“Best Sex of your Life” Transits



We can all remember a time when we were having the best sex of our lives. Transits can tell us times when our sex lives are going to get a lot more intense, passionate, and pleasureful. Let’s take a look at some transits which can potentially bring you the best sex of your life.


Short transits: Inner planet transits are short-term and fleeting, but can pack a punch, especially if you are experiencing other sexual transits at the time.


Venus in aspect to your natal Mars: When the planet of love and beauty contact your planet of sex, your powers of attraction are very high! Your raw, aggressive, Martian nature is toned down, and your attractiveness is heightened. Under this transit, you are likely to be dominated. Passion and romance are favored during this transit. This is especially true of the conjunction, trine, and sextile. The square and opposition can be tricky, as the transit can indicate tension and challenges when it comes to satisfying both your romantic and physical needs. Members of the opposite sex might come on too strong at this time. Nevertheless, it’s a sexy transit.


Mars in aspect to your natal Venus: During this transit, the planet of sex aspects your planet of love, increasing your aggressiveness and powers of attraction. You are sexy, confident, and self-assured during this transit. You are less inhibited, which adds a lot of spice to your sex life. You may be more direct and assertive during this transit, and you are likely to be dominating one in bed. Be careful- you might develop sexual feelings for just about everyone you meet during this transit!


Venus in aspect to Pluto: Your sexual desires are stimulated during this period! You feel passionate, sexy, and confident. Through sex, you may experience a deep level of intimacy with your partner. Sex is a lot more intimate, deep, and passionate under this influence. You might enjoy dominating your partner, or being dominated by your partner in bed.


Mars transits your natal Pluto: Pluto is the higher octave of Mars, so when these two planets meet, sexual fireworks are in store for you and your partner. Unlike transits involving Venus, this transit does not involve cuddling and affection. Instead, this transit infuses your sex life with a “I want to rip your clothes off and destroy you” energy. Hot!

Long-term transits


Pluto transits your natal Venus: This transit stimulates your desire for both love and physical expressions of love. Sexual activities are definitely favored at this time! You’ll notice the sex you have during this transit is spicy hot, as well as intimate and transformative. You reach new depths of pleasure with your partner. With the hard transits (conjunctions, squares, oppositions), you may explore sexual taboos with your partner. One of you may want to dominate the other, sexually, so teacher-student/master-slave role-playing might be something you explore under this influence.


Pluto transits your natal Mars: This transit intensifies and stimulates your sexual energies. During this time, you may become obsessed with sexual taboos and other “forbidden” sexual acts you were never drawn to before. With you partner, you want to explore the depth of your sexuality. In fact, you may find yourself obsessed with a certain sexual relationship during this time; either you’ll meet someone new, or your existing sexual relationship will deepen. Your passion and sexual energies are strong during this time.


Pluto transits your natal Pluto: When the planet of sexual energy touches your Pluto, a revitalization of your sexual energies is indicated. This transit signified “real sex”; you and your partner experience the “higher meaning” of sexual expression under this transit. Through sex, you and your partner evolve during this transit, and the sex you experience serves to bring you closer to each other. This is one of the most intense sexual periods of your life.