Sun-Mars Aspects in Synastry



Sun conjunct, sextile, or trine Mars

This is a great aspect, as it indicates sexual attraction to one another, especially on the part of the Mars person. You energize one another, and respect each other’s individuality. This aspect also indicates a healthy competitiveness between the two of you.

I had the conjunction aspect with my ex boyfriend, and my attraction to him was through the roof! He absolutely loved by body, and I loved his.

Our bodies matched well, and the sex was out of this world. The conjunction was in Aquarius, so we would get competitive when it came to intellectual debates, but it wasn’t overly combative at all.



Sun opposite Mars

This is an indicator of strong sexual attraction! Hot, hot, hot! Since Sun and Mars are both masculine planets, it can cause ego clashes, as well.

You may try to dominate the other because of this. This aspect is also an indicator of conflict and power struggles.

Sun square Mars

This aspect often produces conflict, and even violence, but is an indicator of attraction at the same time. Competitiveness and ego clashes characterize this aspect.

You are likely to react to each other in an impulsive manner. It’s likely that you rub each other the wrong way, and know how to get under each other’s skin. You always feel the need to explain your actions to one another, which can be quite draining.