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Asteroid Psyche in Synastry

In Greek, Psyche is the word for “Soul”. Not surprisingly, it is ruled by Neptune and Pisces, which represent dreaminess, fantasy, and soul connections.

It is considered one of the most important asteroids, as it represents one’s inner psychology and our ability to uncover who we really are.

In mythology, Psyche was a beautiful girl, but her stepmother Aphrodite was very jealous of her (sound familiar? This is a very common theme in movies).

Aphrodite’s Son, Eros, ends up falling in love with her. The couple finally end up together after Psyche successfully completes a series of tasks Aphrodite assigned to her.

Eros and Psyche were true soulmates and were able to overcome barriers to be together. It is a story that shows how love can transform us and unite us with our soul’s true desire. To read the Psyche’s full story, click here.

In astrology, Psyche represents where our soul feels most comfortable, so when someone touches your Psyche in synastry, you feel intuitively and spiritually connected to them.

Psyche Connections in Synastry:

Psyche-Sun connections in Synastry:

In this connection, the Psyche person will feel a deep connection with the Sun person. The Psyche person’s intuition is heightened around the Sun person.

The Psyche person will feel they understand the Sun person in a deep and profound way, and the Sun person helps put the Psyche person in touch with their soul’s desires.

The Psyche person will understand the Sun person on a deep, spiritual level. The Psyche person will feel they just “Know” the Sun person, better than most people do.

Psyche-Moon connections in Synastry:

The Psyche will feel great empathy and sensitivity towards the Moon person. The Psyche person will intuitively understand the Moon person’s feelings, without the Moon person having to say anything.

These two will share a very deep and profound emotional connection. The Psyche person will help the Moon person get in touch with their feelings.

Psyche-Mercury connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will identify strongly with the Mercury’s communication style and ideas. The Psyche person will intuitively understand Mercury’s ideas and has deep insight into Mercury’s mind.

This couple will have many deep and transformative conversations. Exchanging ideas with the Mercury person will bring the Psyche person greater understanding of themselves.

Psyche-Venus connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will appreciate Venus’ beauty, charm, and financial acumen. The Psyche person understands and appreciates the way the Venus person shows love.

The Venus person feels appreciated and understood by the Psyche person. The blending of the feminine energies of Psyche and Venus will bring mutual admiration and attraction.

Psyche-Mars connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will connect deeply with the Mars person’s energy and drive. The Psyche person will have deep insight into the Mars person’s motivations and sexual nature.

This is a very sensual connection, as Mars and Eros (Psyche’s true love) share the same themes of sex and desire. There will be a lot of attraction between these two. The sexual connection between you is spiritual in nature.

Psyche-Jupiter connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person’s sense of intuition and soul connection will be expanded by the Jupiter person.

The Psyche person feels very positive about their soul journey because of the Jupiter person. The Jupiter person will provide positive encouragement on the Psyche person’s soul journey.

Psyche-Saturn connections in Synastry:

The Saturn person will help the Psyche person stabilize and structure their intuitive abilities.

The Psyche person will appreciate Saturn’s stability and structure, as it will help them get in touch with their own soul’s needs.

The Psyche person will empathize with Saturn’s sense of duty and responsibility.

Psyche-Ascendant connections in Synastry:

The Psyche person will feel a deep connection to the Ascendant person. The Psyche person will feel a strong attraction to the Ascendant person, and the connection will be very spiritual and magical.

This is a great aspect to see in synastry, as it represents a deep and profound soul connection.

Psyche-Chiron connections in Synastry:

Chiron is the wounded healer, and Psyche represents the soul and our deepest selves. A connection between these two in synastry indicates a very deep, profound, and healing relationship.

These two will truly care for one another and will connect on a spiritual level. They will feel a strong bond to one another.

Psyche-Eros connections in Synastry:

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