very disorienting and uncomfortable for those who are not ready. Your Twin Flame will force you out of old, outdated patterns in your life and encourages you to live up to your potential.

Close conjunctions

Twin Flames will often have tight conjunctions between planets. These conjunctions can be of the same planet (i.e. Moon conjunct Moon, Venus conjunct Venus), or of different planets (i.e. Sun conjunct Moon, Venus conjunct Mars).

Conjunctions indicate a similarities between the couple and the way they express their planetary energies. We are generally better able to relate to those who are similar to us.

Having someone so similar to you can also be very uncomfortable, for they are holding up a mirror to our own behaviors. Things that annoy you about your twin flame may be the same thing you hate about yourself, or it may be a quality you did not recognize in yourself until you met your Twin Flame.

Aspects to look for:

  • One person’s planet conjunct the same planet in another person’s chart (i.e. Sun conjunct Sun, Moon conjunct Moon, etc)
  • One person’s planet conjunct another person’s planet (especially inner planets that combine yin/yang energies, like Sun conjunct Moon, Venus conjunct Mars)
  • Conjunctions to the angles, especially the Ascendant
Neptune and 12th house connections

Twin flames tend to be spiritually connected in a profound way. These relationships are not necessarily romantic like Soulmate connections, but they bind people together due to the spiritual and emotional progress that results from their relationship.

Neptune and the 12th house naturally rule spirituality, so it is not surprising they factor strongly into a Twin Flame relationship. I would try to avoid hard Neptune aspects like the square, for they can make things way too foggy and confusing.

Strong, positive Neptune connections indicate deep compassion and intuition between the couple. They can ‘feel’ each other on a soul level, and are incredibly sensitive to each other.

Aspects to look for:

  • Inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) conjunct/trine/sextile another person’s Neptune
  • Inner planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) in another person’s 12th house
Psyche Connections

The Asteroid Psyche is another indicator of a strong spiritual and psychic connections. Hopefully, both partners have strong Psyche connections to the other partner’s planets or angles.

In astrology, Psyche represents where our soul feels most comfortable, so when someone touches your Psyche in synastry, you feel intuitively and spiritually connected to them.

Psyche connections are powerful because you feel you know each other on a deep, unspoken level. It is as though you can read each other’s minds, and feel each other’s pain. When considering Psyche aspects, keep the aspects tight (no more than 2 degrees!).

Aspects to look for:

  • Psyche conjunct Sun
  • Psyche conjunct Moon
  • Psyche conjunct Mercury
  • Psyche conjunct Venus
  • Psyche conjunct Mars
  • Psyche conjunct Ascendant
  • Psyche conjunct Jupiter
  • Psyche conjunct Eros


Twin Flame relationships are very eye-opening and provides great insight into each person’s inner world. If you have been lucky enough to meet your twin flame, what aspects do you share with them? Comment below!

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