The Solar Eclipse of November 14, 2012: Weekly Horoscope for Each Sign

Watch out! The next Solar Eclipse is set to occur on November 13-14th (depending on where you live), clearing the way for a new direction for the next 6 months. Solar Eclipses give you the opportunity to break old patterns and embark upon new beginnings in your life.

This Solar Eclipse is occurring in the sign, Scorpio. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio represents sex, death, re-birth, transformation, shared resources, and intimacy.  This eclipse will allow us to see beneath the surface of our deepest emotional fears and transform ourselves to reflect our authentic Self. This is a time of complete regeneration of ourselves, our relationships, and our future. Passion, jealousy, obsession, and possessiveness may surface at during this Solar Eclipse, so watch out!

The Solar Eclipse will occur during the Mercury retrograde period, which puts emphasis on the fact that communication is key during this period. Indeed, Mercury may put a “halt” or muddle the positive effects of the Eclipse until it goes direct again.

In addition, the day of the Eclipse, transiting retrograde Mercury will make an exact square to transiting Neptune in Pisces, which will be stationed retrograde!

When a planet is stationed, its powers are at its most potent levels. Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion, fantasy, and dreams is “at home” in the sign of Pisces, which further strengthens its power.

When Mercury is in retrograde, communication is flawed; misunderstandings are common during this period. Even worse, Mercury will be retrograde in the sign, Sagittarius, where it is in detriment. When a planet is in fall, it means it is “weak.” In Sagittarius, Mercury is expansive and philosophical, but lacks in details. In addition, when Mercury is in Sagittarius, we are likely to exaggerate and overstate our thoughts.

With an exact square to Mercury retrograde from confusing, elusive Neptune, it is important that you don’t believe everything you hear. Miscommunication, lies, deceit, confusion and fantasy are likely to cloud our rational thinking processes at the moment, so perhaps making decisions should be put off until this influence has faded.

In addition, the day of the eclipse features a quincunx between retrograde Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Scorpio. This transit will be exact on November 16th, 2-3 days after the Eclipse. This indicates we will be challenged to overcome restriction, tradition, but also take responsibility for our actions.

How will this Eclipse Affect You?

Aries Ascendant or Sun/Eclipse in the 8th house:  The Solar Eclipse will illuminate your house of sex, death, rebirth, intimacy, and shared resources for the next six months. Your sexual urges will be aroused, so take full advantage! This is a time of deep sharing and intimacy with your partner, as well. With Mercury retrograde joining the eclipse, deep talks and intimate conversations may take place. You and your partner may revisit past issues which need resolution. You, or your partner, may be confused over where the two of you stand in terms of your relationship. However, with Neptune squaring Mercury, be sure to read between the lines and not take everything at face value.

Taurus Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 7th house: The Eclipse will illuminate your house of one-on-one partnerships, including close friends, business partners, and marriage partners. The next six months will be focused on relationships. The Eclipse can signal the beginning of a new relationship, or a renewal of a current relationship. With Mercury joining the Eclipse, reassessing your relationship and reconnecting with past lovers may take place at this time. However, ensure you and your partner are being as clear as possible at this time, as confusion is likely during this cycle. Confusing information regarding a partner may throw you off guard. It is best to put off making commitments until the retrograde period is over.

Gemini Sun or Ascendant/Solar Eclipse in the 6th house: The next six months will be focused on health, work, and routines. Take this opportunity to get a routine health check-up, clean your home, organizing your workplace, and/or get rid of bad habits (e.g. smoking). You may get a job offer during this cycle, but think very carefully before making a decision. You may decide to adopt a pet during this time, or, if you have a pet, they may need more attention at this time.

Cancer Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 5th house: The next 6th months will be focused on romance, fun, children, risk-taking, and creativity. Indeed, you are likely to feel in the spotlight for the next while! You are likely to have plenty of dating opportunities during the Eclipse period, so have fun! Finding love will be easier than usual during this cycle, so take full advantage. With Mercury retrograding in your fifth house for the next few weeks, you may be re-thinking and reassessing current relationships, but try to avoid jumping to conclusions.


Leo Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 4th house: The next six months will be focused on your home, family, and roots. Events may spur you to move, or redecorate your house. One of your parents may have a “new beginning” at this time. Intimate, transformative discussions with family members may take place, but be careful what you say; misunderstandings may take place at this time, which may lead to hurt feelings. If you are thinking of moving or making real-estate decisions, wait until Mercury has gone direct before signing the dotted line.

Virgo Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 3rd house: For the next six months, you will be focused on communication, siblings, and short trips. Perhaps someone from out of town will come visit you at this time. Plenty of phone calls, e-mails, and letters are likely to pour in at this time. You may feel the sudden need to call relatives, or take a trip to see them. With Mercury retrograding in your 3rd house, be extra careful in your communications. Old issues concerning relatives may need to be revisited. Misunderstandings with siblings or neighbors may cause tension or confusion at this time. Double-check all letters, e-mails, etc. before sending them out.

Libra Ascendant or Sun/Eclipse in 2nd house: For the next 6th months, your focus will be on transforming your financial situation, as well as your value system. Since the Eclipse is in the sign of Scorpio, take this time to get rid of personal possessions you don’t need. Discover new ways of making money which utilize your natural talents. With Mercury Retrograding in this house, put off any major financial decisions until after Mercury has turned direct. Beware of “get rich quick” schemes. Instead, use this time to carefully re-assess your sources of income.

Scorpio Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 1st house: Scorpio, this is your time! The next six months will be all about you. Something of a personal nature may occur, which may have a profound effect on you. At this time you are ending one phase of your life, and entering another, and the changes you make during this time will be for the better. Personal and professional changes may take place during this time, which will signal the beginning of a new direction in your life. Initiate activities which will benefit your appearance and body, such as losing weight or adopting a new exercise regiment. A new hairstyle or makeover may occur at this time. With Mercury retrograding in your 1st house, beware of giving off mixed signals to others. People may feel you are uncommunicative or emotionally distant. The things you say may come out wrong at this time, so people might not “get” what you are saying. Don’t worry- this will pass.

Sagittarius Ascendant or Sun/ Solar Eclipse in the 12th house: The next six months will be focused on your spiritual well-being. This indicates that you may feel the need to withdraw and spend time by yourself at this time. Developing personal spiritual practices are favored at this time. Take this time to rid yourself of harmful addictions or behaviors which are standing in the way of your spiritual growth and well-being. Repressed emotions may surface at this time, begging for your attention. Well-kept secrets, especially in regards to sex and secret relationships, may also surface at this time, so be careful. With Mercury retrograding in your 12th house, take extra care when it comes to matters of privacy. You may tend to read too much into a situation. Picking up wrong cues or accidentally revealing information about yourself may occur at this time. A piece of especially confusing information may come forth at the time of the Eclipse. Try to keep your responses and decisions to a minimum until Mercury goes direct. Things will look much clearer by that time.

Capricorn Sun or Ascendant/Solar Eclipse in the 11th house: The focus of the next 6 months will be on friendships, long-term goals, and humanitarian causes. Spending time with friends is favored at this time. New friendships may enter your life at this time, as you are likely to be more social and responsive to others. This is a great time to join a club or organization. You are far more tolerant and open, as well as charitable at this time. With Mercury retrograding in this house, be extra careful in your communication with friends. Friends from the past may contact you during this cycle.

Aquarius Sun or Ascendant/Solar Eclipse in the 10th house: The focus of the next 6 months will be on your career, public image, and social status. This Eclipse can signal career advancement, in form of a promotion, raise, or change of job. You may feel you are “in the spotlight” at this time, and you feel that others are gossiping about you. This will likely to be a busy time for you, due to increased responsibilities. With Mercury Retrograde in this house, you may feel you are going “backwards” in your career. Take extra care in the way you communicate with your boss and colleagues. If you are offered a new job, put off making decisions until Mercury has gone direct- the job might not be as great as you think it is.

Pisces Ascendant or Sun/Solar Eclipse in the 9th house: For the next 6th months, the focus of your life will be on expanding your mind. You may decide to return to school, or you may embark on a trip during this period. You are interested in philosophy, foreign cultures, and religion, and your involvement in these matters will open your mind to a wide range of perspectives and viewpoints. This Eclipse will prompt you to see the “bigger picture” of your life. You may feel the desire to try something new and adventurous. With Mercury retrograding your 9th house, take extra care regarding the areas described above. Delays in travel plans may plague you at this time. Be careful in the way you express your opinions, as they might come out the wrong way and offend others.