Rihanna and Chris Brown Astrology

We recently found out that Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. Again. Their reunion has sparked a lot of debate over whether she should have taken him back, considering the fact that he physically abused her. Let’s take a look at what the stars have to say about this controversial couple!

Rihanna’s Birth Chart​

​Rihanna has her Sun in Pisces. People with their Suns in this sign are known for their extreme compassion, sympathy, and forgiveness. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of delusion, self-sacrifice, and martyrdom. Pisceans tend to look for the best in people, and gloss over their faults. Pisceans tend to live in a dream world, and are often out of touch with reality.

Pisces people are probably the most likely to stay in abusive relationships; they make excuses for their partners due to their habit of focusing on the positives. In fact, they often see people for who they are not, which puts them at risk of ending up in relationships involving abuse, infidelity, and exploitation.

​If this wasn’t enough, Rihanna’s chart features a Venus square Neptune aspect. This emphasizes Rihanna’s Piscean traits, especially in terms of her relationships. When you have Venus square Neptune in yourchart, the risk of idealization, delusion, and illusions  in regards to your relationships increases. This aspect indicates Rihanna tends to be blinded by love. She tends to see the best in Chris and ignores his faults. She makes excuses for Chris’ shortcomings, and is easily seduced by his advances. It is difficult to reason with individuals with this placement, especially when it comes to their love lives.

Pamela Anderson has this aspect in her chart. Her ex-husband, Tommy Lee, was very physically abusive towards her during their three-year marriage. Pamela eventually had him arrested, but was waiting outside the jail for him the day he got out, and the two reconciled. Whitney Houston’s Sun and Venus are squared by her Natal Neptune, and we all remember her abusive relationship with Bobby Brown. We all wondered why in the world she withstood Bobby’s abuse, but it becomes clear when you consider her natal chart.

Where Mars lands in our chart tells us the area in which we will experience aggression and conflict. In Rihanna’s chart, her Mars lands in her 7th house, the house of one-on-one partnerships, which indicates she experiences violence, abuse, and aggression in her relationships. Not surprisingly, Whitney Houston has Mars in her 7th house, as well.

Rihanna’s Mars is conjunct her natal Uranus, which indicates her relationships contain sudden conflicts, as well as many sudden separations. Indeed, her and Chris have been on and off for years. Rihanna’s Mars is also conjunct her natal Saturn in her 7th house, which indicates she takes her relationships very seriously, and has tremendous staying power. She has tremendous determination in making her relationships work.

Chris Brown

​Chris Brown has a heck of a lot of Taurus in his Chart; his Sun, Moon, and Venus are in this sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning they are stubborn and resistant to change. If you’ve ever dated a Taurus guy, you know these guys tend to hold on. They are very possessive; they like knowing someone is ‘theirs’, as it makes them feel secure. They are usually quite calm and cool, but can have explosive tempers.

Chris’ natal Pluto in Scorpio is opposite his stellium in Taurus. This explains the root of his temper perfectly. Oppositions in the natal chart signify the person has a difficult time integrating the energies of the opposing planets. As a result, the person tends to swing back and forth between them. In Chris’ case, his Pluto opposite Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction indicates his personality swings between the extremes of light and dark. This aspect indicates he he has power and control issues.

With the opposition to his Sun and Moon, Iwouldn’t be surprised if Chris witnessed abuse via his parents. In fact, his natal Pluto is in his 4th house, with Scorpio on the cusp. This is a strong indicator of an abusive household. With his Venus opposite Pluto aspect, Chris has definite control issues when it comes to love. He is prone to jealousy, manipulation, domination, and yes, abuse. Since the opposition is in Taurus and Scorpio, he is highly possessive and controlling over his mates.

Incidentally, Bobby Brown also has Pluto opposite Venus in his natal chart.


Chris’ Mars in Cancer opposes Rihanna’s Mars/Saturn/Uranus conjunction. This is a combative aspect, indeed! The Mars opposite Mars aspect is enough of an indicator of abuse on its own. This aspect indicates ego clashes, aggression, and a lack of understanding over each other’s temperaments. Rihanna’s Saturn in opposition to Chris’ Mars indicates the couple has explosive arguments stemming from criticism and insecurity. Rihanna’s Uranus in opposition to Chris’ Mars indicates a fair amount of unpredictability and uncontrollable impulsive actions towards each other.

Chris’ Neptune is square Rihanna’s Venus and Moon. In Chris, Rihanna feels she has found her soulmate. She makes excuses for his faults and sees the best in him. She is very forgiving towards him, and always
gives him the benefit of the doubt, even when it is not in her best interest.

​Chris’ Saturn is also square Rihanna’s Venus and Moon. Saturn aspects are very binding, yet at the same time, difficult! When I think of Saturn aspects in synastry, I think of parent-child relationships. Indeed, Saturn represents the ‘father’ in astrology, so the Saturn person in the relationship often takes on a ‘parental’ role. Saturn increases one’s sense of responsibility to another, but on the negative side, it indicates emotional distancing, coldness, and a lack of affection, as well as restrictive and controlling behavior.

​With this aspect, Rihanna beauty and overall personality bring out Chris’ greatest insecurities. As a result, Chris may become demanding of Rihanna, and may attempt to restrict her emotionally and socially. Chris may become jealous when Rihanna tries to have a social life outside of their relationship. Chris may think Rihanna is childish and irresponsible, while Rihanna may consider Chris overbearing and dictatorial. With this aspect in synastry, there is a great risk of the relationship turning into a loveless union devoid of affection.

Rihanna’s Mercury squares Chris’ Sun/Moon/Venus in Taurus, which indicates difficulty in communication. The couple has a difficult time expressing ideas, feelings and emotions.

​On the plus side, Rihanna’s Sun is conjunct Chris’ North Node in his 7th house! No wonder he is so drawn to her! Rihanna is Chris’ idea of the perfect woman. With Chris’ North Node in his 7th house, his life’s path is strongly centered around his one-on-one relationships, such as romantic unions and marriage. With Rihanna’s Sun on this point, Chris feels Rihanna is pulling him forward, towards his destiny. Rihanna exemplifies the qualities Chris needs to evolve. This is a very powerful synastry aspect, which is felt especially strongly on Chris’ part.


​It seems as though Chris met Rihanna while Neptune was transiting his North Node and her Sun. The nature of the relationship is usually described by the transits each person is experiencing at the time; the transits of each person highlight the important synastric connections between the couple. With Neptune on Chris’ North Node, it makes sense that he met Rihanna, a Pisces. With Neptune on Rihanna’s Sun, she probably fell for Chris instantly. During this transit, our sense of fantasy and dreaminess is stimulated. Rihanna is Neptunian as it is, but this transit intensified these qualities even more.

​The fact that Rihanna entered an abusive relationship doesn’t surprise me, given the fact that transiting Pluto has been conjunct her Neptune and square her natal Venus for the past while. Pluto transiting your Neptune is intensifies her delusional tendencies, which are already strong due to her strong Neptune placements and Pisces Sun.

​Looking at their transits, I feel the couple may stay together for at least another year. If they break up, I believe it will be around October 2013, when Saturn conjuncts Chris’ natal Pluto and opposes his Sun/Moon/Venus conjunction in Taurus. At the same time, Saturn will square Rihanna’s Mercury, the ruler of her 1st house. At the same time, Saturn can indicate responsibility and commitment, so perhaps they will solidify their relationship in some way.

Given the amount of squares and oppositions they will face around that time, a break-up seems more likely. Also, transiting Uranus will make an exact square to Rihanna’s Neptune at that time, which will serve to shake her out of any delusions she may be carrying, especially in terms of relationships.  By that time, Neptune will be finished transiting her Sun, which will help her gain clarity over her feelings and over the relationship.

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Natal Sun in the Signs


In Astrology, the Sun represents your core being. It represents the Self, your Personality, and the Ego. Just as the planets orbit the Sun in our Solar System, our natal planets shine their light on our natal Sun, shaping our values, beliefs, ideals, and behaviors.

Sun in the Signs

Sun in Aries

Aries is the sign of the Child. Indeed, Aries men and women have a child-like quality, which can be quite endearing, or irritating, depending on who you ask!

Aries is symbolized by the “Ram”, as they go “head-first” into everything they do. They are active and energetic, as well as straight forward and very impatient. They tend to “act before they think”, both with their bodies and their tongues. Aries individuals tend to live in the “now”, meaning they move on quickly and tend not to plan ahead.

These individuals are known for their courage, independence, and “me”-centered philosophies on life.

As a Cardinal sign, Aries enjoys initiating activities, and loves to be the first to start activities. They are usually bold, and do not shy away from confrontation. In fact, a good conflict energizes Arians. They have quick tempers, but move on from their anger very quickly. This is not a sign that holds a grudge.


Famous people with their Sun in Aries: Mariah Carey, Russell Crowe, James Franco, Lady Gaga, Quentin Tarantino, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Heath Ledger, and Marlon Brando.

Sun in Taurus

Taurus is symbolized by the “Bull”. Indeed, Solar Taureans are strong-willed, yet stubborn folk.


Taurus individuals are solid, dependable, and hard-working. They are sensual and pleasure-seeking, as in, they enjoy activities which tickle all the physical senses. They enjoy good food, good drink, comfortable surroundings, and picturesque views. Their pleasure-seeking behavior give Taureans the reputation of being the “hedonists” of the Zodiac.

Being an Earth sign, security is very important to them. Taurus rules the second house, the house of material possessions. Indeed, financial security is important to Taureans. Taurus men and women have fixed ideas, and it is next to impossible to change their minds once their minds are made up.

They also tend to hold on to grudges, and have a difficult time “letting go” of past hurts. Taureans are possessive folk; knowing something or someone is theirs gives them a great sense of  security.


Famous people with their Sun in Taurus: George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Al Pacino, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jessica Alba, Robert Pattinson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz.

Sun in Gemini

Gemini is represented by the “twins”, which refers to their dual nature. Indeed, it is common to find two sides to a Gemini, each having a personality unlike the other.


Geminis enjoy communication and collecting information. They thrive on intellectual stimulation, and enjoy a good debate. They tend to bore easily due to their constant need to experiment, explore, and communicate.

As an mutable sign, they thrive on change and adapt to new people, places, and situations with ease. In keeping with their changeable natures, they tend to change their minds and feelings frequently.
Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a non-emotional, intellectual sign. As a result, they make friends easily, but are difficult to get close to.

They have a scattered energy about them; they tend to spread their energies wide to ensure a maximum amount of experiences. You’ll often find Geminis performing several tasks at once. Indeed, Geminis often “know a lot about everything, but a little about one thing”; they tend not to delve deeply into issues, but rather prefer skimming the surface.

Famous people with their Sun in Taurus: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Portman, John F. Kennedy, Paul McCartney, Rafael Nadal, Clint Eastwood.

Sun in Cancer

Cancers are represented by the “crab”,which refers to their self-respective and sensitive nature. Like the crab, Cancerian individuals often feel the need to withdraw into their shell when hurt. Alternatively, they may manipulate others to get what they want.


Cancers are slow to change, and have a deep connection to their families (especially their mothers), their roots, and tradition. In addition to being protective of themselves, they are also protective over their loved ones.

Cancerian individuals tend to be indirect, and dislike confrontation.

Cancers are the “mothers” of the zodiac. They are incredibly hospitable and nurturing, as well as caring and dependable.

Famous people with their Sun in Cancer: Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana of Wales, Tom Cruise, Prince William, Gisele Bundchen, George W. Bush, Tom Hanks, Lindsay Lohan, Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Selena Gomes, Jessica Simpson.

Sun in Leo

Leo is symbolized by the Lion, a majestic creature heralded for its courage, pride, and authority over the rest of the animal kingdom. Indeed, Leos are known for their excellent leadership abilities, which is strengthened by their noble manners and charismatic personalities. In fact, many prominent leaders have their Sun in Leo.


Leos are known for their narcissistic tendencies and their great sense of self-importance. However, Leos have a great desire to improve the world they live in, fueled by their love for others.

As the natural ruler of the 5th house of fun, romance, risk-taking, and creative expression, Leos are attracted to the good things in life and have no problem being in the spotlight. Despite this, Leos are incredibly hard-working individuals, just like their animal counterpart.


Leos need plenty of attention and appreciation to stay happy. Like the lion, Leos are loyal, traditional people, and often blame themselves when something goes wrong.

Famous people with their Sun in Leo: Barack Obama, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bullock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Redford, Whitney Houston, Ed Norton, Halle Berry, Mick Jagger, Daniel Radcliffe.

Sun in Virgo

Virgo is symbolized by the “virgin”. No, that does not mean Virgoan men and women are celibate. Rather, they tend to emit a pure and natural energy to the rest of the world.


Virgos are known for their incredible work ethic, detail orientation, and skepticism. As an Earth sign, they tend to trust what they can sense, and require tangible proof of a thought, idea, or belief before changing their minds.

Virgoan individuals are concerned with organization. Even if a Virgo is not stereotypically neat and tidy, they are usually organized. Virgos are sensitive to their environments, and tend to embarrass easily.

Virgos have a strong need to be productive. They are not the ones to laze about and do nothing all day. They have a fear of under-performing, and take great care they are doing their work with the utmost efficacy and accuracy.

Virgos are generally very body-aware, sometimes to the point of developing hypochondriac tendencies. They prefer eating clean, healthy foods and living natural lifestyles. Virgos are also known for being perfectionists, as they strive for mastery over any subject they take interest in.


Famous people with their Sun in Virgo: Michael Jackson, Keanu Reeves, Cameron Diaz, Beyonce Knowles, Richard Gere, Prince Harry of Wales, Salma Hayek, Sofia Loren, Hugh Grant, Claudia Schiffer, Jason Statham, River Phoenix, Charlie Sheen, Colin Firth, Warren Buffett.

Sun in Libra

Libra is represented by the scales, which represents Libra’s need for balance, harmony, and fairness in the world he or she lives in. Indeed this need for balance adds to their indecisiveness; other than taking a stand on an issue, Libras often prefer taking the “middle road”, thereby not taking a side at all.


Libras are social, intellectual beings. They dislike confrontation, and may even choose to lie in order to avoid rocking the boat. They are fond of socializing, and often have a wide group of friends.

Ruled by Venus, Libras often get the reputation for being superficial. It is not uncommon for Librans to choose friends based on their superficial qualities (i.e. looks).

As the natural ruler of the 7th house, Libras are naturally partnership-oriented. Their primary concern is how they relate to others and the rest of the world. In fact, Libras often dislike being alone. Having a partner makes them feel complete.

Famous people with their Sun in Libra: Zac Efron, Matt Damon, Eminem, John Lennon, Susan Sarandon, Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Katherine Zeta-Jones, Christopher Reeve.

Sun in Scorpio

The Scorpion, the symbol of Scorpio, is a vengeful, cunning creature. Indeed, you would be wise not to bring out their dark sides. Like the Scorpion, Scorpio natives have amazing regenerative powers.

Scorpios are very determined, resourceful people who put their 100% into everything they do, whether it’s work, finances, or love. Being a fixed sign, it can be difficult to get them to to anything they don’t want to do. This is a sign that is not intimidated easily, and do not shy away from confrontation.

Ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, Scorpios desire power and control. They are great at getting it, too, due to their tremendous willpower and patience. Scorpios are incredibly curious people, with a strong investigative spirit.

Superficiality simply won’t do for these folk; they love to probe and get to the heart of the matter, rather than simply skimming the surface.

Scorpios have an unmistakably intense and complex nature. They are secretive and suspicious, and can “see right through you”. Don’t try to fool them, because it simply will not work. They are unafraid of loss and can become vengeful if you cross them.

Famous people with their Sun in Scorpio: Leonardo Dicaprio, Jodie Foster, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton, Aishwarya Rai, Katy Perry, Gerard Butler, Shahrukh Khan, Ryan Gosling, Winona Ryder.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur, the half-man, half-beast creature of mythology. This represents the animalistic and spiritual side of human beings.

While Centaurs are described as adventurous, wise, and courageous, they are also described as uncivilized and combative.

Sagittarians are restless, enthusiastic, open, and friendly. They love their freedom, which makes settling down into a routine very difficult. Due to their open and affectionate natures, they easily make friends from all walks of life.

Sagittarians are known for being gullible, due to their trusting natures. They are blindly optimistic at times, which gives them the reputation of being unrealistic.
Being a fire sign, Sagittarians have quick tempers, but the fire dies down very quickly. Most of the time, they are playful, flirtatious and open.

Being a mutable sign, Sagittarians are also known for their “flakiness”, i.e. their inability to follow through with plans. You know that friend you made plans with, but canceled at the last minute? She might be a Sagittarius.

Sagittarians “go with the flow”, and are fickle by nature. As a result, they tend to change their minds quickly.
You know that friend who always gets herself in trouble from speaking her mind too much? She might be a Sagittarius.

People with this Sun sign are incredibly opinionated, and love giving their two cents on practically anything, even if the conversation has nothing to do with them. Sagittarians are famous for their blunt manner.

They tend not to sugar coat what they say, which can be offensive to others. Sagittarians do not mean any harm, however; they truly believe honesty is the best policy, even if their manner is forceful and direct.

Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians have a love of travel, philosophy, and religion. They tend to look at the “big picture”, and gloss over minor details. It is common for Sagittarians to take on tasks of Herculean proportions, only to leave them unfinished once they have found something more interesting.

In keeping with the Jupiterian quality of abundance, Sags often exaggerate when declaring their outspoken beliefs and ideas. In addition, Sags are also known for their unmistakable generosity.


 Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn is symbolized by the goat, the introverted, lone creature, who slowly, but surely move through life.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of realism, Capricorns have a grounded approach to life. They tend to engage in only things they see as “worthwhile”; Capricorns detest wasting their time on ineffective activities.

More specifically, they have a disdain for the superficial or frivolous. This applies to their careers, friendships, and relationships. They base their choices on long-term considerations and tradition, as well as the way the choices will make them “look” to others.

As the natural ruler of the 10th house of career and notoriety, their public image and social status are important to them. They have no qualms about working hard, as long as there is a pay-off in the end. Success and money are the main driving factors of Capricorn’s work ethic. Indeed, Capricorns are often referred to as the “businesspeople of the Zodiac.”

Despite their practicality and serious natures, Capricorns are known for their sense of humor, which is dry and sarcastic. Their delivery is great; they have the ability to keep a straight face, even while telling a joke.


Famous people with Sun in Capricorn: Michelle Obama, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Kate Moss, Jared Leto, Cary Grant, Nicholas Cage.

Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer. Disappointed your sign doesn’t have some cool animal to represent it? Don’t be. Water washes away the past and makes room for a clean start. Water gives life to the world, just like Aquas’ visionary and growth-oriented approach to life helps the world move forward.

Indeed, Aquas are known for their humanitarianism and desire to make the world a better place.

Ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion, Aquas move to the beat of their own drum. They’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, they thrive on their uniqueness and willingness to not follow the beaten path.

Aquas are intellectual (even genius), clever, and friendly, though aloof and detached. Even though they are open-minded, they are fixed in their opinions, and love thinking they are right. They shun tradition and embrace anything that is new, exciting, and inventive. Because of their emotional detachment and intellectualism, they are skilled at the art of debate.

As the natural ruler of the 11th house of friendships, Aquas generally have a wide group of friends from all walks of life. They  see everyone as equals, and tend not to give anyone special treatment. Indeed, it’s common to see an Aqua helping a complete stranger as readily as helping a long-time friend.

Aquas have a tremendous need for freedom, which makes it difficult for them to settle down into a stable routine.


Famous people with Sun in Aquarius: Nicolas Sarkozy, Jennifer Aniston, Shakira, Justin Timberlake, Robbie Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bob Marley, James Dean, Ashton Kutcher, Paul Newman, Taylor Lautner.

Sun in Pisces

Pisces is symbolized by the fish. Fish swim in opposite directions, which relates to Pisces’ feeling of always being pulled in two directions, making decision-making very difficult.

Being a mutable sign, Pisceans are adaptable to different types of people and places. They tend to find something they like about everyone they meet.

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, Pisceans give off a spacey, other-worldly vibe. They are incredibly sensitive and compassionate people who shy away from confrontation. Their compassion is often so strong, that they might tell a lie in order to spare the other person’s feelings.

Pisceans cannot stand to hurt you; they are easily affected by human suffering. For this reason, Pisceans also have a difficult time saying “no”, and readily take on the role of the martyr..

The world is a harsh, cold place, which can be difficult to handle for compassionate, sensitive Pisces. Pisceans escape the world through their dreams and through self-delusion and escapist tendencies. In fact, it can be difficult for a Piscean to distinguish fact from reality. When hurt, Pisces will withdraw into their private, inner world, and wallow in their self-pity. But fear not: these episodes are regenerative to Pisces’ well-being.

As the natural ruler of the 12th house, Pisceans are secretive and spiritual. It is not uncommon for Pisceans to be described as chameleon-like and changeable, in keeping with their mutable nature.

Famous people with Sun in Pisces: Kurt Cobain, Albert Einstein, Jesus Christ, Elizabeth Taylor, Osama bin Laden, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Eva Longoria, Daniel Craig, Adam Levine, Mitt Romney, and Eva Mendes.

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